France Album Sales: Muse

14th September 2009


Studio Albums

1999 Showbiz – 345,000
2001 Origin of Symmetry– 380,000
2003 Absolution  – 500,000
2006 Black Holes & Revelations – 490,000
2009 The Resistance– 845,000
2012 The 2nd Law  – 480,000
2015 Drones – 220,000

Live Albums

2002 Hullabaloo – 150,000
2008 HAARP – 140,000
2013 Live at Rome Olympic Stadium – 125,000

Muse sold a total of 3,675,000 albums in France.

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Sources: SNEP, IFOP, GFK.

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Fabienne Rambaud

Hello! Great and very interesting article! But you don’t say that a copy of the album Drones is offered with a concert ticket. If you already have your copy of the album you can give your code to get an album to whoever you want or offer it, that means that a lot of people don’t (or didn’t) have to buy it. You can get as many albums as concert tickets. The sales would be certainly higher otherwise. I personally recently gave one of my codes to a friend who wanted to buy it. Anyway the Drones World Tour is… Read more »

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