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This page provides you with up to date lists of the most streamed studio albums, per year, per decade and of all-time, on Spotify.

Singles that have been issued before the start of the selected period are thus included in full.

In case several versions of the same album exist, the one with the highest total of streams is displayed.

The column EAS stands for Equivalent Album Sales. It reflects the worth of these audio streams on par with album units. This data extrapolates remaining streaming platforms.

Available Lists


Most streamed albums: 1981

Last updated on 06/19/21
RankCoverArtistAlbumTotal StreamsDaily StreamsEAS
2MenMen At WorkBusiness As Usual598,677,753426,364597,714

Breakdowns (sorted by alphabetical order)

JourneyEscapeWho's Crying Now - Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas, November 6, 19811,333,7131,332
JourneyEscapeKeep on Runnin'2,374,4412,371
JourneyEscapeStill They Ride6,827,7856,817
JourneyEscapeOpen Arms139,546,085139,321
JourneyEscapeDead or Alive1,220,1761,218
JourneyEscapeOpen Arms - Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas, November 6, 19811,367,1651,365
JourneyEscapeMother, Father3,415,3063,410
JourneyEscapeLay It Down1,299,8291,298
JourneyEscapeLa Raza del Sol - Alternate Version854,194853
JourneyEscapeDon't Stop Believin'1,074,129,3611,072,400
JourneyEscapeStone in Love33,674,85833,621
JourneyEscapeWho's Crying Now38,281,06038,219
JourneyEscapeDon't Stop Believin' - Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas, November 6, 19817,550,8307,539
Men At WorkBusiness As UsualBe Good Johnny8,971,9278,957
Men At WorkBusiness As UsualI Can See It in Your Eyes4,747,6424,740
Men At WorkBusiness As UsualTouching the Untouchables1,291,9601,290
Men At WorkBusiness As UsualCrazy - Non LP B-Side53,60854
Men At WorkBusiness As UsualPeople Just Love to Play with Words1,084,1381,082
Men At WorkBusiness As UsualHelpless Automaton1,717,7251,715
Men At WorkBusiness As UsualUnderground - Live18,23618
Men At WorkBusiness As UsualWho Can It Be Now? - Live21,55122
Men At WorkBusiness As UsualF-19 - Non LP B-Side, Previously Unreleased In The US40,17340
Men At WorkBusiness As UsualCatch a Star2,239,1482,236
Men At WorkBusiness As UsualWho Can It Be Now?143,959,991143,728
Men At WorkBusiness As UsualDown Under428,526,191427,836
Men At WorkBusiness As UsualUnderground2,887,9652,883
Men At WorkBusiness As UsualDown By the Sea3,117,4983,112
Men At WorkBusiness As Usual598,677,753597,714
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Hi! Why isn’t Love Yourself: Answer by BTS in the list of the most streams albums of all time? It has around 3,9B streams right now.. (LY: Answer ->

Last edited 2 months ago by R-zszz

Because it is a compilation album and only studio albums are included.


Hi! Shouldn’t Beyoncé’s HOMECOMIN be on most streamed of 2019?


It’s there now!

Thank you for the notice 🙂


“Pink Friday Roman Reloaded” has a full version called “Pink Friday Roman Reloaded + The Re-Up” with more streams. Beyoncé’s B-day has more than 1 billion streams, different from the posted count.

ps. HOMECOMING, by Beyoncé please!!!!!


Hi. This is a very interesting update, thank you.

Out of curiosity, for albums that not in the page, do you have to add each albums to their respective years manually, or will each year’s page be automatically updated after we search the artist’s page in the Spotify numbers tool?


Also When The Sun Goes Down should be added to 2011.


Where is Stars Dance by Selena Gomez?


Do any Madonna albums have a chance to appear in any year? Many of her songs have several versions in compilations, etc.


It depends how deep each year goes, if they go to Top 20s or 30s, then yes she will appear but I reckon she’ll struggle to get into most yearly Top 10s, with 86 or 89 the only possibilities.

At the moment, her most streamed album, 1984s Like A Virgin (including every remix, version etc) is on 416m streams, so quite a way of the #8 album, Princes Purple Rain on 587m.


you Only added Speak Now the Standard version, The deluxe edition is at 973,540,829 streams


I’m not 100% sure and I know there are many albums listed that are deluxe versions, but I think the intention is just to have the streaming numbers of tracks from the standard/original release. The other days I mentioned that a few album deluxe versions included tracks that were not originally on the standard album, as well as demos, remixes, live versions of tracks that were. I thought MJD would just remove the tracks not originally on the listed album and retain demos, remixes etc of tracks that were (as per how EAS is calculated) but instead he removed everything,… Read more »


please fix the Speak Now issue, every other album in the 2010s Page is the deluxe version


I thought it might be a case of all or nothing, if there is an outside track on the deluxe version.

This could be quite messy IMO, as while we are not exactly measuring oranges against apples, it does seem as though we are measuring Braeburns vs Coxs vs Granny Smiths, if you get what I mean.


I think you’ve missed my point. My point is that, not all albums listed will be equal, some will have super deluxe/deluxe etc versions included because the tracks are all versions of tracks originally on that album but albums like Appetite, lose all of it’s super deluxe tracks because their is no deluxe version to downgrade to and the results can’t just exclude tracks not directly or originally related to the album and retain the super deluxe tracks that do, we end up losing them all. On top of this (as you mention), they all exclude versions of their tracks… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by Martin

Even if we decide to only count only the “original” version of an album will we still have issues like this I think.

There are several albums which only have a deluxe/extended/whatever version and not a “original”. This is especially true for many catalogue artists.

I do agree with MJD here, in my opinion does the current “criteria” give us the most comprehensive look. But it’s of course debatable.


I think you’ve also missed my point Al. My point is purely that, not all albums, that are included, are being measured equally. I guess it needs manual fixing, to ensure each album has every track assigned to it, that should be, as oppose to wiping entire deluxe versions, for the sake of a few rogue tracks or having to include them in full (with rogue tracks) because there is no other version or alternative, through restrictions on how the source data can be interrogated and what results can be generated. But it’s not the most comprehensive look. If you… Read more »

Last edited 2 months ago by Martin

If manual adjustments like this (similar to the song ranking I guess) is doable it would be great. I’m just not sure how convenient that would be for 1k++ distinct releases.

Maybe MJD could expand on this.

Last edited 2 months ago by Al

Yes, I get that time and effort is the key to it all and in most cases it wont alter things that drastically but it still means not every album is equally represented, some will have higher streams than they should, some will have lesser streams than they should have, while some will of course be exactly correct.


can you add trilogy by the weeknd please. thanks!

Last edited 2 months ago by szapov

Are these lists complete/accurate or there might be albums that are still missing? Thanks for your hard work!


We’re still adding a lot of albums, but the higher ranks should be fairly complete

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