Destroying Myths: Fake 10 million sellers

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When someone from the general public gets into a website regarding music charts and sales, the first thing that will strike them is how wrong every claim they’ve been reading in mainstream news is. As the general description of my blog is One step closer to being accurate, I feel the need to turn down some tenacious fanciful sales claims, which is why I’m introducing this new master series, Destroying Myths.


More often than not fake claims are attributed to major labels, which believe it or not, rarely make totally fake comments. Instead, their marketing teams naturally publish news aiming to promote their artists and, while doing so often describe the reality in a very favorable way, ideally creating confusion among uneducated readers. A song that reached #1 on a very minor Billboard chart will suddenly become a “US #1 hit”, “10 million records” in a label publication will become “10 million albums” in most press and so on. If you add to that shipment against retail sales confusion as well as strict figures against track / album equivalents, the result is a huge mess.

Still, every time a label makes an official statement about record sales, it will have to pay the related artist royalties accordingly. Thus, unlike what most people will tend to believe, they truly do not want to inflate sales figures. This is why they will try to create confusion but never drop numbers out of nowhere. The fake claim will instead come from someone who’s legally responsible for label rights, such as the artist themselves or their management team. This being said, the biggest source of fake claims is still the poor interpretation by Media and readers that go on publishing bad quality second hand news.

There are many, many fake claims that came out over the years. Today I’ll be focusing on one of the most fiercely defended by die hard fans, the fake 10 million selling albums. An extensive list of major artists to have 7-9 million selling albums that are constantly reported as a 10-million album. In fact, it sounds so much better! Wishful thinking is often the enemy of fans and the reality much more unpleasant. At least as I’ll be posting a whole bunch of inflated albums, I hope you won’t believe I’m hating 🙂

Time to return some accuracy proceedings, let’s go!

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You should do one of 30 million sellers, with examples like Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s and Abbey Road


I Think You can do another article about fake 20 million sellers,Such as Let Go By Avril,Believe By Cher…



How about Janet’s Design of a Decade? Did it clinch the 10M mark as often reported?



Hi dear MJD !!!

For a while we did not write, I would be curious to know what singers or groups will be analyzed this week (CSPC analysis).
I hope you will answer me soon !!!


he already told you the rolling stones…


Why is not Dangerously in Love? Did sell ten million?


Hi MJD! Nice article and infos as always!! Talking about fake 10 million albums sold:
I found out in a lot of places and reliable websites that Nelly Furtado’s “Loose” has shipped or even sold 10 million copies worldwide to the date.
I really don’t think it’s true at all, because until the end of 2006, the album has sold around 7.5 million copies. It’s impossible to sell an additional of 2,5 million copies without promo and after 8 singles. Do you know the real shippments or sales? Thanks in advance.


Thank you. This is a good example as well. Her fans claim that Loose has sold more than Good Girl Gone Bad, but in fact it did only better in German speaking countries and GGGBs numbers decent there as well. GGGB has outsold it in every single English speaking country (maybe Canada is debatable) and only from UK + US the difference is 1.5 million. I believe its roof figure is 8 million.

John Will

Great article!I can wait to read France Album Sales: Barbra Streisand


Hi! I’ve been checking out UWC weekly to see the album sales of my favorite artist, Ariana Grande. She recently dropped an album named ”Dangerous Woman” and according to UWC (Fred) it has already sold 642,000 in 10 weeks, selling between 28,000-31,000 weekly. Some people are claiming this is impossible because it is selling like 4,000-6,000 weekly on the US, and even though she is great on a worldwide level, people still find this odd. Can you please tell me (if you have them) the REAL Dangerous Woman numbers? How much has it sold WW to date? Thank you so… Read more »


Hi! I don’t know why you put Rihanna there when the roof figure that we use for the album is 9 million (Mediatraffic said 8.5 million). As for 15 million, we know that would be TEAS+SEAS combined with albums sales, no one ever claimed that the album sold that much in pure ssales (maybe some people got confused when the album was certified 5xP by RIAA but that’s it).


Thanks! Didn’t know about that, but I assure you no Rihanna fan claims that number, 9 million is the roof figure. And it’s clear they were referring to SPS since the album got certified 5xPlatinum in the USA when they announced it.

I have a question about certifications in Philippines. I see fans of many stanbases claiming some sales from there, but they are nowhere to be found on the official list here:

Do you think this is the only reliable source? And how we are supposed to know about sales from countries like that one?


From the Wikipedia article: ” On 1st June 2016, Rihanna’s management RocNation announced on their official instagram account that the album had now sold over 15 million copies worldwide.” There is of mention of SPS. Hence, it is very misleading indeed.


Oops, The last statement should read, “There is NO mention of SPS. Hence, it is very misleading indeed.”


Amazing list! But where is Dangerously in Love?

Madonna and C.O.A.D.F are very close to the 10 million copies!

Like a Virgin
True Blue
Like a Prayer
The Immaculate Collection
Something to Remember
Ray of Light

She have 7 albums had sold 10 million copies! Amazing!


Madonna is a singles artist, she always needed controversy, getting naked, appealing to younger generations, hopping on trends, collaborating with hot artists and producers in order to sell her albums. Celine eats her for breakfast when it comes to albums sales despite English not even being her first language. When Celine got THAT hit, she snatched all wigs. The fact that Titanic soundtrack outsold all Madonna’s soundtrack combined with all those quick lil hits (that are all forgotten today) speaks volumes. And yes, Celine deserves the credit. My Heart Will Go On was the only single from the soundtrack, Billboard… Read more »


Celine doesn’t write her songs. Celine is a great singer, Madonna is a GREAT ARTIST.



Bullshit. Madonna doesn’t write most of her songs, including the ones she’s credited for. Her co-writers and producers write most of her songs. The only song that was a hit that she ever wrote on her own is Lucky Star – ands that’s it!!!

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