CSPC: Paul Simon Popularity Analysis

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Original Album Sales – Comments

1972 Paul Simon – 3,150,000
1973 There Goes Rhymin’ Simon – 2,770,000
1975 Still Crazy After All These Years – 3,270,000
1980 One-Trick Pony – 1,430,000
1983 Hearts and Bones – 1,010,000
1986 Graceland – 14,570,000
1990 The Rhythm of the Saints – 5,170,000
1997 Songs from The Capeman – 640,000
2000 You’re the One – 870,000
2006 Surprise – 650,000
2011 So Beautiful or So What – 540,000
2016 Stranger to Stranger – 320,000

Selling 34,39 million units across 12 studio albums, Simon proved he was a force by himself. The best illustration is the African-sounding Graceland, a stunning comeback album which sold 14,57 million copies. The artist was already 45 when he dropped this record, defying ageism like no one else.

The Rhythm of the Saints managed to sell over 5 million thanks to the hype initiated by its predecessor. Songs from the Capeman completely killed the momentum though. After this release, Simon returned to patterns more in line with his age and career, selling steady numbers thanks to a solid fanbase but without impacting the general public.

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