CSPC: Madonna Popularity Analysis

Wanting, needing, waiting.

Physical Singles Sales – Part 6
Orphan Album – 4,002,000 equivalent albums

Crazy For You – 2,700,000
Gambler – 710,000
Spotlight – 30,000
Justify My Love – 2,030,000
Rescue Me – 640,000
This Used To Be My Playground – 1,700,000
I’ll Remember – 780,000
You’ll See – 1,150,000
One More Chance – 60,000
Beautiful Stranger – 930,000
American Pie – 1,100,000
Die Another Day – 810,000
Me Against The Music – 500,000
Celebration – 130,000
Revolver – 20,000
Remaining Singles – 50,000

Last but not least, here comes the Orphan category. It encapsulates together all songs that came out outside the listed studio albums, most of them promoting soundtracks or compilations. Consequently, those songs face less competition from parent albums, they are often lead singles of eras too.

This creates a very favorable context to reach high sales over the single format. It resulted into various smash hits including Crazy For You, Justify My Love, This Used To Be My Playground, You’ll See, Beautiful Stranger, American Pie and Die Another Day.

Together, those songs sold more than 13 million units. This pushes the comprehensive tally of Madonna‘s physical singles to 75,2 million sales, far and away the highest total among all artists that emerged in 1980 or later.

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