The truth about Britney Spears’ album sales in Oceania & Africa

Total of Oceania + Africa

The missing African countries have rarely reported their yearly figures to the IFPI. There aren’t many consistent music organizations tracking sales in that continent. In fact, there are hardly any legal copies of international albums released there. In most years, South Africa represents well past 90% of all CD sales in the continent. Which is why remaining countries are completely ignored in this listing.

All in all, Britney hasn’t sold many albums in Africa. However, in all fairness there are very, very few international artists who sold relevant numbers in this area.

Now that we have gone through the entire World, it is time to add everything together…

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Your conclusion about Israel are wrong. i’m from there and there are some old data about few of her first albums sales. they are much higher if you want to know. by the way britney’s concert here was with 60,000 people in one night. and it was the biggest show ever. britney was huge in israel !!! yes the market of pirate was also huge – fake cd’s and illegal digital downloads, but still her albums sold way more! It was actually certificated. some of them are 50.000 copies.


The “Britney” album has actually sold at least 50k
since it has a certification in South Africa