RIAA Certifications: Streaming included on Albums awards


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1. “RIAA can’t be considered seriously anymore”

Wrong. RIAA is not creating, it is adjusting. This is not the RIAA who dictates consumers to stop buying and start listening, it is new consumers habits that dictate RIAA to adjust to this new concept. This new rule is not a philosophy-change, it is the same rule than in the past, with the same meaning, with barely technicalities adapted to current context. This adjustment wasn’t about If but about When. If one considers RIAA isn’t serious anymore, then he is considering that consumers aren’t serious anymore.

2. “New change is unfair to old artists”

Wrong. Streaming is not an addition, it is a replacement. By definition, it means there is no advantage / disadvantage, only sales origins being different.

In addition, as changes are retrospective, old artists as well as new ones benefit from this new change. Obviously, some may say current acts are getting higher streams / downloads, but current acts won’t stay current forever. A good example of that is Don’t Stop Believin hit. The signature song of rock band Journey is closing in 7 million downloads, making it one of the very best selling songs ever, on par with blockbuster hits like  Pharrell WilliamsHappy. RIAA changes shouldn’t be regarded on a 1-2 years perspective but on several decades view, over which older acts, with catalogs much stronger than most current acts will ever own, will still get the edge.

2 thoughts on “RIAA Certifications: Streaming included on Albums awards”

  1. Hi MJD, What about GHs albums? How do they know which GH to credit the streams to when an artist has more than 2 compilation albums?

    1. Hello Jeff!
      Very good point you end up raising – I added section 3 on page 2 to answer it. To summarize, when a song appear on several albums of an artist, it is up to the label to decide on which package its results must be attributed. If they will tend to elect the largest selling compilation or the newest one has yet to be seen!

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