France Album Sales: Prince

Tatooed Prince


Musicology (2004) Era

After several years of complete independency, the artist published in 2004 a new album through a major music label, Musicology, issued in partnership with Columbia.

The set proved Prince still had it. In fact, this record proved that as soon as his singles were sent to radios, he was always able to sell relevant amounts of records. A solid success in the US, the album debuted at #7 in France, the artist highest peak since 1994 album Come. Musicology also retained a chart placing inside the Top 200 for 22 weeks, selling over 70,000 copies.

As Prince can’t do as anyone else, on the same day as Musicology he released two more albums available only in digital form from his website, The Chocolate Invasion and The Slaughterhouse.

3121 (2006) Era

This time pairing with Universal, Prince issued 3121 in 2006. The album entered at #8 in France – and was the artist first #1 album in the US since the Batman soundtrack in 1989.

It sold 35,000 copies in France over the year 2006.

Later that year Ultimate Prince compilation was released, peaking at #12 in the Compilation chart with 15,000 copies sold.

Planet Earth (2007) Era

Planet Earth was Prince second album with Columbia only a few years after Musicology. The artist created one more upset with a major as he signed a deal to distribute over 2 million copies in UK for free along with Mail On Sunday newspaper. As a result, Columbia completely cancelled the album release in the country.

In France, the album debuted and peaked at #16, selling 20,000 copies for the year.

A live album, Indigo Nights, was issued in 2008 along with a coffee table book.

Lotusflow3r / MPLSound / Elixer (2009) Era

A package of three new albums, including one with Bria Valente as a lead artist, this album debuted and peaked at #14, selling nearly 30,000 units.

In 2010, 20Ten was released as a free item coupled with various newspapers depending on the country, including in France packaged with Courrier International.

Art Official Age & Plectrumelectrum (2014) Era

The first album commercially released in five years, Art Official Age debuted and peaked at #6, selling nearly 15,000 units.

The same day of its release, a second album Plectrumelectrum was issued as a pairing album with 3rdeyegirl band, peaking at #13 and selling 5,000 copies.

Hit n Run – Phase One (2015) Era

Released in September 2015, Hit n Run debuted at #38, selling 5,000 copies. The Phase Two album was initially released exclusively on TIDAL streaming service.

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