CSPC: The Beatles Popularity Analysis

Remaining Long Format Part 6 – Double Compilations #2

Although released in the opposite way – first the full track list then each individual volumes – Rock N’ Roll Music is one more notable Beatles compilation that has been available in distinct formats.

Focusing on more rocking tunes, the album was issued not only to benefit from Paul McCartney success in 1976 but also to use favorably the growing album market in continental Europe.

The theme of the album gives a higher than usual place to the group early albums. Once again, Please Please Me appears to have generate a huge amount of sales of compilation releases.

Mostly ignored from their discography, each volume of this set sold over 4 million units including 2,65 million as part of the first comprehensive release.

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tom riise

Update would be nice 🙂


the RIAA certifications on red album and blue album also include download and streaming, seen how much higher are they ?


I’ve just realized that the physical single sales of Beatles For Sale and A Hard Day’s Night are swapped.


I think this should get an update. It’s been 3 years and a lot of things have happened like the anniversary editions of Abbey Road and the White Album. (Also pls do George and Ringo’s CSPC 🙂 )


I’m positive they’ll be well above 420 mill after the update.


Beatles featuring Tony Sheridan is included in the compilation section on page 46

Mark Lupi

Amazing work, congratulations! However you’ve missed one important EP release. The Beatles fifth Ep release, Long Tall Sally, which was released in Britain in June 1964 and is another reported global million seller.

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