France Album Sales: Bob Marley

Kaya (1978) Era

Less than a year after dropping Exodus and all its cult tracks, Bob Marley did it again with Kaya record. One more time, the set is full of classic Reggae tracks among which the largest hit was Is This Love song. It gave the artist his second consecutive Top 10 hit in UK, peaking at #9 just like Jamming a few months earlier.

Only #50 in the US but #4 in UK, the set gave Bob Marley its chart debut in France unofficial album chart of the time. It entered at #17 in April and remained most of the year inside the Top 30, peaking at #10 in October. It sold some 200,000 units in the process, becoming his biggest seller to date and his first album officially awarded with a Gold award in France, representing 100,000 units.

Still in 1978, in November, Babylon By Bus was released. It was promoted mostly in 1979 when it reached the same peak as Kaya in France, #10, charting for six months. The album debuted at the same time Kaya dropped out, giving Bob Marley a constant presence for over a year. It sold more than 150,000 by the end of 1979.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Is This Love – 96,067,000
  2. Easy Skanking – 13,576,000
  3. Satisfy My Soul – 12,199,000

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