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Its arrived. The one many of you wanted to be studied. For various months many of you have been requesting to add Mariah Carey among the studied acts. After completing career-listings of Madonna, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston this demand increased even more. From the mid-80s to early 00s these four singers sold so many records that talks about those iconic divas started to gain ground and haven’t stopped since.

So who sold the most? In reality, wondering which one did the best out of those four females is kind of a rich person’s problem. In fact, the first thing that needs to be said is that they all did insanely well. They all broke various records here and there and they all have no competition at all in their respective leagues – well, sorry Barbra Streisand, I haven’t forgotten about you but your career is too different to fairly include you inside this Madonna – generation legends battle.

Among Mariah Carey’s achievements feature her 18 US #1 hits, a tally putting her on par with Elvis Presley and runner up to the Beatles. She did so in a relatively smooth period for singles sales and the Hot 100 heavily factored Airplay during this era. So has she really sold that well? Let’s not forget she owns several of the very top selling foreign albums of all-time in Japan so surely she moved some units. How many though? Her 90s decade was undoubtedly intense, but that is still only 10 years. Can she really challenge the all-time top sellers within such a short period of high sales?

As usual, I’ll be using the Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept in order to relevantly gauge her results. The concept will not only bring you sales information for all Mariah Carey albums, physical singles, download singles, music videos and streaming, it will also accurately weight all this information to conclude the truth on meaningful popularity indicators. If you are not yet familiar with the CSPC idea, the next page explains it with a short video. I fully recommend you to check it out before getting into sales figures. Of course, if you are a regular visitor feel free to get straight into the sales figures. Let’s go!

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@Author, I suppose you did not include the sales and streams of last few Xmas seasons or else it wont be this low


And honestly, given the fact that she is the only one of the aforementioned legends prevail in the streaming era. Her records on Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube make her more relevant than any of these divas. She is not behind Madonna or Celine Dion like this web suggested. Airplay pays fairly to writers and artists (provided that Mariah wrote all her songs), all figures (streaming, airplay and sales of both physical and electronically) combined together, she is far above Madonna or Celine.


So Queen far above Beatles?


If you deem Beatles as divas, so be it


Airplay numbers aren’t factored in as “units” because the results of high airplay should be higher sales. Yes Mariah Carey had fantastic airplay throughout the 90s and some in the 2000s, so if people liked what they heard they would buy her records, which they clearly did. So the results of her airplay ARE actually related to her current CSPC figures. As far as getting paid royalties for being a songwriter, this website is not about how much $$$ an artist earned, in which case you would have to consider Madonna and Celine’s touring figures which blow Mariah out of… Read more »


Nobody can have it all. They all have done amazing things in their respective careers. And the fact that Mariah was able to sell so much while also doing far less touring than her peers is impressive. She is along with Celine and Madonna, 3 of the highest selling artists of all time worldwide.


It’s because Mariah couldn’t sell well in tours, that’s why.


Airplays play huge factor in getting a number one hitsince late 90s till now, so regardless of sales, airplays is important in one’s career whatsoever and that is the reason why Madonna and Celine have less number one hits. In other words, Mariah is more supported by the industry and audience. Madonna is no where near the same as Mariah in terms of streaming, see ranking of both Youtube and Spotify, especailly in the US and Asia. Touring figure does not downplay the importance in airplay in any bits, that is my point


The problem is that Mariah isn’t as worldwide (sales) as Madonna and Céline Dion (don’t confuse, she is still a global star). Mariah has more sales in US and in Asia than both (well US Madonna sales may be a tie), but she is still below both. Why? Because Madonna and Céline Dion outsold Mariah at overall worldwide (specially in Europe). But well in the streaming part you may be right.


Not really
Mariah actually already outsold Céline overall, Mariah is huge in Asia and has sold way more than both. The thing is that they have different continents as preferences, and i dare to say that Mariah didn’t sell what Madonna and Céline sold in Europe only because she didn’t promote that much there, she would be up there in Europe too if she did, even though she has sold a lot there too!


Uh, this website completely disagrees with you, seeing as Celine is the second most successful female artist of all time behind Madonna. So Celine didn’t outsell Mariah at all. Celine is the only female artist who had more back-to-back success than Madonna did at her peak.

Stephon Coleman

Mariah Carey does R&B-Pop. Which is difficult to sell to a European market. + she doesn’t tour. Her sales are amazing for a non-touring act, that doesn’t cater to Europeans (outside of Music Box). Oh, and her sales indicates that she’s huge worldwide. Y’all act like Europe is everything, when it’s not even above Asia, let alone North America.


And u kept on speaking about US sales when this website provide global sales. Mariah wasnt really that massive in Europe whether u want to admit or not. She also never managed to become that massive in Latin America and Australia, which Celine and Madonna did. U could argue she didnt do much promotion which I disagree. She was selling like hot cakes in the US and Asia and it would be stupid for her record label not to do heavy promotions in such a big huge market like Europe. Im pretty sure Tommy Mottola isnt that dumb. Just go… Read more »

Last edited 6 months ago by Michael

You are entirely missing my point, and the point of this website. This website is not about airplay and NOT about how many number one billboard hits an artist has. It’s about SALES, whether they be through traditional formats or digital formats. Airplay helps drive sales but as I pointed out earlier, even Mariah’s amazing radio support and her million number 1 chart positions did not translate to higher sales than Celine or Madonna. So you can take your airplay argument somewhere else. It’s just as annoying as people bringing up touring figures or net worth of an artist: no… Read more »

Last edited 6 months ago by Kris

Yup, Mariah and Madonna do the same on spotify, except for Christmas season when Mariah’s numbers blow up. Madonna’s daily average on youtube is higher than Mariah and Whitney.


Celine and Madonna have bigger networth than Mariah, despite of her gaining more streams and being paid as a singer and writer.


I think that the net worth doesn’t matter at all. Like by that logics Jay Z would be as big as Paul McCartney.


Just emphasizing that even if one is both a singer and a writer, doesn’t mean richer than one who is a singer only.


No one on this website cares about how rich these singers are. Get a grip.

Olexiy Karzhaev

This amazing article needs an update considering the last two Xmas seasons)




Why’s it that none of the pages are working properly.


Hi! I am a fan of Mariah.Could you please post the BONUS: Total Album (all types) Sales per Country for Mariah? please!!


Hey Martin, How are you doing? I miss our conversations. I’m trying to get your attention because I still remember our disagreement on who has gained more streams between Mariah’s “AIWFCIY” song and other most streamed catalogue songs. Maybe by first week of January, you can tell me how huge was the increase of Mariah’s forever-resurrecting song “All I Want For Christmas Is You” and if it has a higher total streams (even if the song’s streaming number only spike up during Christmas season ( November and December) than the other most streamed catalogue songs for 2019 that have consistent… Read more »


Hello RLAAMJR, happy new year, hope you have a good one. Everything has ended up exactly as I stated it would, with regards to WW. Both AIW and WW have increased, how much they increase but WW has increased it’s increase by more. WW added around 232m over 2019 (2018: 215m), AIW added 196m (2018: 188m), so WW increased it’s annual streams by 17m, AIW by only 8m. I do think you failed to appreciate just how much she loses over the other 10 months of the year, that the song is not in vogue. Also you failed to take… Read more »


Hmmm… 2018 is 2018.

Give me the total numbers increased by WW from Jan1-Dec31, 2019 and the total numbers increased by AIWFCIY from Jan1-Dec31, 2019. That’s the right way to compare between the two songs.


Oh come mate, I’ve just given you that, just accept what is true, instead of this constant in denial attitude of yours. Between 01/01/19 and 31/12/19 WW: 232M (215m: 2018) 17m increase AIW: 196M (188m: 2018) 8m increase Time and time again you’ve refused to accept any of this, despite having numerous figures, analysis etc put in front of you. I’ve even provided you with the exact figures you wanted all along and you’re still not accepting them. You maybe miss our conversations, I certainly do not, as you just never believe or even take in what I say or… Read more »


I’m sorry. I misunderstood your first post. Thanks for the figures. I still have hope that AIWFCIY will eventually outstream WW in the future.


Sorry, I was maybe a bit harsh in my reply It may well out stream Wonderwall eventually, no one knows but what we do know, is that currently, it is losing ground every year to WW, as well as other catalogue tracks. As of 01/01/20, I had AIW as the 9th most popular track, released before Spotifys inception and 5th most popular pre 2000. Rank-Artist-Track-Year-Total-2019 Rise 1. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (1975) 1,149m (485m) 2. Eminem – Lose Yourself (2002) 838m (181m) 3. Oasis – Wonderwall (1995) 832m (233m) 4. The KIllers – Mr Brightside (2003) 825m (225m) 5. Queen… Read more »


I knew about BR. So glad it’s on top of that list. I was thinking AIWFCIY will eventually outstream WW since it looked like the song continues to gain more streams year after year. But yeah, for now, it doesn’ t look like it will.

Anyway, thank you again for the clarification. 🙂


I know that’s what you were/are thinking, we’ve been arguing about it for over a year! lol. I just never understood why you thought it, given that all the figures and analysis, intimated WW and other tracks, were widening the gap, not her closing it.


Now that u mentioned Queen. Are u guys ever going to update them. With such huge increase it would be worth of an update.


I’m sure MJD said their update was in the pipeline after Rod Stewart and possibly someone/something else, can’t remember exactly. So hopefully not too much longer.

By my reckoning their top 6 tracks, since last analysis, have added over 4m EAS, from Spotify alone!!


WOOHOO for BS and Ozzy! 🙂


Yes! Finally Little mix. Thank you very much



Given how you described how massive airplay dominated how Billboard Hot 100 calculated their chart back then, I wonder what you make of Mariah’s 18 number one singles as the most out of all solo artists?


It means that she was having enormous airplay at that time, probably the biggest in the US during the 90s, and her not so massive singles sales was probably bcoz fans went for her album instead of her singles. She is largely an adult contemporary singer throughout the 90s. Her fan base doesnt go for singles, they would rather go for her studio albums and also for her compilation among her casual fans i guess.


She still had very good singles sales in the US. Worldwide its a different story, she even got outsold by Celine Dion who is supposed to be known for her album sales.


Céline didn’t outsell Mariah in single sales, and Mariah has more #1 singles than Céline WW.


In the US, of course, and probably in Asia, but definitely not in Europe. Australia is also not a done deal.


And Canada & Latin America too. But Mariah did reached a level untouchable by anyone else from her era in Asia.


Thanks! That’s a surprise


MJD we havent seen u interacted or updated the blog for a while – hope u come back soon!

Anyway Im really excited to see if Mariah can get AIWFCIY to reach no.1 this Xmas, it deserves so!


MJD, Can you add the total sales per country for Mariah?

Christian Jaramillo

Oh, and Daydream has 20 million (studio album) according to them, it’s not a lot because here it has 19.9 million, but there it is!


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