France best selling albums of the 90s

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It has now been one month since we entered into the 90s, I’m happy to have now complete that heavy period. An impressive total of 68 million sellers emerged during the biggest decade of sales ever. On following pages, we will do a second Summary after years 2000-2015, so again you will be presented with various rankings of bestselling Studio album, Foreign album, Female album etc. with short comments per section. Obviously, the comprehensive ranking of 90s bestsellers is also presented. Let’s go!

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France best selling albums ever:
Clandestino by Manu Chao (1998)

Clandestino by Manu Chao

Foreign acts often tried to release albums in French, or at least a few songs, to penetrate completely this market. The real UFO that is Manu Chao did just about the opposite singing mostly in Spanish with a few tracks in French, Portuguese and English. This one of a kind started his solo career in 1998 a few years after leading underground cult band Mano Negra.

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