Requests’ Fever: Make your choice [Closed]


It’s that time again! The time that sees democracy rule on Chartmasters. While the most efficient way to get your artist studied with the CSPC template is still to play our prediction game before September 28, 2018, you can vote here for 3 artists from each category!

Indeed, we are asking your choices for much more than only CSPC articles this time. Recently, on top of CSPC studies, we have been posting articles titled Streaming Masters, Worthiest albums of…, Global Heatmap and Prediction Lab. You can select up to 3 artists among upcoming lists for each of these templates! If you are not familiar with one of these models, an example link is provided before each poll.

For categories CSPC and Streaming Masters we included both a new list and an update list. We included only super selling missing stars for new CSPC artists – our top priority there is to complete all-time rankings. A few are still not listed like Frank Sinatra and Garth Brooks, for technical reasons, once it gets easier / feasible to add them, that will be done straigth away. In the same way, CSPC updates list the ones that climbed the most since their last review.

If your favorite artist isn’t there, you may still be able to request an update of his streaming section. The most likely scenario is that you will find multiple artists of your interest through the few polls available! If not, our thread for requests is still active.

This poll will will close at the end of October 1st, 2018. The winner of each section will be treated. We may study the entire Top 3 on some categories if the number of votes is large, so don’t lose hope if one artist takes an early lead!

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