France Album Sales: Mariah Carey

MTV Unplugged (1992) Era

After months of articles on, you must be familiar with the fact live sets are often good sellers when they are the closest product to a compilation in an artist discography. A greatest hits of unknown hits still doesn’t turn into a huge seller yet.

Both situations happened with MTV Unplugged 1992 EP. When it was first released, it hasn’t sold much because Mariah Carey was very far from being a star at that point and her first songs weren’t receiving recurring airplay. This situation led most consumers to elect first the #16 single I’ll Be There that was a well known song in France thanks to the original Jackson 5 hit.

As for becoming a good catalog seller thanks to the record being close to a compilation, this was soon going to become true too…

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. I’ll Be There – 6,763,000

7 thoughts on “France Album Sales: Mariah Carey”

    1. Not to mention her France total is higher than her German total, which is amazing, considering that Germany is a stronger music market than France Mariah’s sales in Germany are at around 4 million, so almost 1 million less than France.

      I believe Mariah’s top music markets (sales wise) are:
      1. USA (70m+)
      2. Japan (~20m)
      3. UK (7,5m+)
      4. Canada/South Korea/France (4,8-5m)

      Also, Is it true Mariah is one of the top 5 american artists in France, and just 2nd to Madonna? If true, then WOW!

  1. Great work!Now, among the historical Divas big five only Barbra Streisand are missing. I can’t wait to read your fixing this concern by studying the career of Barbra! It’s must be a big project。

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