France Album Sales: Mariah Carey

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MTV Unplugged (1992) Era

After months of articles on, you must be familiar with the fact live sets are often good sellers when they are the closest product to a compilation in an artist discography. A greatest hits of unknown hits still doesn’t turn into a huge seller yet.

Both situations happened with MTV Unplugged 1992 EP. When it was first released, it hasn’t sold much because Mariah Carey was very far from being a star at that point and her first songs weren’t receiving recurring airplay. This situation led most consumers to elect first the #16 single I’ll Be There that was a well known song in France thanks to the original Jackson 5 hit.

As for becoming a good catalog seller thanks to the record being close to a compilation, this was soon going to become true too…

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. I’ll Be There – 6,763,000

7 thoughts on “France Album Sales: Mariah Carey”

    1. Not to mention her France total is higher than her German total, which is amazing, considering that Germany is a stronger music market than France Mariah’s sales in Germany are at around 4 million, so almost 1 million less than France.

      I believe Mariah’s top music markets (sales wise) are:
      1. USA (70m+)
      2. Japan (~20m)
      3. UK (7,5m+)
      4. Canada/South Korea/France (4,8-5m)

      Also, Is it true Mariah is one of the top 5 american artists in France, and just 2nd to Madonna? If true, then WOW!

  1. Great work!Now, among the historical Divas big five only Barbra Streisand are missing. I can’t wait to read your fixing this concern by studying the career of Barbra! It’s must be a big project。

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