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Below ranking lists the votes of our users to know artists to be treated next on our CSPC series.

The weight of artists is based on expected sales. Weight 4 represents the biggest omissions up to date, 1 the weakest ones.

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CSPC votes: the leaderboard

3Def Leppard396288
5Eric Clapton463252
6Aretha Franklin364192
7Frank Sinatra446184
8Diana Ross355165
9Tina Turner355165
10Kanye West354162
11Julio Iglesias437148
12Luis Miguel347141
13Hikaru Utada267134
14Vladimir Vysotsky340120
15Pearl Jam339117
17Ace Of Base257114
19Earth, Wind & Fire338114
20Roberto Carlos337111
21Johnny Cash337111
23The Who33296
24Lynyrd Skynyrd24590
25Marvin Gaye32781
26Depeche Mode32678
28Namie Amuro23366
30Ricky Martin23264
31Lionel Richie32060
32Boyz II Men22856
33Adriano Celentano22856
36New Kids On The Block22652
37Cyndi Lauper15050
38Dr Dre22448
39The Beach Boys41248
4150 Cent22244
45Paula Abdul13030
46Duran Duran21530
47Gloria Estefan31030
48Lil Wayne21326
49Cliff Richard3824
51A.R. Rahman21020
52Bing Crosby4520
53Dolly Parton11919
54Alan Jackson3618
55Toni Braxton2918
56Alejandro Sanz2918
57Will Smith2918
58Jay Chou2816
59Simply Red3515
60ZZ Top3515
61Alla Pugacheva2714
62Reba McEntire3412
63Willie Nelson4312
64Andrea Bocelli3412
65James Brown3412
66Motley Crue11111
69James Last11010
70Billy Ray Cyrus199
73Matchbox 20248
74MC Hammer248
75Janis Joplin236
76Lenny Kravitz236
77REO Speedwagon236
78Linda Ronstadt326
79Beastie Boys236
83Neil Diamond414
84Demis Roussos224
85Jethro Tull224
86Kenny Rogers414
87Luciano Pavarotti224
89Carole King224
90Eros Ramazzotti224
91Tom Petty313
92Barry White313
93John Denver313
94Nana Mouskouri133
95Bob Seger313
96Nat King Cole313
97Jimmy Buffett212
98Luther Vandross212
100Dixie Chicks212
101Tim McGraw212
103Herbert Grönemeyer212
104Kid Rock212
105Boney M212
106Limp Bizkit111
107Grateful Dead111
108Juan Gabriel200
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it’s sad to see that women are so low in the rankings. Pls update a woman every 3 artists

Johnny be Good

Right, however some divas not on the list of possible choices stuns me like p.e. Mary J. Blige, Donna Summer and Annie Lennox (I really think that, including her work with Eurythmics she would be above the threshold). Can you give me at least an estimate of those three? Thanks in advance

Johnny be Good

Great, thanks for the infos

About divas, the top 10 CSPC is currently as follow

2-Celine Dion
3-Mariah Carey
4-Whitney Houston
5-Barbra Streisand
6-Britney Spears
8-Taylor Swift

Do you expect someone of those not yet studied might break in the divas top 10? I think it’s very difficult since Enya, who currently close the top 10 is at almost 88 mln EAS, a very high total, but I think maybe Tina Turner might have some shot, or simply the threshold is too high for the remaing divas?

Thanks in advance

Last edited 8 months ago by Johnny be Good

Not even Diana and the supremes or gloria estefan ?


do you think beyonce will eventually overtake enya?


enya being the 10th best selling female artist of all time doesn’t’t sot right with me for some reason

Johnny be Good

Maybe because she doesn’t have the same media exposure of the other divas. She is extremely reclusive, she rarely gives interviews and she never toured. But I think that her reclusiveness is a big part of her charm. Also most of her songs were not instant hits, but instead they achieved success little by little.

Last edited 8 months ago by Johnny be Good

It’s a great idea but I don’t understand why we get to vote as many times as we want. Stans of all categories are gonna vote thousands of times …


It’s not unlimited voting: “Silver members can assign 3 points the way they want: 3 points to 1 artist, 1 point to 3 artists, etc.
Gold members can assign 25 points up to 10 artists, while Platinum members can assign 100 points up to 10 artists as well.”


Crosby, Stills, Nash (& Young) (might be worth doing all the solo/duo albums as well as they were all certified gold during the 70’s and they all featured on each others albums, despite being credited as individual artists, including the solo/duo releases claimed sales are 70 million)
Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Last edited 8 months ago by cass

Yeah I’m also hoping for this, it’ll be cool to get complete info on them just because as solo artists they wouldn’t have enough points to be studied so we’d otherwise never get their complete discography.


Id expect the four solo albums released after Deja Vu would all be high sellers as well. The fiftieth anniversary of Deja Vu is coming out soon, so time would be right to do it. MJD, would there be any chance when you do the CSN/Y as a band you would do the solo/duo albums as well? I know you are doing Neil Young at the moment already.

Last edited 8 months ago by cass
Anthony Blanchard

Hi cass!
CSN, CSNY and Buffalo Springfield will be treated too during Neil Young analysis.
Solo and duo albums won’t since their sales are too low compare to the time it would require. Maybe one day? 🙂


Hi Anthony, Thanks for the reply! That’s great new about CSN, CSNY and Buffalo Springfield, any chance the solo stuff from David Crosby, Stephen Stills, and Graham Nash and the duo’s Crosby & Nash and Stills-Young Band will be done? Considering when people speak about them they generally combine sales. For example “The trio configuration has sold around 13 million albums, while the quartet has sold around 20 million. Combined sales of the group including solo, duo, trio and quartet versions is over 70 million.” And they all played all over each others albums, the majority of their albums were… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by cass
Anthony Blanchard

You’re welcome cass!
I think that the best we can do is a very quick estimation of the sales thanks to discogs figures (let’s say for exemple “Stills has sold between 15 ans 20m solo albums”). If the figures are big enough they may be added to the analysis but the chance remains low!
My knowledge about sales for such precise artist is limited, so the best answer about it will be done by MJD 🙂


Hi MJD, Thanks for the response. That’s a shame, I know its a lot to ask but would you consider doing their solo/duo albums as well to complete the whole collective (or even just their 70’s albums)? I have never seen any figures of their solo/duo albums, though claims of the whole collective together are reaching 70 million as stated above. It would feel like a missed opportunity especially as you’re doing CSN (without Neil) with Neil’s solo releases as well. I also think people forget how much of a bigger star Stills was than Young in the early 70’s… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by cass

Jimmy hendrix, a guitarist leads, really? How dull


I dont understand. And weight 3. Really?


Possibly, members with Platinum access and more points to give, are fans and have given quite a few of theirs to Hendrix.

I didn’t personally vote for him but I think I gave Maiden and Purple 45pts each.


I don’t see how a guitarist, leading, equates to dull. Surely, it’s the fact you have no interest in him or his sales, that makes it dull.


He released 3 albums.

These artists only interest me if they had a blockbuster like Shania Twain.

Jimmy never had such album.

Mika Koskinen

Why have no interest? I don’t understand. Jimi is absolutely best guitarist. Ask Jimmy Page, Clapton, Beck…..and made beautiful songs, Wind cries Mary, Hej Joe….


Can you guys plase add The Supremes,Olivia Newton John and Tarkan


I would think The Supremes will be treated along with Diana Ross, for Olivia and Tarkan I don’t think any of them reach 50 or 30 million respectively.


Yeah but i want to know how many total records they sold


I think Oliva reach 30 million and and Selena Quitanilla where is she she sold a lot I think


Please add the mexican singerThalía when you could. Claims of her website and media says she sold 45 million records worldwide (which is obviously inflated)!


You point out exactly why she’s not here haha, The requirement for local artists is 30m which it’s unlikely she’ll reach


Girls Generation!


Try Depeche Mode. Should Be Interesting. They(like many others) also claim
100 million… in records total.


Vote up KISS people! I think their real numbers will be a long way from their 100 million abums sold claim. Should be an interesting read 🙂

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