CSPC: Oasis Popularity Analysis


Records & Achievements

  • At 369 million streams on Spotify, Wonderwall is the most streamed pre-2000 song.
  • At 14,92 million equivalent album sales, Wonderwall is the 2nd most successful song from 1995.
  • At 26,55 million equivalent album sales, (What’s the story) Morning Glory? is the 4th most successful album from 1995.
  • At 5,115,000 copies sold, (What’s the story) Morning Glory? is the second best selling studio album of all-time in the UK.
  • At 663,389 copies sold, Be Here Now was the fastest selling album ever on a weekly basis in the UK until 2015. It remains the fastest selling album by a band as well as the fastest selling album ever on a daily basis.
  • At 282 weeks, Oasis has the most weeks on the Top 75 UK Singles Chart of the 90s.
  • At 134 weeks in 1996, Oasis has the most weeks on the Top 75 UK Singles Chart inside a calendar year ever for a band.
  • Wonderwall is the only track ever in the UK with sales over 500,000 units in all three distinct music formats – physical, digital and streaming.
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