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The team of is getting bigger! As you know, our main target is the accuracy of our content. Adding skills and different views can only improve it. How will it impact our output?

From the content posted up to now as well as comments, you already know several members of the team. We are pleased to welcome additional help for our upcoming works. To continue to be as transparent as possible and to help you asking questions to the most relevant person, below is the new organization of!


Name:                    Al
Role:                       Executive Support
From:                     Norway
Favorite Artist:  The Beatles

Estimating album sales involves an awful lot of sources and requires many, many hours. The more you structure them, the better your results will get. From now on Al will work directly with me to milk more efficiently all files I collected through the years, transforming raw data into exploitable and relevant information. As time goes he may take the lead on sales estimates from some countries of the existing sample.


Name:                    Anthony Blanchard
Role:                       CTO & VP Streaming
From:                     France
Favorite Artist:  Led Zeppelin

The impact of Anthony has been immense on He has automated plenty of tasks in background to improve both our efficiency and our reliability. All Excel screenshots available on articles are generated by his macros. Anthony leads the streaming section, collecting all data from Spotify and YouTube, he also enables the application of the CSPC formula by setting track lists of every compilation or live album of artists studied. Last but not least, he is our Data Manager, carefully storing every needed figure to handle the Data Collector and publish related articles.


Name:                    Felipe Morgan
Role:                       Community Manager
From:                     Brazil
Favorite Artist:  Lady Gaga

The role of Felipe is atypical as he doesn’t work directly with charts and sales, although he is passionate by this subject like all of us. I’m not good at promoting the website and using social medias, so Felipe’s help has been key there. He continues to fully administrate our Instagram account.


Name:                    Guillaume Vieira / MJD
Role:                       CEO 
From:                     Democratic Republic of Congo
Favorite Artist:  Damien Saez

Founder and webmaster, tasks that I lead include estimates of album sales and digital sales plus the writing of articles. I cross-check and merge the information coming from remaining members to publish the final result. I handle both Twitter and Facebook accounts of and coordinate all contributors that I’ll never thank enough.


Name:                    Hernán Lopez
Role:                       VP Physical Singles & Music Videos
From:                     Argentina
Favorite Artist:  Queen

Hernán has been contributing to our website for more than a year. He is in charge of estimates of all physical singles and music videos of all artists with relevant numbers on those formats. Hernán also greatly assists as an expert on the Latin American market.


Name:                    Martin
Role:                       VP Monster sellers
From:                     UK
Favorite Artist:  Led Zeppelin

Even if me, Hernan and Anthony have been actively working on it, published articles of monster sellers is always an extensive task. We still haven’t tried Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra who will require a titanic work. Martin is a Rock fan, but he is also a fan of accuracy and charts & sales, creating a strong interest in completing researches on all major sellers. He will join us on that mission to prevent articles on these artists from freezing the website for too long!


Name:                    Raffi
Role:                       Spokesman
From:                     Hong Kong
Favorite Artist:  Mariah Carey

One of our first dedicated readers, we are happy to welcome Raffi as a new member of the team. For many months he was always the first one commenting all articles with very detailed messages, also pointing out every typo, even the less obvious ones. His interest in all artists, his understanding of CSPC’s mechanics and his ability to explain nicely everything will do wonders in the comments section. From now he will answer most comments, acting as our spokesman. Feel free to ask for detailed information as I’ll be exchanging with him so if precise data from one of my Excel sheets is needed, he will also be able to provide it to you!


Name:                    Ryan Be
Role:                       Ghostwriter
From:                     UK
Favorite Artist:  Michael Jackson

It is well known that French people use a very poor English, I’m no exception. To help you avoid a painful reading, Ryan Be has been reviewing and fixing all articles for several months. If you felt my writing has been improving greatly, the truth is that you can thanks Ryan for that!


Name:                    Stephen James
Role:                       VP Update – Divas
From:                     Mexico
Favorite Artist:  Britney Spears

His highly-educated comments on Spears’ articles have made Stephen one of our well-known readers. Considering how many relevant artists are still missing on our CSPC studies, the already published content is rarely updated in spite of your requests. To make up for this issue, Stephen will step in and update articles on Divas / Pop Culture stars on a much more regular basis!


Name:                    Thomas Christiansen
Role:                       VP Update – Classic Rock
From:                     Denmark
Favorite Artist:  AC/DC

Known for many years online as Dane, the dedication of Thomas to collect information about artists with a long-lasting appeal is impressive. While Stephen will do his best to answer the huge demand for updates on divas, we cannot ignore all legendary Rock stars who sold mind-blowing quantities of records. As a fan of the genre himself, he will be taking care of these updates from now on! Thomas may also take the lead on writing some of the articles.


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  1. It’s nice to see the team of my favorite website!
    Hello, Martin and Ryan
    Hallo, Al
    Bonjour, Anthony and Guillaume
    Ola, Felipe, Stephen and Hernan
    Hej, Thomas
    Neih Hou, Raffi

    Looking forward to seeing the list of artists grow and the website getting the recognition it deserves. It was exciting to see it on Brian Mays website and hope there is more to come!

  2. Excellent team!

    What a wonderful website! No one else has even attempted something like this. This is the global stats bible! (I’m atheist but still)

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