Spotify all-time most streamed artists

Most streamed artists of all-time on Spotify

If you visit us, you surely saw a lot of news in recent years stating streaming records. What’s unlikely is that you ever saw a comprehensive list of Spotify most streamed artists, with numbers for all those who belong to the all-time top 200.

Thanks to our Spotify numbers tool, it’s now possible to retrieve an enormous quantity of data very efficiently. So, who are the most streamed male, female, bands, legacy artists on the platform?

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Coldplay albums and songs sales

CSPC Coldplay albums and singles sales art

British giants Coldplay are back! After a 4 years hiatus during which they still issued the global smash Something Just Like This, the band returns with their 8th studio album Everyday Life.

While the hype is struggling to build up, Chris Martin and his colleagues know what it means to be successful.

Often called the biggest rock band of the century, is this reputation accurate according to factual data?

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Drake’s albums and songs sales

Drake albums and singles sales

There is a kind of artists who have been around for long, that have never been the biggest selling force in the world and who suddenly just happen to be massive. Drake is one of them.

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