CSPC Voting System

The request system

For many years we have been digging into sales figures of all-time best sellers. Our CSPC list is more and more complete, but top artists are still overdue.

To give more visibility to upcoming articles, we decided to make the choice of next CSPC artists entirely up to you.

The aim is to be comprehensive among top sellers, so we fixed a list of artists who need to be treated.

How do we define these artists? We have set these limits of expected results:

  • over 50 million CSPC sales
  • over 30 million CSPC sales for a local artist
  • over 15 million CSPC sales with a single album

This concludes on a list of 135 artists.

You will notice that Deep Purple are absent. They are the last winners of the poll so they are already ongoing.

Silver members can assign 3 points the way they want: 3 points to 1 artist, 1 point to 3 artists, etc.

Gold members can assign 25 points up to 10 artists, while Platinum members can assign 100 points up to 10 artists as well, with a maximum per artist of 25 points.

Each artist is also assigned a factor going from 1 to 4, the highest representing the largest sellers. The target is to facilitate the truly top sellers to be treated soon enough.

Once you allocated your points, your votes will impact the leaderboard of requests which sorts artists thanks to their score, which is the multiplication of their votes with the factor of the related artist.

Once a new CSPC artist is published, the next one to be treated will be automatically the current leader of the list. Votes for him will be cleared to allow the leaderboard to keep running.

You are free to complete or update your votes as many times as you want.


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Where is LINKIN PARK 🥺 pls add


They’re not here cause they’re already studied

Tom Riise

New analysis coming soon ?


george harrison?



They’re quite a major group not to have been included so far.


I second this, INXS would be great


Could you please update Cardi B’s sales?

Cameron Tracy

Hikaru Utada Next Please Please, considering you’ve already done Ayumi hamasaki and then Update Justin Timberlake Please, Along with adding Kesha, Nicki Minaj, Ellie Goulding and Meghan Trainor (thank you so much for your work again) also if I could maybe join in helping you figure out sales I’d love to help if I could please someday (I’ll let you know when I can help with full CSPC Articles) So here’s my full requests as a list: 1970s: The Osmonds Diana Ross Donna summer Olivia Newton John 1980s: Cindy Lauper Bannanarama Kim Wilde Rick Astely Jason Donovan Gloria Estefan The… Read more »


Considering Sinatra is bigger in death then ever and the most enduring ; important and greatest singer by almost every current icon who are doing Granny winning tribute albums and new careers as tribute acts it’s amazing after 6 years , despite saying you think you could hit the general top 10 and has sold a couple hundred million albums and perhaps as many singles .(249 charted from 1940-1984 and albums over 94 on Billboard charts a record legit top 10’a; 68 top 20 and 40 albums ( even spent 142 weeks on Billboard 200 thru 3-21 and started last… Read more »


I want to mention two artists: Ricardo Arjona, who is the only Central American artist with one video at 1B views on YouTube (Fuiste Tu). His appeal across the Spanish speaking world is huge, and I recall hearing that his Historias album from 1994 sold 5 million physical copies across all Latin America. With several videos off that album at dozens of million views, and over 6 million monthly listeners on Spotify I assume he is close to reaching the 15M CSPC threshold for the Historias album. Additionally, Amy Grant. Her RIAA Six-time platinum Heart In Motion was a global… Read more »


hi, i’m curious as to what you estimate great soul artists like Al Green and Sam Cooke have sold. And also Eurythmics + Annie Lennox would they potentially just about reach the 50m mark or could the album containing sweet dreams and love is a stranger reach 15m




Don’t think they reach the criteria as of now

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