CSPC: Alanis Morissette Popularity Analysis

Streaming Part 2

Jagged Little Pill remains an all-around force. While it doesn’t contain a monster streaming favorite like OasisWonderwall or Red Hot Chili PeppersUnder the Bridge, all its songs do well. Close to 400,000 EAS in total, more than a third of these results come from Ironic. The classic song tops 100 million on both Spotify and YouTube. You Oughta Know, Hand In My Pocket, You Learn and Head over Feat are all very solid with at least 33,000 EAS a piece. Interestingly, album cuts are streamed frequently too as all of them top 3 million plays on Spotify.

The story is completely different with Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie. The single Thank U is the only one which survived through the years. It is responsible for 36,000 EAS out of the album total of 55,000 EAS.

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