Six months… and just getting started!

Content sketch

The content – past

Since posting the very first introduction to this blog, a total of 214 articles came out, all referring to our beloved music artists.

Obviously, the largest part came from France Best Selling Albums category that featured 173 articles and resulted into the France Best Selling Album Ever ranking.

This is just one part of the content published as 23 artists in-depth discography studies have been done on France Album Sales articles, while in total 9 articles related to Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept got posted. Other categories like Streaming World, Music Industry and Understanding have been introduced as well.

Please keep in mind I have been carefully tagging and categorizing every article. Thus, don’t hesitate using the menu to reach a category, click on a tag of an article to see other articles about the same subject or simply use the search function. Oh, between, do you wonder what’s the most tagged name on all articles? The prize goes to Celine Dion with 37 articles the Canadian legend. Well, just realized by writing her name here I increased this total to 38!

Among the content I also include Comments that are truly important to me. Some 180 have been posted already and I will never remind you enough how free you must feel to post some and do requests. I think I answered all of them, if I forgot one question please excuse my error and ask it again!

The last part of content is about pictures. I would like to thanks the incredible website Flickr that provides an incredible database of beautiful pictures all of them under Creative Commons license, meaning free to use as long as you – naturally – link in the original image. Keep up the amazing work folks!

5 thoughts on “ Six months… and just getting started!”

  1. I have beeing waited articles about Barbra from the start, and learnt something about my other favorite artists, thank you for the wonderful website!

    1. Hi John!

      Hehe Barbra would be a great addition but she is also an incredible hard artist to work on! I definitely need to add her to France Album Sales series still!

      Thanks to you for reading 🙂

  2. Six months! This has been a wonderful guide to understand the music business so far. And I’m sure much better things are to come. I’m proud to have been probably one of the very first visitors. Keep it coming!

    1. In the list of cities visiting the most the website, right after Paris comes Ramos Mejia, Argentina, and I take it that you have some responsability there 😉

      Thanks for all the support and the sharing!!

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