CSPC: The Beatles Popularity Analysis

Trio de Bastidores The Beatles - Sunshine

Physical Singles Sales – Part 5
Yellow Submarine (1969) – 30,000 equivalent albums

All Together Now – 100,000

Abbey Road (1969) – 1,185,000 equivalent albums

Something / Come Together – 3,950,000

Let It Be (1970) – 2,085,000 equivalent albums

Let It Be – 4,750,000
The Long and Winding Road – 2,200,000

Reaching the latter part of their career, the most striking conclusion is that the band never did it wrong. Their singles continued to be gigantic smashes until the end as shown with their last 3 album singles moving nearly 11 million copies.

In total, physical singles from the band 13 studio albums sold a combined 63,8 million units, which in itself is enough to put the Beatles into the very biggest selling singles act of all-time. It is far from being over as the Orphan Album is coming strong…

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