Streaming Masters – Ayumi Hamasaki

Although her popularity has been going down lately, Ayumi Hamasaki remains the highest selling female artist of all-time in Japan according to Oricon.

As we all know, the market is now switching into a streaming market. Japan is famously late to this game, how much does it impact the diva’s performances?

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Journey albums and songs sales

CSPC Journey albums and songs sales

During the iTunes era, the greatest selling deep catalog song has been Don’t Stop Believin’, Journey‘s 1981 smash hit.

The name itself of the band is unknown in most countries. How have they manage this feat? Are they one-hit wonders? Is their success exclusively limited to the US? Today we will address all these legitimate questions.

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Streaming Masters – Journey

Journey Steve Perry tracklist numbers

American rock legends Journey are mostly famous nowadays for their legendary song Don’t Stop Believin’ and it’s record breaking streaming numbers.

Back in the day yet, they charted a whopping 39 distinct songs on various Billboard charts. In fact, their highest peaking hit is actually Open Arms.

Which songs are still popular up to this day then? Is their US-axed success enough to grant huge numbers in a streaming world?

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Supertramp albums and songs sales

Supertramp Albums and Singles Sales totals

40 years ago, in the summer of 1979, the whole world was crazy about the album Breakfast In America by classic group Supertramp.

This immense success wasn’t only the peak of the group, but the flagship of an entire genre that was heavily popular back then, progressive rock.

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Streaming Masters – Supertramp

Supertramp tracklist streaming results

Prog rock British icons Supertramp are still widely loved in markets like France and Italy, but they have disappeared from the radar in English-speaking markets for decades.

How does this situation translate into streaming numbers? Is it possibly to have sold millions of albums and get next to zero plays nowadays?

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Music quiz: how much of a chart freak are you?

Music quiz Chartmasters

It’s saturday. If you are a bit lucky, it’s also summer time at your place. While you are enjoying the sun and streaming Señorita, we serve you something to have fun while learning!

This ChartMasters-made music quiz will test your charts & sales knowledge in just 2 minutes. Tell us your score in comments and how much you like it so that we build more complexe tests for you!

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Amy Winehouse albums and songs sales

CSPC Amy Winehouse albums and singles sales

This month marks 8 years since British songstress Amy Winehouse sadly passed away at the age of 27.

Everybody remembers the iconic Back to Black. Despite being released nearly 13 years ago, the album is still making yearly sales rankings. How much have all of her albums sold across all formats? That’s what we are going to analyse today.

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