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This page provides you with up to date lists of the most streamed studio albums, per year, per decade and of all-time, on Spotify.

Singles that have been issued before the start of the selected period are thus included in full.

In case several versions of the same album exist, the one with the highest total of streams is displayed.

The column EAS stands for Equivalent Album Sales. It reflects the worth of these audio streams on par with album units. This data extrapolates remaining streaming platforms.

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Most streamed albums: 1989

Last updated on 09/27/21
RankCoverArtistAlbumTotal StreamsDaily StreamsEAS
1TomTom PettyFull Moon Fever679,352,949434,408678,259
2AlanAlan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)604,713,220302,777603,739
3MötleyMötley CrüeDr. Feelgood568,507,179374,644567,592

Breakdowns (sorted by alphabetical order)

Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Les Poissons - From "The Little Mermaid??? / Soundtrack Version8,825,0978,811
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Main Titles - The Little Mermaid - From "The Little Mermaid"/Score12,493,93912,474
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)The Storm - From "The Little Mermaid"/Score2,711,4622,707
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Part of Your World (Reprise) - From "The Little Mermaid" / Soundtrack Version13,838,62013,816
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Jig - From "The Little Mermaid"/Score3,568,9753,563
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Happy Ending - From "The Little Mermaid"/Soundtrack Version3,594,8133,589
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Poor Unfortunate Souls265,201265
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Daughters of Triton - From "The Little Mermaid"/Soundtrack Version7,073,4577,062
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Part of Your World654,786654
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Kiss the Girl - From "The Little Mermaid"/ Soundtrack Version122,400,025122,203
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Tour of the Kingdom - From "The Little Mermaid"/Score2,870,1542,866
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Fireworks - From "The Little Mermaid"/Score3,767,3433,761
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Destruction of the Grotto - From "The Little Mermaid"/Score2,140,9102,137
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Eric to the Rescue - From "The Little Mermaid"/Score1,697,1591,694
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Bedtime - From "The Little Mermaid"/Score5,759,1355,750
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Kiss the Girl7,534,3577,522
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Under the Sea186,735,725186,435
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Fanfare - From "The Little Mermaid"/Score2,619,5972,615
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Wedding Announcement - From "The Little Mermaid"/Score2,484,0462,480
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Fathoms Below - From "The Little Mermaid" / Soundtrack Version6,012,6836,003
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Part of Your World - From "The Little Mermaid" / Soundtrack Version158,118,116157,863
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Flotsam and Jetsam - From "The Little Mermaid"/Score2,034,6662,031
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)Poor Unfortunate Souls - From "The Little Mermaid" / Soundtrack Version47,512,95447,436
Alan MenkenLittle Mermaid (Special Edition)604,713,220603,739
Mötley CrüeDr. FeelgoodSame Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)41,290,79141,224
Mötley CrüeDr. FeelgoodT.n.T. (Terror 'n Tinseltown)2,248,6552,245
Mötley CrüeDr. FeelgoodWithout You20,541,34020,508
Mötley CrüeDr. FeelgoodShe Goes Down6,065,0916,055
Mötley CrüeDr. FeelgoodSlice of Your Pie4,946,9084,939
Mötley CrüeDr. FeelgoodTime For Change - Demo701,479700
Mötley CrüeDr. FeelgoodDon't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)21,308,39021,274
Mötley CrüeDr. FeelgoodRattlesnake Shake5,746,2025,737
Mötley CrüeDr. FeelgoodDr. Feelgood136,075,302135,856
Mötley CrüeDr. FeelgoodDr. Feelgood (Demo)1,165,6181,164
Mötley CrüeDr. FeelgoodGet It For Free914,344913
Mötley CrüeDr. FeelgoodSticky Sweet6,299,7496,290
Mötley CrüeDr. FeelgoodTime for Change2,768,4972,764
Mötley CrüeDr. FeelgoodKickstart My Heart (Demo)1,053,2931,052
Mötley CrüeDr. FeelgoodWithout You (Demo)801,146800
Mötley CrüeDr. FeelgoodKickstart My Heart316,580,374316,071
Mötley CrüeDr. Feelgood568,507,179567,592
Tom PettyFull Moon FeverThe Apartment Song4,766,5674,759
Tom PettyFull Moon FeverFeel A Whole Lot Better4,694,1944,687
Tom PettyFull Moon FeverAlright For Now4,373,4704,366
Tom PettyFull Moon FeverDepending On You3,524,4773,519
Tom PettyFull Moon FeverYer So Bad17,328,95117,301
Tom PettyFull Moon FeverA Mind With A Heart Of It's Own2,857,2402,853
Tom PettyFull Moon FeverRunnin' Down A Dream9,529,7079,514
Tom PettyFull Moon FeverLove Is A Long Road8,717,7858,704
Tom PettyFull Moon FeverA Face In The Crowd9,433,8429,419
Tom PettyFull Moon FeverFree Fallin'410,720,797410,059
Tom PettyFull Moon FeverZombie Zoo5,101,6905,093
Tom PettyFull Moon FeverI Won't Back Down198,304,229197,985
Tom PettyFull Moon Fever679,352,949678,259
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Hey, why in 1984 you count the Footlose Soundtrack as an studio album and “A Star Is Born” but any Hannah Montana album is in this chart?
“Hannah Montana The Movie” its now 700 million streams but I cant see it en 2009 list

Patrick Coley

This the best website


“Therapy” by Anne-Marie must be insanely close to making the list


“Our song” Is nearly at 80 million, “Don’t Play” Is at 70 million and “Kiss My Uh Oh” Is at 35 million. They are just 3 of the songs


I wonder if “Solar Power” By Lorde is close to being on the list


Not even close it’s at 180M and barely does over 1M streams daily


poor Lorde


Add trip at knight by trippie redd in 2021 it had 309M streams


Love yourself answer by bts???

Leylah Fernandez

is a shit album


The wrong version of KSI’s All Over The Place is used, it should be the Deluxe one, not the Platinum VIP Edition.

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