Six months… and just getting started!

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Six months

Hello everyone! Today is the six month anniversary of As we have been extensively studying statistics, the timing appears perfect to publish some about your new favorite website in order to thank all of you – as well as teasing a bit about what has yet to come !

Users… You!

When you start a blog from scratch about a very specific subject, you don’t expect many users to visit your work. Thus, being up to 6,200 distinct users is a very pleasant surprise. So is the number of sessions that topped 15,600, showing a very good rate of viewers returning to the website.

As you likely noted, I’m not aiming to post click whores articles. Each and every article requires a lot of time to build, especially the most recent ones. The best recognition I can get is seeing viewers reading them in full. That’s what happens with a number of page views at over 141,500, more than 9 per session, way ahead of my best expectations. What’s more, this number increased from 12,000 during the first month to 40,000 the last 30 days.

Do not forget that you can follow the website official Twitter account as well as the Facebook page to be noticed of every new publication. Both keep on growing week after week, hoping the trend will continue!

Just for fun, be aware the busiest day of history has been June 20 with 8,806 page views. Why so? Well, that’s the day of Madonna CSPC Analysis posting, showing the American superstar still bring in some light as soon as she gets mentioned! Still, the most liked article is CSPC Analysis of Rihanna.

The only thing I can say is thanks to all of you that make all my investment into this blog worth it.

5 thoughts on “ Six months… and just getting started!”

  1. I have beeing waited articles about Barbra from the start, and learnt something about my other favorite artists, thank you for the wonderful website!

    1. Hi John!

      Hehe Barbra would be a great addition but she is also an incredible hard artist to work on! I definitely need to add her to France Album Sales series still!

      Thanks to you for reading 🙂

  2. Six months! This has been a wonderful guide to understand the music business so far. And I’m sure much better things are to come. I’m proud to have been probably one of the very first visitors. Keep it coming!

    1. In the list of cities visiting the most the website, right after Paris comes Ramos Mejia, Argentina, and I take it that you have some responsability there 😉

      Thanks for all the support and the sharing!!

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