CSPC: Bee Gees Popularity Analysis

Redcliffe Bee Gees Way after opening-21=

Digital Singles Sales – Part 5
Size Isn’t Everything (1993) – 15,000 equivalent albums

For Whom the Bell Tolls – 50,000
Remaining tracks – 50,000

Still Waters (1997) – 45,000 equivalent albums

Alone – 150,000
Remaining tracks – 150,000

This Is Where I Came In (2001) – 15,000 equivalent albums

This Is Where I Came In – 50,000
Remaining tracks – 50,000

Orphan – 225,000 equivalent albums

Immortality – 400,000
Remaining tracks – 1,100,000

Nothing much to talk about with these late career songs which have low results in the digital field.

Career-wise, that’s less than 17 million download singles sold, including nearly half from their Saturday Night Fever hits alone! A situation kind of embarrassing considering they issued 22 albums, while they had only 4 new songs on that Soundtrack!

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