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Charmbracelet (2002) Era

Releasing an album very close to Christmas is always a pretty risky bet. Of course, overall sales are incredibly high, but so is the competition. Also, the main beneficiaries from Christmas are artists selling either to people under 15 or over 40 as it between those two ages consumers purchase music by themselves. Coming back from a flop album and surrounded by a lot of controversy, Mariah Carey was definitely not the must Christmassy artist by 2002.

Still, December 2002 album Charmbracelet performed very decently upon release. An uneducated watcher would consider a #12 peak an absolute disaster for such a well known star, but the very high overall sales downgrade a lot the impact of a fan base, thus making high entries very difficult on charts. The success – or not – of an album during this period must be defined much more by how much legs it has than where it debuts. The airplay hit Through The Rain helping, Charmbracelet held very well ranking 12-17-18-17 during the four weeks of December, bringing in over 140,000 sales, easily eclipsing total sales of Glitter in no time.

It’s run during 2003 was nothing extraordinary but the album remained relevant until the summer, closing that year on 250,000 units shipped. That year also saw the release of the artist first remix album, simply titled The Remixes, which sold only 3,000 units during its two weeks charted.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Through The Rain – 2,604,000
  2. Boy – 811,000
  3. You Got Me – 491,000

7 thoughts on “France Album Sales: Mariah Carey”

    1. Not to mention her France total is higher than her German total, which is amazing, considering that Germany is a stronger music market than France Mariah’s sales in Germany are at around 4 million, so almost 1 million less than France.

      I believe Mariah’s top music markets (sales wise) are:
      1. USA (70m+)
      2. Japan (~20m)
      3. UK (7,5m+)
      4. Canada/South Korea/France (4,8-5m)

      Also, Is it true Mariah is one of the top 5 american artists in France, and just 2nd to Madonna? If true, then WOW!

  1. Great work!Now, among the historical Divas big five only Barbra Streisand are missing. I can’t wait to read your fixing this concern by studying the career of Barbra! It’s must be a big project。

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