CSPC: Shakira Popularity Analysis

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Streaming Part 3 – Closing the Decade

Independently of the consistency of albums tracks or the heights reached by singles, all albums until She Wolf end up with 110-280,000 equivalent album sales.

This all changes with Sale el Sol. For a mostly Spanish album issued in 2010 market context, its results were absolutely extraordinary, which is confirmed in tis streaming figures. Both language versions of Loca combined add for 58 million while Rabiosa is on 43 million. Logically, Waka Waka does even better at 140 million.

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  1. Hi everyone!

    Here are the 15 Shakira’s tracks that have generated the most sales:

    1 2001 Whenever, Wherever / Suerte [Laundry Service] – 8,880,000
    2 2005 Hips Don’t Lie / Sera Sera [Oral Fixation, Vol. 2] – 6,380,000
    3 2001 Underneath Your Clothes [Laundry Service] – 3,890,000
    4 2005 La Tortura [Fijación Oral, Vol. 1] – 3,010,000
    5 2010 Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) / Waka Waka (Esto for Africa) [Sale el Sol  ] – 2,470,000
    6 1998 Inevitable [Dónde Están los Ladrones?] – 1,990,000
    7 2001 Objection (Tango) / Te Aviso, Te Anuncio (Tango) [Laundry Service] – 1,750,000
    8 1998 Ojos Así / Eyes Like Yours [Dónde Están los Ladrones?] – 1,630,000
    9 1995 I Am Here / Estoy Aquí [Pies Descalzos] – 1,570,000
    10 2009 She Wolf / Loba [She Wolf] – 1,490,000
    11 1998 Ciega, Sordomuda [Dónde Están los Ladrones?] – 1,390,000
    12 1995 Antología [Pies Descalzos] – 1,120,000
    13 1998 Si Te Vas [Dónde Están los Ladrones?] – 1,020,000
    14 2014 Can’t Remember to Forget You / Nunca Me Acuerdo de Olvidarte [Shakira] – 960,000
    15 2010 Loca [Sale el Sol  ] – 900,000

    The top 2 shows huge results. Here are other tracks from their respective year (among studied artists):
    Alicia Keys – Fallin’ [Songs in A Minor] – 9,620,000
    Shakira – Whenever, Wherever / Suerte [Laundry Service] – 8,880,000
    Enrique Iglesias – Hero [Escape] – 6,900,000
    Coldplay – Fix You [X&Y] – 7,660,000
    Shakira – Hips Don’t Lie / Sera Sera [Oral Fixation, Vol. 2] – 6,380,000
    Madonna – Hung Up [Confessions On A Dance Floor] – 5,960,000

    If you have any questions / remarks, do not hesitate to let a comment!

    1. Would you please post your sources for all of these?.
      I’ve read on different official sites that the digital sales of Hips Don’t Lie alone are above 13M, adn above 16M if we count streams, ringtones and physical sales (WW of course).
      Thank you 🙂

      1. Hi Gabriel!

        Figures posted by Anthony are all in equivalent album sales. They include downloads but with a 0,15 weighting, streams divided by 1,500 and physical sales with a ratio of 0,3. Then, they also include shares (as per the % of streams the track is responsible of) of albums on which they are included.

  2. Nice to see a Shakira analysis! Her total is pretty solid, higher than her peers (eg. Alicia Keys) and even Enrique Iglesias!

    I have to admit, i expected Laundry Service to be higher, but i guess it suffered the same fate as Songs In A Minor (etc. lack of relevant releases) though Laundry Service’s physical singles sales are quite impressive!

    I’m more impressed by Dónde Están los Ladrones though! 8,5m is huge for a Spanish album. That’s higher than every Spanish release by Enrique!

    Which artists are you going to analyze next, MJD? I remember you saying you’d do one for David Bowie and Whitney Houston for their anniversaries of their deaths, so looking forward for that!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Do Kylie Minogue next! Her stans always claim that she is global, yet I’d like to see if she sold more albums than Rihanna (an artist who debuted in the digital era).

    1. I think Kylie’s sale are gonna be lower than her fans expect. I simply cannot see her selling 70 million of albums. Her numbers in the UK and in Australia are very solid. But other than that… well, even Shakira who sings 50% of her music in spanish is above her in places like France and Germany.

    1. Hello RyanS,
      You can be sure that Michael Jackson will be studied soon!
      You’re right, The Beatles are the best selling act. I am not sure that Jackson (as a solo singer, not counting the Jackson 5) is the second, Elvis is a very serious candidate to this rank too.
      The answer will be given in the next few months, when these two legendary singers will be studied!

  4. Hello Anthony Blanchard Merry Christmas !!!
    Apart Destiny’s Child and Beyoncé, you know that if you will analyze some famous group just like the Beatles ?

  5. Sad to see Shakira’s strongest markets (Latin America, India, Middle east) dont have decent chart and certification systems.

    *There was a source by IFPI MEA around 2010 that showed her album sales in Egypt+the middle east and her total career sales were over 1 million in there.
    *Pies Descalzos, for example is the bestselling album of history in Colombia with over 1.2 million units, being certified “Prism Diamond” by ASINCOL.
    *Waka Waka sold 300.000 downloads in just 2 weeks in India
    *Sale el sol was sold in kiosks and during Shakira’s 2011 tour, sold over 80.000 in Paraguay and it was later reported by billboard it sold 250.000+ in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.
    *Her “Donde estan los ladrones” and Laundry Service sales in Turkey were over 300.000

    And the list goes on and on in countries where for most artists, since they depend mostly on US/UK sales, its accurate to ignore numbers, but not for Shakira.

    Unfortunately most of the links are now broken after many years, still, some numbers remain in some forum thread compilations of sourced- sales numbers.

    Thanks for the analysis.
    Not happy with it tho, and not accurate AT ALL, but Thanks

    1. Hi Lu,

      I’m sorry to say this is your list of claims that is widely inaccurate. I have been through most of them many years ago, they are only old myths. As an example, there is near no downloads at all in India, in 2010 IFPI, it was a market counted into the “Other” formats category for digital, a market with album downloads too, yet it was a mere $3 million market, how do you want Waka Wka to sell 300k in 2 weeks? The Colombian claim for PD is proved a fake for long, while Turkish sales are already included into IFPI European certifications. Etc etc. There is a reason why you can only track those claims on forums… 😉

      1. Hey my friends. Really nice work with all the CSPC sales, I think it’s awesome.
        Could you please update this information at the end of 2017?, Is just that Shakira already had another really succesful album this year and I’m sure the sales have changed a bit.

  6. Pies Descalzos with 800,000 here in Brazil?! Not even in her dreams! Britney Spears, Spice Girls and Avril Lavigne were way more successful than her, and they not even have an album with 500,000. This is probably a number made for promotional purposes. 800,000 in 1995, even to Brazilian acts meaning a tremendous success. This album was only certified Platinum. How do you came with this number?!

    1. Hi Marcus,

      You can’t seriously compare English-speaking acts with latin acts. The language is a massive difference but also the promotion as artists like Shakira can promote those albums locally a lot while big international stars will hardly ever get there. The album sales took off after a Brazilian version came out with the main hits translated in Portuguese, which pushed its results to 750k by late 1997. I have put the link of the main Brazilian media, but various other publications confirm those sales and the evolution of its success. It also fits with the global shipment from that era as communicated by the Billboard.

  7. Nice article, I wanted to mention that it is worth noting how male dominated the Latin music market is and how big an outlier Shakira is. There generally hasn’t been another female even close to her Spanish sales this century. This makes her even more special than the likes of Enrique, Ricky and Romeo Santos of which there are many.

  8. Buenas tardes, podrían ponerme los link de las certificaciones de U. K y Japón de laundry service de shakira, gracias, por el momento eh buscado distintos link sobre las certificaciones y no eh encontrado uno verdadero, gracias

  9. Unfortunately no one cares about certification in Brazil.
    the success of the first album of shakira was very great, she came to Brazil, she released a version of the cd some songs in Portuguese. gave interviews in Portuguese in Brazil.
    I believe in more than 800,000.
    the second album was a mystery, but the songs were successful.

  10. billboard released different data for the first cds:
    piez 580,000
    donde estas los ladrones 920,000
    oral fijation vol1 1,020,000

    1. Hi Marcelo!

      Soundscan sales were largely incomplete for Latin records which were sold through specific retailers, especially in the 90s. These figures shouldn’t be taken too seriously, for example both Enrique’s first two albums went Platinum for over 1 million sales with scanned units under 400,000!

        1. Hi again Marcelo!

          The criteria for Latin albums changed several times (nowadays it is 60k), but what has never changed is that Latin albums are still eligible for Standard awards! The first two Enrique albums and all 3 Shakira albums that you mentioned are all Platinum under the Standard type, meaning 1 million copies!

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