CSPC: Eminem Popularity Analysis

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Although he is known much more for his studio albums than for compilations or live records, Eminem sold decent amounts with some of them. He did release a major best of when they were still relevant while dropping a bunch of successful videos in his first years. Let review all those records!

Full Length Migration Part 1 – Early Music Videos


How to understand this table? If you check for example The Up In Smoke Tour music video line, those figures mean it sold 1,500,000 units worldwide. The second statistics column means all versions of all songs included on this package add for almost 800 million streaming plays on Spotify as of August 3th 2016.

The second part at the right of the table shows how many streams are coming from each original album plus the share it represents on the overall package streams. Thus, streaming figures tell us THe Marshall Mathers LP songs are responsible for 21% of the The Up In Smoke Tour track list attractiveness, which means it generated 322,000 of its 1,500,000 album sales and so on for the other records. If the total of this record do not reach 100% it is because that was a shared Tour with various over huge rap stars like Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg.

11 thoughts on “CSPC: Eminem Popularity Analysis”

  1. Great Work MJD, as always! I knew Eminem was huge, but not that big in terms of other formats. Eminem added an impressive 53,8m with other formats. That’s impressive!

    I imagine Michael Jackson’s total will be massive! Keep up the good work!

    By the way, MJD, can you do a CSPC analysis on Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, Beyonce and Usher when you’re done with your current projects? Thanks

  2. Amazing sales! He is probably the biggest artist of this millenium, even bigger than Britney.

    Can you tell us the difference between Madonna’s and Celine’s albums sales? Is there a chance that Celine can outsell her someday (at least in albums sales, Celine is not a singles artist).

    1. Yes sales numbers from SoundScan reveal Eminem beat The Beatles in 00’s he wins ‘Artist of The Decade’ awards 2000-2009.

  3. The official numbers say Recovery has sold 10m but I guess Relapse has sold less than 4,4m
    I believe it’s 4,0-4,1m

  4. It seems you love Eminem because don’t stop to tell the fake sales of media have for his albums like Eminem Show with 28millions or Marshall with 32millions. It’s good to know he has sold quite less than many websites say.

  5. What are Eminem’s at least top 20 best selling singles list?

    I love Eminem a lot, my favorite rapper and is definitely…


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