The truth about Britney Spears’ album sales in Oceania & Africa

Britney Spears

This is it! After establishing detailed figures for Britney Spears‘ albums sales in as many as 38 countries, the last 3 markets, plus combined totals and analysis, are published in this article!

Americas, Asia, Europe… expectedly, this fourth volume includes both Oceania and Africa. The former region contains two official music markets, the Australian one plus its little brother from New-Zealand. Defining Africa in terms of the music industry is much more complex though.

One of its countries has a real organization monitoring this industry which is South Africa. Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria and Zimbabwe all published market figures at the IFPI at some point, but not on a regular basis.

Then there is the Middle East. Turkey is already part of the European panel of the IFPI, and has thus been treated in Part 3 of this series. Remaining countries not considered so far include Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and more.

How relevant are those markets for international singers though ? In fact, from all of them, South Africa is the only one listed on’s awards page. For this same reason this will be the only African country with Britney’s albums sales detailed. The rest of the countries will be extrapolated as per market sizes and release history.

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As for the touring argument, Britney toured more and had albums to support. She was #21 on the decade charts for 1999-2009 at 216 million. From 2003-2010, Beyonce grossed 230 million with less solo material and albums at the time. Obviously Bey missed the deadline.

Also Destiny’s Child farewell tour broke a record for highest selling and attendance for a girl group in 2004.


You’re wrong again because if you insist on adding Destiny’s Child stats to Beyonce stats, that means Beyonce and Destiny’s Child released 7 original albums during the 2000s compared to Britney’s 5 original albums and still sold less than Britney Spears…Combined. So which argument is it: Beyonce and Destiny’s Child releasing more albums combined and still selling less than Britney in the 2000s or Britney going on tour more and thus grossing more than Beyonce? Do fans add Jackson 5 stats to Michael Jackson or NSYNC to Justin Timberlake? Bottom line: Britney had the bigger album than Beyonce in the… Read more »


Britney stans are embarassing. Beyonce was breaking records in the 90s with a girl group. Just as Britney. When Bey went solo in 2003, she outsold all of Britney’s cocurrent era’s. Hell Survivor outsold Britney’s self titled over the years.

Why is that so hard to accept? Beyonce won best female artist of the 2000s. She was behind Britney and Mariah as far as soundscan album sales for the 90s/2000s.


If you have a brain, a pair or working eyes and some reading comprehension, it’s easy to notice that all of this Beyoncé-Britney chitchat started because of your fellow Beyoncé fan ‘Aurora’ who decided to come here and shade Britney left and right and belittle her achievements for no apparent reason. So COME AGAIN about Britney fans being embarrassing? Care to comment about the behaviour of the Beyoncé fan ‘Aurora’? Like, stop being biased for a second people. “Survivor” outselling “Britney” is just wishful thinking from you. It didn’t happen in the real world. Here are the up-to-date numbers provided… Read more »


Yet yall were arguing under Britney’s original CSPC article and Beyonce’s article from December.

The argument yall have is that Britney is the biggest fenale artist of this generation because of her sales from 1999-2001. Its been proven that an act like Beyonce was a decent seller during the teen pop craze then consistently sold over the decades while Britney has not.


But why didn’t Beyonce sell those records as a solo artist from 1999-2001? Was she incapable?

Beyonce starts outselling Britney when Britney is on her fourth album while Beyonce is on her first album?

This means that Taylor Swift started passing Beyonce by 2006.


Destimy’s Child was selling well as as a girl group while Britney was seling more in 1999. In 2001 however, “Survivor” sold more than Britney’s self titled.

After being told she didnt have any hits to break solo, Beyonce debuted in 2003 and started outselling Britney for 15 years now.

So far neither Taylor or Britney have outsold Beyonce’s career total.

Taylor is indeed big in her own lane. Just like Britney was.


Wow at Britney selling a whole 100k more than Survivor in physicals. Both had declined while Britney had the bigger peak in 1999 at this point.

Anyway according to the same site, Britney’s catalog isn’t as strong.


2003 and forward was history.


But in 2009, at the end of the 2000s, The Circus Tour outgrossed the I…Am World Tour when Beyonce was fresh off Single Ladies. So Beyonce couldn’t have been bigger than Britney Spears until the 2010s.

And again, you cannot compare a group to a solo artist. This isn’t done with the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson, a bigger artists than Destiny’s Child and Beyonce, respectively. (Britney still sold more albums than Beyonce and Destiny’s Child combined in the 2000s)


Why are Beyonce fans incorporating Destiny’s Child stats into Beyonce’s stats? Isn’t this embarrassing? Jackson 5 sales are never conflated with Michael Jackson sales.

Is this because if Beyonce started as a solo artist like Britney she would have been forgotten about today?

Bottom Line: Britney sold more albums than Beyonce in the 2000s and grossed more on tour than Beyonce in the 2000s.


Beyonce stans are always dragging Britney stans for using “dusty” receipts from 1999-2000, yet they have no problem incorporating “dusty” Destiny’s Child stats into Beyonce’s stats to make her career seem bigger than it actually is. Without Destiny’s Child, Beyonce hasn’t even outsold Christina Aguilera, so it’s understandable.


Christina has 45 million album equivalents.

Beyonce has 62 million.
Destiny’s Child has 45 million.

Why so bitter to discredit Beyonce?


Hi again duxi91 In the 2000s -Britney sold way more albums than Beyonce -Britney had much, much bigger global hits than Beyonce -Britney grossed more on tour than Beyonce Beyonce only beat Britney on the Hot 100, and that was mostly due to payola. Would you say Meghan Trainor’s “Thank You” era was bigger than the “Lemonade” era just because it did better on the Hot 100/airplay, despite the latter selling (a lot) more albums and grossing (a lot) more on tour? No? I don’t think so. And you’re one to talk about embarrassing, trying to bait other stans in… Read more »


I love this, thanks for everything MJD


Hi!! amazing job! Can you please post the sales for Femme Fatale, Britney Jean and Glory? Thank you very much ^^


Where does the 14 million RIAA certification for BOMT in the US come from? The album sold 12 million combined with both Nielsen and BMG Music Club sales. I thought albums which were big sellers on BMG tended to not be on Columbia House and vice versa, indeed, were Britney’s albums even available from Columbia? So where does the extra two million from BOMT come from?


It’s clear that you’re a Britney hater seeing as you’re reaching as hard as possible to try and discredit her, but if Britney’s sales aren’t that special, then what does that say about Beyonce’s? I don’t have anything against her, but let’s start with her Destiny’s Child days. Britney, Backstreet Boys, and Spice Girls were all pulling huge 20+ million selling albums in the late 90s, while “The Writing’s On The Wall” barely sold 13 million and it’s not even among the top 10 best selling albums released in 1999. “Survivor” failed to outsell “Britney” despite having two huge #1… Read more »


This was directed at Aurora aka duxi91 from UKMix, by the way.


duxi91 huh… 25 and still acting like this. That’s a pathetic behaviour for someone his age.


Will you use these deeper insights into the dynamics of Asian markets to readjust other’s artists CPSC articles, too?


She’s a huge flop in the digital era, other than Circus (which was not a huge comeback as her fans claim, it barely outsold Rated R or 4 which were deemed flops) all of her albums had horrible sales. And her first 2 albums only sold so much because teen pop was really dominant worldwide (she hopped on that, just like she hopped on urban/dance bandwagon latter). Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls are good examples. Even Xtina’s debut came close to a Diamond certification in the US. Beyonce is way bigger than her and a real legend who can still… Read more »


But then The Circus Tour easily outgrossed Beyonce’s I am…World Tour in 2009 with less dates when they went head to head. The Formation Tour went on to surpass that when sales tickets were at an all time high while …Baby One More Time’s has sold well more than half of Beyonce’s entire discography.

Christina Aguilera’s debut album has never went diamond 18 years after its debut and her highest all time grossing tour is at 48.1 million.


Yet Beyonce ended up doubling Britney’s overall tour gross and selling more singles. With Destiny’s Child included, she is not far away from Britney’s total albums sales. Baby One More Time was released during the peak of albums sales when everyone and their mother was going multiplatinum (even flops like Brandy, Monica and others). Shania sold 10 million albums more than BOMT. Many albums from 1999/2000 actually went on to sell over 20 million, Britney doing it was not anything out of this world. Stop clinging to her receipts from 100 years ago. She’s a flop in the digital/streaming era… Read more »


He brought up the Circus tour gross because you were dismissing Circus as a big era. The fact that you brought up Beyoncé’s total gross proves that you’re just here to start fights. You’re just here for the fan wars. Funny how you keep discrediting Britney’s album sales and labeling them as “not impressive” and then go on to say that “Beyoncé PLUS Destiny’s Child” is behind her. Didn’t Destiny’s Child debut in 1997, a complete year before Britney? You’re indirectly throwing shading at Beyoncé’s career sales and I don’t think you’re even noticing that. Her group had an extra… Read more »


So then you agree that Britney was the undisputed queen of the 2000s. She sold more albums than Beyonce and grossed more than Beyonce on tour during the decade. Beyonce only then became a bigger star in the 2010s but is not the queen of the 2010s because Taylor Swift is objectively more successful than Beyonce overall during this decade. Destiny’s Child has nothing to do with Beyonce’s discography just like the Jackson 5 has nothing to do with Michael Jackson’s discography. (Michael Jackson beats Madonna in sales without the need of the Jackson 5 but Beyonce is unable to… Read more »


You brought out her peers P!nk and Avril Lavigne. They have much smaller totals than Britney? Avril has smaller digital sales than Britney while P!nk has sold less albums than Britney. You also brought up the Backstreet Boys, who also have a lower CSPC than Britney. So they were never bigger than Britney. Jessica Simpson and Mandy Moore are platinum selling bubblegum pop artists. Why didn’t they sell as much as Britney despite riding the teen pop wave? Where is the talented Christina Aguilera? If this is about global sales then it should also be about global charts.. BRITNEY SPEARS… Read more »


It’s also absolutely hilarious that you brought up Avril Lavigne, who’s career is 100% due to Britney Spears.

Her music and persona were manufactured in direct response to Britney Spears. So if you’re looking for Britney’s impact, look no further than Avril Lavigne.


To But, Mariah Carey is struggling to sell tickets these days. her No 1’s concert in Vegas was a major flopped. Sometimes just reaching 54% full attendance. Is she a loser compared to Beyonce? Lol. You are so funny. Plus you had the audacity to say Britney’s singles was not as successful as Mariah Carey and Celine Dion internationally. Dude, she has 7 European No 1 hits. Do you know how much Beyonce has? She only have 2. Lol. Mariah Carey only have 1 and celine has less than 5 in Europe. Britney’s singles has more no 1’s in the… Read more »


Let it all out! So teen pop was huge worldwide and the “only” reason her first 2 sold so much, yet Christina, which you name-dropped, was only able to sell HALF of …Baby One More Time’s sales? No shade but do you need help reasoning? Not to mention that Britney was able to replicate that success twice, unlike the Spice Girls who went directly from 22,4M to 13M. 4 and Rated R are labelled as “flops” in comparison to how massive IASF and GGGB were and Circus is labelled as a big comeback in comparison to Blackout’s mediocre performance. But… Read more »


Why are you talking about Beyoncé in a topic that is not about her?
You looks like a jealous stan…

Into You

Britney top 5 CSPC

Baby One More Time: 30.895.000
Oops I Did It Again: 23.030.000
In The Zone: 12.675.000
Britney: 12.446.000
Circus: 6.172.000

Beyonce top 5 CSPC
I Am Sasha Fierce: 14.670.000
Dangerously In Love: 14.641.000
B’Day: 11.150.000
Beyonce: 7.267.000
4: 6.853.000

Britney is more successful than Beyonce.


Beyonce is a bigger flop. For such hype, one would think she’s pulling Adele or Taylor Swift numbers. She ain’t even close to these ladies. Lemonade barely selling 3kk is underwhelming to say the least. Beyonce is only hype and no results.


And why are Beyonce fans pretending Destiny’s Child is a significant group? They simply continued r&b/hip hop trends set by TLC, En Vogue, Brandy and Monica before them. Nothing Special. Nothing Significant.


Hhhhhhh thats why beyonce sold 32 millions record …and Britney sold over 200 millions record and six number one albums and got a hollywood walk of fame at 21 years old and performed with MJ and Madonna and her inpact in the music industry is more than huge and her iconic award shows performances which made a big part of the hollywood History and after all what shes been through she made it and has beaten records and stood tall again remember the Circus era and her world tour…..and what crazy she still relevant just yesterday she performed in Tokyo… Read more »


These sales aren’t completely real because BOMT alone is 14x platinum in USA. As for Beyonce her claimed sales are inacurrate too then because they count streaming. Britney’s sales are much bigger due to streaming. As for Rated R, again sales are based on streaming. Blackout is platinum in USA which makes these sales INACURRATE.


What? Britney is the biggest selling female artist of the decade. Britney’s album sales are bigger than any other female artists. Also her impact on pop culture is untouchable. Britney’s videos and performances are all iconic whereas Beyonce is a try-hard and i don’t even remember any of Beyonce performances and her videos are so boring. 90’s and the beginning of 00’s may be teen pop era but no one could touch Britney’s stardom. Every iconic star is born in the peak of the eras of their music genre, but not all of them become a legend.That’s why there were… Read more »


Hi again MJD! This was a wonderful read, although I’m disappointing to see “In The Zone” right below the 7 million mark, at least “Oops!… I Did It Again” is basically at 19 million and “…Baby One More Time” and “Britney” are also higher. Regarding South Africa, I’m pleasantly surprised by her results there! I wasn’t expecting her to be close to half a million albums there. Speaking of South Africa, how accurate is this site? It lists “Britney” as a platinum record in the country ( Great job as usual, and I can’t wait to see her updated CSPC… Read more »


Thank’s for doing this! It was indeed an interesting read!

Keep on the great work!

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