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This page provides you with up to date lists of the most streamed studio albums, per year, per decade and of all-time, on Spotify.

Singles that have been issued before the start of the selected period are thus included in full.

In case several versions of the same album exist, the one with the highest total of streams is displayed.

The column EAS stands for Equivalent Album Sales. It reflects the worth of these audio streams on par with album units. This data extrapolates remaining streaming platforms.

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Most streamed albums: 2006

Last updated on 09/27/21
RankCoverArtistAlbumTotal StreamsDaily StreamsEAS
1AmyAmy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)2,350,646,3411,178,2262,346,861
2MyMy Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)1,897,915,7491,494,8091,894,860
3RedRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium1,824,483,472814,3831,821,545
4JohnJohn MayerContinuum1,310,960,508560,9301,308,849
5ArcticArctic MonkeysWhatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not1,269,562,879612,5681,267,518
6ThreeThree Days GraceOne-X1,202,721,304537,8531,200,785
7JustinJustin TimberlakeFutureSex/LoveSounds Deluxe Edition1,166,805,981550,1531,164,927
8SnowSnow PatrolEyes Open1,081,959,415505,9461,080,217
9FergieFergieThe Dutchess Deluxe1,078,214,756607,9911,076,479
10NellyNelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)1,029,306,4491,160,7921,027,649
11BeyoncéBeyoncéB'Day Deluxe Edition999,451,574373,163997,842
12TheThe KooksInside In / Inside Out911,519,017377,477910,051
13MuseMuseBlack Holes and Revelations850,563,264504,682849,194
14Ne-YoNe-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)766,537,207356,161765,303
15BreakingBreaking BenjaminPhobia (Explicit Version)728,876,180345,739727,702
16TheThe KillersSam's Town724,884,889326,768723,718
17GnarlsGnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere681,872,919297,745680,775
18RascalRascal FlattsMe And My Gang675,398,663449,668674,311
19MissyMissy ElliottRespect M.E.568,668,883272,726567,753
20CorinneCorinne Bailey RaeCorinne Bailey Rae553,466,743299,338552,575
21TaylorTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift551,731,353411,423550,843
22RiseRise AgainstThe Sufferer & The Witness526,721,820161,696525,874
23TheThe Red Jumpsuit ApparatusDon't You Fake It518,315,898276,735517,481
24DonDon OmarKing Of Kings511,897,761478,877511,073
25RihannaRihannaA Girl Like Me508,490,911285,944507,672

Breakdowns (sorted by alphabetical order)

Amy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)You Know I'm No Good290,720,482290,252
Amy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)Me & Mr Jones103,618,213103,451
Amy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)Love Is A Losing Game - Original Demo13,631,38413,609
Amy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)To Know Him Is To Love Him - Live32,125,10532,073
Amy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)Wake Up Alone63,472,69963,370
Amy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)Just Friends39,256,07939,193
Amy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)He Can Only Hold Her66,543,27066,436
Amy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)Back To Black484,681,057483,901
Amy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)Rehab329,973,320329,442
Amy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)Love Is A Losing Game136,505,714136,286
Amy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)Monkey Man17,348,94217,321
Amy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)Some Unholy War57,759,29757,666
Amy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)Cupid - Deluxe Edition Version37,106,49037,047
Amy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)Some Unholy War - Down Tempo20,011,76519,980
Amy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)Hey Little Rich Girl13,215,48013,194
Amy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)Valerie - Live At BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, London / 2007355,753,810355,181
Amy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)You're Wondering Now14,201,95914,179
Amy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)Addicted38,903,56838,841
Amy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)Tears Dry On Their Own235,817,707235,438
Amy WinehouseBack To Black (Deluxe Edition)2,350,646,3412,346,861
Arctic MonkeysWhatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm NotA Certain Romance81,448,26681,317
Arctic MonkeysWhatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm NotDancing Shoes70,196,12770,083
Arctic MonkeysWhatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm NotYou Probably Couldn't See For The Lights But You Were Staring Straight At Me32,608,39832,556
Arctic MonkeysWhatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm NotMardy Bum217,705,167217,355
Arctic MonkeysWhatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm NotFrom The Ritz To The Rubble84,309,33384,174
Arctic MonkeysWhatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm NotWhen The Sun Goes Down246,410,912246,014
Arctic MonkeysWhatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm NotI Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor252,915,073252,508
Arctic MonkeysWhatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm NotRiot Van50,322,11750,241
Arctic MonkeysWhatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm NotRed Light Indicates Doors Are Secured34,631,90034,576
Arctic MonkeysWhatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm NotThe View From The Afternoon61,654,86961,556
Arctic MonkeysWhatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm NotStill Take You Home37,083,44337,024
Arctic MonkeysWhatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm NotPerhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But???37,184,90237,125
Arctic MonkeysWhatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm NotFake Tales Of San Francisco63,092,37262,991
Arctic MonkeysWhatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not1,269,562,8791,267,518
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionUpgrade U (feat. Jay-Z)104,858,921104,690
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionBeautiful Liar - Remix4,085,7444,079
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionIrreplaceable (Irreemplazable) - Spanish version5,271,5685,263
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionAmor Gitano17,644,24917,616
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionWelcome To Hollywood (feat. Jay-Z)5,463,0115,454
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionBeautiful Liar114,647,749114,463
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionWorld Wide Woman3,784,3043,778
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionFlaws and All10,585,95010,569
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionIrreplaceable (Irreemplazable) - Nortena Remix1,255,4961,253
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionGreen Light19,110,32219,080
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionBeautiful Liar (feat. Sasha) - Spanglish Version2,741,1722,737
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionGet Me Bodied - Extended Mix18,589,76918,560
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionDeja Vu (feat. Jay-Z)67,045,34866,937
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionBeautiful Liar (Bello Embustero) - Spanish Version3,458,6263,453
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionListen (From the Motion Picture "Dreamgirls")97,920,06197,762
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionListen (Oye) - Spanish Version8,781,1658,767
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionRing The Alarm36,738,10336,679
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionFreakum Dress26,090,77126,049
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionSuga Mama10,520,59310,504
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionResentment21,586,85221,552
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionIrreplaceable397,916,136397,275
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionKitty Kat16,451,75916,425
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe EditionIf4,903,9054,896
BeyoncéB'Day Deluxe Edition999,451,574997,842
Breaking BenjaminPhobia (Explicit Version)Topless12,253,06112,233
Breaking BenjaminPhobia (Explicit Version)Until The End45,209,00945,136
Breaking BenjaminPhobia (Explicit Version)Dance With The Devil84,087,20883,952
Breaking BenjaminPhobia (Explicit Version)Outro4,748,5214,741
Breaking BenjaminPhobia (Explicit Version)Intro4,787,8124,780
Breaking BenjaminPhobia (Explicit Version)Unknown Soldier16,208,20616,182
Breaking BenjaminPhobia (Explicit Version)Breath113,831,045113,648
Breaking BenjaminPhobia (Explicit Version)You Fight Me8,404,9778,391
Breaking BenjaminPhobia (Explicit Version)You14,321,56914,299
Breaking BenjaminPhobia (Explicit Version)The Diary of Jane - Single Version353,650,211353,081
Breaking BenjaminPhobia (Explicit Version)Evil Angel30,159,19330,111
Breaking BenjaminPhobia (Explicit Version)Here We Are9,766,2019,750
Breaking BenjaminPhobia (Explicit Version)Had Enough31,449,16731,399
Breaking BenjaminPhobia (Explicit Version)728,876,180727,702
Corinne Bailey RaeCorinne Bailey RaeSeasons Change3,075,9963,071
Corinne Bailey RaeCorinne Bailey RaeTrouble Sleeping21,439,45821,405
Corinne Bailey RaeCorinne Bailey RaeEnchantment6,097,0056,087
Corinne Bailey RaeCorinne Bailey RaeLike A Star77,291,52377,167
Corinne Bailey RaeCorinne Bailey RaePut Your Records On398,874,000398,232
Corinne Bailey RaeCorinne Bailey RaeCall Me When You Get This5,329,6355,321
Corinne Bailey RaeCorinne Bailey RaeBreathless8,028,9758,016
Corinne Bailey RaeCorinne Bailey RaeAnother Rainy Day3,776,2753,770
Corinne Bailey RaeCorinne Bailey RaeButterfly3,769,0973,763
Corinne Bailey RaeCorinne Bailey RaeChoux Pastry Heart4,109,2544,103
Corinne Bailey RaeCorinne Bailey RaeTill It Happens To You16,281,45416,255
Corinne Bailey RaeCorinne Bailey RaeI'd Like To5,394,0715,385
Corinne Bailey RaeCorinne Bailey Rae553,466,743552,575
Don OmarKing Of KingsConteo32,270,58632,219
Don OmarKing Of KingsTu No Sabes5,109,7815,102
Don OmarKing Of KingsSali?? El Sol182,641,412182,347
Don OmarKing Of KingsNot Too Much10,326,52910,310
Don OmarKing Of KingsAngelito30,266,44030,218
Don OmarKing Of KingsBailando Sola8,683,8278,670
Don OmarKing Of KingsAmarga Vida1,393,8401,392
Don OmarKing Of KingsBelly Danza15,944,50015,919
Don OmarKing Of KingsCu??ntale45,085,87345,013
Don OmarKing Of KingsLa Copa428,747428
Don OmarKing Of KingsJangueo3,474,5863,469
Don OmarKing Of KingsBomba3,268,7643,264
Don OmarKing Of KingsRep??rtense8,316,3828,303
Don OmarKing Of KingsEn Su Nota50,776,20350,694
Don OmarKing Of KingsInfieles3,393,9543,388
Don OmarKing Of KingsMu??ecas De Porcelana3,817,3093,811
Don OmarKing Of KingsIntro - Predica2,100,5492,097
Don OmarKing Of KingsCandela2,737,5442,733
Don OmarKing Of KingsOjitos Chiquitos101,860,935101,697
Don OmarKing Of Kings511,897,761511,073
FergieThe Dutchess DeluxePedestal3,811,7263,806
FergieThe Dutchess DeluxeGlamorous217,187,939216,838
FergieThe Dutchess DeluxeLosing My Ground1,840,5701,838
FergieThe Dutchess DeluxeMary Jane Shoes4,046,1644,040
FergieThe Dutchess DeluxeHere I Come6,915,3656,904
FergieThe Dutchess DeluxeBarracuda5,738,5355,729
FergieThe Dutchess DeluxeVelvet1,907,0481,904
FergieThe Dutchess DeluxeAll That I Got (The Make Up Song)3,702,8983,697
FergieThe Dutchess DeluxeClumsy65,429,81965,324
FergieThe Dutchess DeluxeClumsy - Collipark Remix1,251,0991,249
FergieThe Dutchess DeluxeLabels Or Love7,786,1827,774
FergieThe Dutchess DeluxeParty People - Dirty Version9,052,2259,038
FergieThe Dutchess DeluxeLondon Bridge114,517,384114,333
FergieThe Dutchess DeluxeFinally1,567,9121,565
FergieThe Dutchess DeluxeBig Girls Don't Cry (Personal)343,272,312342,720
FergieThe Dutchess DeluxeFergalicious287,842,620287,379
FergieThe Dutchess DeluxeVoodoo Doll2,344,9582,341
FergieThe Dutchess Deluxe1,078,214,7561,076,479
Gnarls BarkleySt. ElsewhereOnline768,073767
Gnarls BarkleySt. ElsewhereStorm Coming2,323,9132,320
Gnarls BarkleySt. ElsewhereGone Daddy Gone / I Just Want to Make Love to You8,740,6218,727
Gnarls BarkleySt. ElsewhereCrazy624,030,794623,026
Gnarls BarkleySt. ElsewhereTransformer - Instrumental407,280407
Gnarls BarkleySt. ElsewhereSmiley Faces18,629,30218,599
Gnarls BarkleySt. ElsewhereSt. Elsewhere5,391,4785,383
Gnarls BarkleySt. ElsewhereThe Boogie Monster - Instrumental373,793373
Gnarls BarkleySt. ElsewhereThe Last Time1,898,5501,895
Gnarls BarkleySt. ElsewhereFeng Shui1,915,2441,912
Gnarls BarkleySt. ElsewhereNecromancer1,501,9331,500
Gnarls BarkleySt. ElsewhereJust a Thought4,562,6194,555
Gnarls BarkleySt. ElsewhereTransformer2,263,6312,260
Gnarls BarkleySt. ElsewhereThe Boogie Monster3,891,0323,885
Gnarls BarkleySt. ElsewhereWho Cares?2,785,0552,781
Gnarls BarkleySt. ElsewhereGo-Go Gadget Gospel2,389,6012,386
Gnarls BarkleySt. Elsewhere681,872,919680,775
John MayerContinuumI'm Gonna Find Another You31,425,39831,375
John MayerContinuumVultures46,763,64246,688
John MayerContinuumSlow Dancing in a Burning Room318,524,460318,012
John MayerContinuumBelief32,606,43432,554
John MayerContinuumStop This Train87,667,07487,526
John MayerContinuumGravity263,006,661262,583
John MayerContinuumBold as Love27,091,90427,048
John MayerContinuumWaiting On the World to Change269,901,772269,467
John MayerContinuumThe Heart of Life76,191,12176,068
John MayerContinuumDreaming with a Broken Heart90,979,72390,833
John MayerContinuumIn Repair23,403,17723,365
John MayerContinuumI Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)43,399,14243,329
John MayerContinuum1,310,960,5081,308,849
Justin TimberlakeFutureSex/LoveSounds Deluxe EditionMedley: Summer Love / Set the Mood (Prelude)16,928,33916,901
Justin TimberlakeFutureSex/LoveSounds Deluxe Edition(Another Song) All Over Again10,803,11410,786
Justin TimberlakeFutureSex/LoveSounds Deluxe EditionSexy Ladies (feat. 50 Cent) - Remix2,901,5612,897
Justin TimberlakeFutureSex/LoveSounds Deluxe EditionLosing My Way21,571,19721,536
Justin TimberlakeFutureSex/LoveSounds Deluxe EditionUntil The End Of Time (with Beyonc??)37,002,75936,943
Justin TimberlakeFutureSex/LoveSounds Deluxe EditionMedley: Sexy Ladies / Let Me Talk to You (Prelude)6,312,3636,302
Justin TimberlakeFutureSex/LoveSounds Deluxe EditionFutureSex / LoveSound21,928,11221,893
Justin TimberlakeFutureSex/LoveSounds Deluxe EditionChop Me Up (feat. Timbaland & Three-6 Mafia)19,998,80019,967
Justin TimberlakeFutureSex/LoveSounds Deluxe EditionSexyBack (feat. Timbaland)504,684,548503,872
Justin TimberlakeFutureSex/LoveSounds Deluxe EditionMy Love (feat. T.I.)215,387,289215,040
Justin TimberlakeFutureSex/LoveSounds Deluxe EditionWhat Goes Around.../...Comes Around (Interlude)227,926,334227,559
Justin TimberlakeFutureSex/LoveSounds Deluxe EditionLoveStoned / I Think She Knows Interlude50,629,20550,548
Justin TimberlakeFutureSex/LoveSounds Deluxe EditionDamn Girl (feat.,451,07211,433
Justin TimberlakeFutureSex/LoveSounds Deluxe EditionUntil the End of Time17,173,23717,146
Justin TimberlakeFutureSex/LoveSounds Deluxe EditionSexyBack (feat. Missy Elliott, feat. Timbaland) - DJ Wayne Williams Ol' Skool Remix2,108,0512,105
Justin TimberlakeFutureSex/LoveSounds Deluxe Edition1,166,805,9811,164,927
Missy ElliottRespect M.E.Beep Me 911 (feat. 702 & Magoo)4,735,2534,728
Missy ElliottRespect M.E.4 My People - Basement Jaxx Remix; Radio Edit5,483,7515,475
Missy ElliottRespect M.E.Hot Boyz13,129,07613,108
Missy ElliottRespect M.E.The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)35,462,45035,405
Missy ElliottRespect M.E.One Minute Man (feat. Ludacris)25,977,89025,936
Missy ElliottRespect M.E.Lose Control (feat. Ciara & Fat Man Scoop)137,806,833137,585
Missy ElliottRespect M.E.We Run This - without Manicure Interlude8,955,0378,941
Missy ElliottRespect M.E.Sock It 2 Me (feat. Da Brat)16,650,66416,624
Missy ElliottRespect M.E.Pass That Dutch41,279,43341,213
Missy ElliottRespect M.E.Get Ur Freak On27,899,96427,855
Missy ElliottRespect M.E.Work It188,428,735188,125
Missy ElliottRespect M.E.Gossip Folks (feat. Ludacris)29,050,19529,003
Missy ElliottRespect M.E.Hit 'Em wit da Hee (feat. Lil' Kim)2,677,3852,673
Missy ElliottRespect M.E.Teary Eyed - without Mommy Interlude1,271,5791,270
Missy ElliottRespect M.E.All N My Grill (feat. Big Boi of Outkast & Nicole)11,114,66111,097
Missy ElliottRespect M.E.I'm Really Hot6,411,5616,401
Missy ElliottRespect M.E.She's a Bitch12,334,41612,315
Missy ElliottRespect M.E.568,668,883567,753
MuseBlack Holes and RevelationsHoodoo9,054,9849,040
MuseBlack Holes and RevelationsExo-Politics14,496,42414,473
MuseBlack Holes and RevelationsInvincible23,732,67123,694
MuseBlack Holes and RevelationsSupermassive Black Hole282,307,556281,853
MuseBlack Holes and RevelationsStarlight246,607,842246,211
MuseBlack Holes and RevelationsCity of Delusion12,790,77912,770
MuseBlack Holes and RevelationsTake a Bow16,510,47016,484
MuseBlack Holes and RevelationsMap of the Problematique39,783,10039,719
MuseBlack Holes and RevelationsGlorious16,855,40016,828
MuseBlack Holes and RevelationsSoldier's Poem13,806,96613,785
MuseBlack Holes and RevelationsAssassin25,648,27725,607
MuseBlack Holes and RevelationsKnights of Cydonia148,968,795148,729
MuseBlack Holes and Revelations850,563,264849,194
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)Disenchanted - Live Demo1,356,0841,354
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)I Don't Love You142,882,548142,652
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)Kill All Your Friends - Live Demo2,010,5722,007
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)All the Angels - Live Demo8,879,9388,866
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)House of Wolves - Version 2; Live Demo1,251,3171,249
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)Famous Last Words186,537,003186,237
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)Cancer98,323,10498,165
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)Party at the End of the World - Live Demo1,950,5631,947
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)Dead!97,876,78697,719
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)Emily - Rough Mix2,398,5822,395
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)The Five of Us Are Dying - Rough Mix4,131,2294,125
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)House of Wolves53,793,62053,707
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)Not That Kind of Girl - Live Demo2,103,3512,100
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)The Sharpest Lives63,900,52463,798
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)Blood - Hidden Track18,880,71518,850
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)Sleep30,923,11930,873
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)Disenchanted58,102,38658,009
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)Teenagers447,697,070446,976
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)House of Wolves - Version 1; Live Demo1,496,2631,494
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)Welcome to the Black Parade461,481,726460,739
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)Mama - Live Demo1,624,0201,621
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)Mama108,472,182108,298
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)The End.47,913,63547,836
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)My Way Home Is Through You - Live Demo1,549,2751,547
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)This Is How I Disappear52,380,13752,296
My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)1,897,915,7491,894,860
Ne-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)When You're Mad34,486,70934,431
Ne-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)I Ain't Gotta Tell You2,694,4382,690
Ne-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)Stay8,753,9518,740
Ne-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)Stay - Remix88,12488
Ne-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)So Sick487,184,091486,400
Ne-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)Time2,682,4142,678
Ne-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)Let Me Get This Right4,228,4984,222
Ne-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)Get Down Like That - Remix2,057,9542,055
Ne-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)Girlfriend348,831348
Ne-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)When You're Mad - Instrumental47,21847
Ne-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)Sign Me Up2,606,5202,602
Ne-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)It Just Ain't Right2,912,8612,908
Ne-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)Let Go7,504,5277,492
Ne-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)So Sick - Instrumental238,668238
Ne-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)Get Down Like That2,911,4222,907
Ne-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)Mirror6,962,9406,952
Ne-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)Sexy Love - Acoustic5,665,3145,656
Ne-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)So Sick - Acoustic52,549,83152,465
Ne-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)Sexy Love142,612,896142,383
Ne-YoIn My Own Words (Deluxe 15th Anniversary Edition)766,537,207765,303
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Do It404,326404
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)No Hay Igual3,155,6843,151
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)All Good Things (Come To An End)64,011,96663,909
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)En Las Manos De Dios289,624289
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Promiscuous521,126,047520,287
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Do It5,434,2775,426
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Somebody To Love743,298742
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Maneater205,849,955205,518
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)All Good Things (Come To An End) - Spanish Version2,943,0922,938
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Wait For You Interlude414,224414
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)In God's Hands3,877,9373,872
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)No Hay Igual Interlude1,0021
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Undercover383,084382
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Glow2,205,4052,202
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Te Busque7,365,6827,354
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Promiscuous Interlude1,3021
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Promiscuous - Crossroads Vegas Mix490,181489
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Let My Hair Down534,783534
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)All Good Things (Come To An End) - Nelly Furtado x Quarterhead4,644,8654,637
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Say It Right - Reggae Main Mix103,849104
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)In God's Hands - Single Version547,670547
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Promiscuous - The Josh Desi Remix109,606109
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Wait For You1,856,4361,853
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Say It Right180,573,710180,283
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)What I Wanted135,115135
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Afraid2,318,0232,314
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Promiscuous - Axwell Remix324,953324
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Crazy - Radio 1 Live Lounge Session17,387,11717,359
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Runaway224,655224
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)Showtime1,848,5811,846
Nelly FurtadoLoose (Expanded Edition)1,029,306,4491,027,649
Rascal FlattsMe And My GangYes I Do1,879,4701,876
Rascal FlattsMe And My GangStand19,519,22119,488
Rascal FlattsMe And My GangPieces3,079,5913,075
Rascal FlattsMe And My GangHe Ain't The Leavin' Kind2,597,9422,594
Rascal FlattsMe And My GangLife is a Highway340,676,127340,128
Rascal FlattsMe And My GangBackwards5,905,6995,896
Rascal FlattsMe And My GangMe And My Gang9,560,6819,545
Rascal FlattsMe And My GangWhat Hurts The Most186,611,068186,311
Rascal FlattsMe And My GangI Feel Bad3,747,5713,742
Rascal FlattsMe And My GangWords I Couldn't Say5,117,3475,109
Rascal FlattsMe And My GangEllsworth2,432,8592,429
Rascal FlattsMe And My GangMy Wish89,884,15589,739
Rascal FlattsMe And My GangTo Make Her Love Me2,308,0022,304
Rascal FlattsMe And My GangCool Thing2,078,9302,076
Rascal FlattsMe And My Gang675,398,663674,311
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumSlow Cheetah37,609,13237,549
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumC'mon Girl15,868,71215,843
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumDesecration Smile38,891,99038,829
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumTell Me Baby94,189,24694,038
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumStrip My Mind32,261,38532,209
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumHey25,769,39225,728
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumDani California423,343,015422,661
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumWarlocks15,046,28215,022
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumStorm in a Teacup11,705,09111,686
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumEspecially in Michigan35,208,75535,152
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumDeath of a Martian12,966,12912,945
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumSnow (Hey Oh)682,581,025681,482
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumReadymade15,469,87215,445
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumShe Looks to Me20,008,15219,976
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumHard to Concentrate32,772,05932,719
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumShe's Only 1826,771,13426,728
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumWet Sand64,070,40763,967
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumWe Believe10,507,03710,490
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumCharlie43,661,81143,592
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumAudio Commentary for Stadium Arcadium - Short Version4,317,9904,311
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumMake You Feel Better18,430,41918,401
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumIf12,111,09212,092
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumTurn It Again12,642,31112,622
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium21st Century17,004,21916,977
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumStadium Arcadium40,726,32340,661
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumHump de Bump36,219,17136,161
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumAnimal Bar12,341,81012,322
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumTorture Me20,567,02120,534
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium ArcadiumSo Much I11,422,49011,404
Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium1,824,483,4721,821,545
RihannaA Girl Like MeA Million Miles Away4,434,9254,428
RihannaA Girl Like MeUnfaithful221,836,505221,479
RihannaA Girl Like MeIf It's Lovin' That You Want - Pt. 22,977,5032,973
RihannaA Girl Like MeBreak It Off29,876,08029,828
RihannaA Girl Like MePon de Replay - Full Phatt Remix2,238,1692,235
RihannaA Girl Like MeWe Ride57,028,40256,937
RihannaA Girl Like MeFinal Goodbye3,861,5053,855
RihannaA Girl Like MeSOS159,452,826159,196
RihannaA Girl Like MeP.S. (I'm Still Not Over You)10,255,21110,239
RihannaA Girl Like MeA Girl Like Me3,271,6653,266
RihannaA Girl Like MeSelfish Girl2,303,4762,300
RihannaA Girl Like MeDem Haters - Album Version 23,897,0343,891
RihannaA Girl Like MeCrazy Little Thing Called Love3,551,4893,546
RihannaA Girl Like MeKisses Don't Lie3,506,1213,500
RihannaA Girl Like Me508,490,911507,672
Rise AgainstThe Sufferer & The WitnessBehind Closed Doors35,396,18035,339
Rise AgainstThe Sufferer & The WitnessBut Tonight We Dance - Single Version8,841,0588,827
Rise AgainstThe Sufferer & The WitnessDrones17,801,70917,773
Rise AgainstThe Sufferer & The WitnessWorth Dying For39,180,97639,118
Rise AgainstThe Sufferer & The WitnessPrayer Of The Refugee209,326,045208,989
Rise AgainstThe Sufferer & The WitnessRoadside13,274,52613,253
Rise AgainstThe Sufferer & The WitnessIntro/Chamber The Cartridge8,542,6278,529
Rise AgainstThe Sufferer & The WitnessReady To Fall27,306,88627,263
Rise AgainstThe Sufferer & The WitnessSurvive17,922,95817,894
Rise AgainstThe Sufferer & The WitnessBricks8,292,1028,279
Rise AgainstThe Sufferer & The WitnessInjection41,566,67541,500
Rise AgainstThe Sufferer & The WitnessThe Good Left Undone30,874,59530,825
Rise AgainstThe Sufferer & The WitnessThe Approaching Curve8,208,7048,195
Rise AgainstThe Sufferer & The WitnessUnder The Knife60,186,77960,090
Rise AgainstThe Sufferer & The Witness526,721,820525,874
Snow PatrolEyes OpenChasing Cars819,317,600817,998
Snow PatrolEyes OpenYou Could Be Happy44,933,09144,861
Snow PatrolEyes OpenYou're All I Have15,653,10215,628
Snow PatrolEyes OpenShut Your Eyes - Live In Toronto585,228584
Snow PatrolEyes OpenIt's Beginning To Get To Me5,203,5635,195
Snow PatrolEyes OpenChasing Cars - Live In Toronto2,592,8652,589
Snow PatrolEyes OpenYou're All I Have - Live In Toronto638,534638
Snow PatrolEyes OpenHands Open10,069,28410,053
Snow PatrolEyes OpenHeadlights On Dark Roads3,191,6523,187
Snow PatrolEyes OpenOpen Your Eyes88,158,09688,016
Snow PatrolEyes OpenShut Your Eyes21,181,13321,147
Snow PatrolEyes OpenMake This Go On Forever17,250,35717,223
Snow PatrolEyes OpenThe Finish Line4,232,4914,226
Snow PatrolEyes OpenSet The Fire To The Third Bar48,952,41948,874
Snow PatrolEyes Open1,081,959,4151,080,217
Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftA Perfectly Good Heart9,487,0709,472
Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftTeardrops on My Guitar - Pop Version14,550,98114,528
Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftOur Song122,172,835121,976
Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftInvisible14,949,72914,926
Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftA Place in this World15,942,14915,916
Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftTim McGraw59,448,27659,353
Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftMary's Song (Oh My My My)17,201,94517,174
Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftTeardrops On My Guitar - Radio Single Remix110,531,096110,353
Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftTied Together with a Smile12,847,17112,826
Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftStay Beautiful14,850,34814,826
Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftPicture To Burn66,989,26766,881
Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftCold As You15,942,15715,916
Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftThe Outside10,500,40110,483
Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftShould've Said No45,932,06945,858
Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftI'm Only Me When I'm With You20,385,85920,353
Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift551,731,353550,843
The KillersSam's TownBling (Confession Of A King)15,846,25115,821
The KillersSam's TownExitlude13,090,12613,069
The KillersSam's TownEnterlude10,295,94210,279
The KillersSam's TownBones37,870,25037,809
The KillersSam's TownWhy Do I Keep Counting?7,544,1697,532
The KillersSam's TownMy List8,426,3578,413
The KillersSam's TownUncle Jonny13,623,08513,601
The KillersSam's TownThis River Is Wild16,307,74116,281
The KillersSam's TownFor Reasons Unknown51,695,42251,612
The KillersSam's TownWhen You Were Young371,536,489370,938
The KillersSam's TownSam's Town22,994,54122,958
The KillersSam's TownRead My Mind155,654,516155,404
The KillersSam's Town724,884,889723,718
The KooksInside In / Inside OutBe Mine201,906202
The KooksInside In / Inside OutJackie Big Tits10,230,06710,214
The KooksInside In / Inside OutOoh La71,234,49771,120
The KooksInside In / Inside OutGot No Love4,696,2654,689
The KooksInside In / Inside OutYou Don't Love Me13,003,50812,983
The KooksInside In / Inside OutEddie's Gun11,415,26511,397
The KooksInside In / Inside OutCalifornia422,104421
The KooksInside In / Inside OutNaive391,894,162391,263
The KooksInside In / Inside OutTime Awaits5,221,5595,213
The KooksInside In / Inside OutSofa Song17,749,44817,721
The KooksInside In / Inside OutMatchbox13,380,01213,358
The KooksInside In / Inside OutSeaside111,846,522111,666
The KooksInside In / Inside OutIf Only6,776,6666,766
The KooksInside In / Inside OutI Want You8,136,2728,123
The KooksInside In / Inside OutSee The World11,989,33211,970
The KooksInside In / Inside OutShe Moves In Her Own Way233,321,432232,946
The KooksInside In / Inside Out911,519,017910,051
The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusDon't You Fake ItIn Fate's Hands10,098,05710,082
The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusDon't You Fake ItAtrophy4,564,4884,557
The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusDon't You Fake ItYour Guardian Angel95,562,38295,408
The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusDon't You Fake ItWaiting6,866,3936,855
The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusDon't You Fake ItFalse Pretense70,913,13570,799
The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusDon't You Fake ItMisery Loves Its Company6,206,6436,197
The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusDon't You Fake ItDamn Regret17,914,63017,886
The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusDon't You Fake ItCat And Mouse19,393,21219,362
The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusDon't You Fake ItFace Down275,209,900274,767
The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusDon't You Fake ItSeventeen Ain't So Sweet4,862,9694,855
The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusDon't You Fake ItJustify6,724,0896,713
The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusDon't You Fake It518,315,898517,481
Three Days GraceOne-XRunning Away2,594,2822,590
Three Days GraceOne-XGone Forever59,332,61859,237
Three Days GraceOne-XPain147,055,221146,818
Three Days GraceOne-XOn My Own24,306,48224,267
Three Days GraceOne-XOver and Over32,288,65632,237
Three Days GraceOne-XRiot202,785,543202,459
Three Days GraceOne-XAnimal I Have Become308,229,891307,734
Three Days GraceOne-XIt's All Over24,537,54824,498
Three Days GraceOne-XNever Too Late188,378,647188,075
Three Days GraceOne-XGet Out Alive49,891,27749,811
Three Days GraceOne-XTime of Dying116,146,511115,959
Three Days GraceOne-XLet It Die28,892,08528,846
Three Days GraceOne-XOne X18,282,54318,253
Three Days GraceOne-X1,202,721,3041,200,785
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Hey, why in 1984 you count the Footlose Soundtrack as an studio album and “A Star Is Born” but any Hannah Montana album is in this chart?
“Hannah Montana The Movie” its now 700 million streams but I cant see it en 2009 list

Patrick Coley

This the best website


“Therapy” by Anne-Marie must be insanely close to making the list


“Our song” Is nearly at 80 million, “Don’t Play” Is at 70 million and “Kiss My Uh Oh” Is at 35 million. They are just 3 of the songs


I wonder if “Solar Power” By Lorde is close to being on the list


Not even close it’s at 180M and barely does over 1M streams daily


poor Lorde


Add trip at knight by trippie redd in 2021 it had 309M streams


Love yourself answer by bts???

Leylah Fernandez

is a shit album


The wrong version of KSI’s All Over The Place is used, it should be the Deluxe one, not the Platinum VIP Edition.

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