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Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by this fresh new website. In order to start the best possible way, let me introduce myself and what’s coming on this new area.

I’m Guillaume Vieira, a french Paris-based computer science engineer working as a freelance project manager for large worldwide companies. I turned 30 recently and have been fascinated by music itself and its industry as a whole for about half of those years.  While all my studies have been done as an amateur during my free time, this work got noticed and referred to by many huge media brands including Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Hits Daily Double, New Yorker magazine and french TV channel M6.

Music industry refers to record sales of all our so much loved artists. As most of this information is confidential, it ends being a monster jigsaw nearly impossible to solve. Understanding Music industry consists in three main steps:

  1. Collecting raw data
  2. Interpreting technically collected values
  3. Understanding social meaning of information

The first step not only requires going over hundreds of sources, you will read data incorrect more often than not. Specialized forums can help getting into step 2. but this will enable only scrapping the surface of the subject. Last step is not covered at all on the internet.

Chartmasters.org aims to answer both 2. and 3. areas, providing interpreted information and spotting lights in the correct direction to understand properly this data. You will not find out one more unexplicit piece of the music industry jigsaw here but a complete and clear picture of the whole painting.

To fullfill this target, chartmasters.org will be publishing in-depth analysis related to the music industry as well as running several series focusing on specific subjects. The first serie is underway: An Odyssey into France best selling albums ever.

All comments of every nature, including negative ones, are more than welcome in this website. In addition to comments, you can also provide raw data or request information by using email contact@chartmasters.org. To make sure you won’t miss newly published content, you can also follow us on Twitter #chartmastersorg.

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