CSPC: Ed Sheeran Popularity Analysis

think different! (brescia, italy)

Original Album Sales – Comments

2011 + – 4,800,000
2014 – 8,000,000

In a day and age where an album can be incredibly successful in Spain, Italy or the Netherlands without reaching 100,000 sales, where markets like Sweden and Finland moved almost completely into streaming, not buying records anymore, selling 8 million copies of an album is a miracle.

Huge in English-speaking countries with + album, Ed Sheeran stepped up thanks to x to become a worldwide phenomenon – although pure album sales figures do not always highlight it as already mentioned. The total of 12,8 million albums sold isn’t frozen as both sets keep going strong and are poised to register notable catalog sales in upcoming years.

5 thoughts on “CSPC: Ed Sheeran Popularity Analysis”

  1. Thank you for this article!

    Do you plan to study P!nk? Even though there’s no word about a new album, it would be interesting to see her CSPC results given she’s been active since 2000.

  2. Hi everyone!
    I reversed MJD’s formulas to determine the CSP for each track. We could interpret this as the CSP total “due to” a track, so its success.

    I have calculated the top 5 below:
    Song [Album] = CSP total (millions sales equivalent)

    Thinking Out Loud [x] = 4,25
    Photograph [x] = 2,61
    The A Team [+] = 1,96
    I See Fire [x] = 1,87
    Don’t [x] = 1,68

    4.25 millions equivalent sales is quite big. To give an idea, it’s more than any track released by Rihanna (please see here: http://chartmasters.org/2016/06/cspc-rihanna-popularity-analysis/#comment-1348).

    If you have any question/remarks about the method/calculation I used to obtained these numbers, I will be pleased to answer you.

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