Destroying Myths: related to Elvis Presley

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All artists are the subject of many fake claims. Nevertheless, no one is surrounded by as many false information as Elvis Presley. It is quite an irony that the most you sell, the most your results are exaggerated. With the King, we meet people who do everything to maintain the myth, willingly lying to the general public.

The most famous example of that is Ernst Jorgensen who’s the responsible of Presley‘s catalog at Sony. To be fair, promoting the brand Elvis is his job. There is a lot of articles available making wild claims about his sales, articles well known by all his fans. Made by Nick Keene, Tony Galvin, Ernst Jorgensen himself, on multiple occasions, they all follow the same storyline to conclude the same thing: with 1 billion records sales Presley is the highest selling artist of all-time.

The structure of these articles is fairly clever. They present themselves as doubters, mention the “Mr Elvis” Jorgensen to be given more credit, then use accurate but unrepresentative data to imply fanciful conclusions and sustain the billion myth. Taken one by one, claims can hardly be contradicted since most are true. It all looks very credible so we are left believing their wild conclusions.

Today I’m going to deconstruct these data to see how, even if most of the raw data is valid, these statements are strictly false. That will enable you to adopt the appropriate critical mind when reading this kind of news to not be misled. Going through them we will also learn pretty much everything about Presley‘s RIAA certifications thanks to a whole bunch of detailed clarifications. Last but not least, we will prove that the catalog of Presley is now entirely up to date in terms of US awards.

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Let me get this right, Chartmasters have managed to get all the sales records for those that RIAA were unable to confirm since the 50s?, the figures won’t include the sales from independent outlets since his death or bootleg albums especially during the 70s, this figures are just an estimation, we will never know the actual figures for sure


I would also add that articles on Elvis over the last 10 years have been biased, Billboard does not even record his stats prior to 2018 so how can we ever believe the figures given with accuracy. Will these figures be released to other websites such as wikipedia? My guess is no as no-one actually knows the actual figures with certainty…


I could’nt find Elvis US singles sold.


Regarding Soundscan, Billboard’s method of tracking album sales (and not the RIAA’s), Soundscan is not available in every store that sells recordings. It has never been used in Wal Mart, so there are sales missed through that avenue. That presented problems as Wal Mart became the store authorized to sell albums by the Eagles or Garth Brooks. When the Eagles released their album “Long Road Out of Eden,” Billboard had to mend its rules so the Eagles’ album was able to be the number one album in Billboard. Sales through online outlets such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble also… Read more »

Vernon Smith

Elvis actual sales info, sans the joke that the riaa actually is….ttps://

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