France Album Sales: Muse

The Resistance Era

While both Absolution and Black Holes & Revelations looked like the main audience breakthrough of the band, it was still nowhere near the strength of success Muse was going to get with their 2009 album The Resistance.

Each Top 50 single was already a solid help for their album sales, then dropping a #10 single with 28 weeks inside the Top 30 Digital chart was obviously poised to do wonders for the album. This is exactly what happened with lead single Uprising. After a #1 debut, 48,000 units sold, unlike its predecessors the album didn’t drop in lower areas of charts but instead remained firmly in the upper region.

Released in September, the album was still #3 in Christmas week after, moving a strong 277,000 copies during 2009. Far from reaching the roof of their target audience as it could have been expected due to their sales history, the album stayed a surefire seller all over 2010, this time thanks to Undisclosed Desires hit. It added 27 weeks Top 10 during 2010 including six weeks at #2 and never dropped below #32 for the year. By June the album was already Diamond, representing 500,000 units, before completing the year at 353,000 units, a to date total of 630,000 copies. In both 2011 and 2012 the album continued an unbelievable ride almost never dropping out of charts with several ups bringing it back to the Top 50. It sold 130,000 copies for both years.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Uprising – 94,508,000
  2. Undisclosed Desires – 45,822,000
  3. Resistance – 25,365,000

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Fabienne Rambaud

Hello! Great and very interesting article! But you don’t say that a copy of the album Drones is offered with a concert ticket. If you already have your copy of the album you can give your code to get an album to whoever you want or offer it, that means that a lot of people don’t (or didn’t) have to buy it. You can get as many albums as concert tickets. The sales would be certainly higher otherwise. I personally recently gave one of my codes to a friend who wanted to buy it. Anyway the Drones World Tour is… Read more »

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