Eminem albums and songs sales

CSPC Eminem albums and singles sales totals

If you wonder how big Eminem is, just think that among the artists who debuted in the last 30 years, he is the obvious #1.

The iconic rapper shaped an entire generation with songs that are still massively popular today, such as The Real Slim Shady, Lose Yourself, Without Me, and Love The Way You Lie.

Before signing to a major record label at the end of the 1990s, Eminem dropped his debut studio album in 1996. The album, released only in cassette and LP formats, remained unnoticed with sales close to zero.

In early 1999 though, the rapper issued his first album with Dr Dre‘s Aftermath Entertainment, The Slim Shady LP.  The set was an immediate success, debuting at #2 in his native US and spawning his first Top 40 hit, My Name Is.

A year later in 2000, the new superstar sold a massive 1.78 million copies in a week with The Marshall Mathers LP. In the US, the record became the fastest-selling album by a solo artist until Adele surpassed it in 2015.

The rapper wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down, as his 2002 effort The Eminem Show became another Diamond record in the US. The lead single, Without Me, remains one of the most streamed songs of the 2000s.

Later that year, Eminem starred in a film centered around his life titled 8 Mile. Both the film and its soundtrack were hugely successful, and spawned Lose Yourself, which was the 28th biggest song of the 2000s per Billboard.

But things didn’t stop there for the global hit maker, as he continued to be untouchable through the 2000s decade and the beginning of the 2010s with hugely successful records such as Encore, Recovery and The Marshall Mathers LP 2.

How is this amazing run translated into sales? How strong Eminem is in comparison to his peers?

As usual, I’ll be using the Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept in order to relevantly gauge his results. This concept will not only bring you sales information for all Eminem albums, physical and download singles, as well as audio and video streaming. In fact, it will also determine their true popularity.

If you are not yet familiar with the CSPC method, below is a nice and short video of explanations. I fully recommend watching it before getting into the sales figures. Of course, if you are a regular visitor feel free to skip the video and get into the numbers directly.

The Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept (CSPC)

There are two ways to understand this revolutionary concept. In the first place, there is this Scribe video posted below. If you are unaware of the CSPC method, you will get the full idea within just a pair of minutes.

If you are a mathematical person, and want to know the full method as well as formulas, you can read the full introduction article.

Now let’s get into the artist’s sales figures in detail in order to apply this concept and define the act’s true popularity!

Eminem Album Sales

CSPC 2021 Eminem album sales breakdowns

Original Album Sales – Comments

CSPC 2021 Eminem album sales list

On top of having one of the biggest peaks of all time, Eminem has been incredibly consistent through his career.

At 10.4 million, The Slim Shady LP was a great start for the rapper. Nearly 70% of its sales come from one country, making it his most US-centric album.

The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show enjoy similar sales and sit comfortably at 23.34 million and 23.02 million, respectively. It goes without saying that both of these albums are among the top sellers ever.

Inside the rap genre, they are quite simply the number one and number two best selling albums of all-time.

The 8 Mile soundtrack was incredibly successful, becoming Eminem‘s fourth consecutive 10 million seller.

The rapper managed to hit 8 digits for the fifth time with Encore, which pulls a massive 11.03 million and even manages to outsell the 8 Mile soundtrack.

After a four-year break due to personal issues, Eminem returned in 2009 with Relapse. It suffers a massive 60% decline from its predecessor, but still scores a respectable 4.48 million.

Just a year later in 2010, he came back with another massively successful album, Recovery. That’s a fitting title, isn’t it? At 8.34 million, the record marks a huge 85% increase from its predecessor.

Three years later, Eminem dropped The Marshall Mathers LP 2. This album did not match the success of his previous record, but 4.77 million is certainly a massive figure for 2013.

It happens to everybody at some point, right? Revival was a massive disappointment, only selling 1.20 million to date. While that’s not a terrible number by 2017 standards, it certainly looks like it when you used to average 11 million at some point.

Just 8 months later, Kamikaze was surprise-released. The album pulls similar numbers to its predecessor, reaching the 1 million mark. It is now clear that pure sales are only made of purchases from his core fan-base nowadays.

Music to Be Murdered By followed the footsteps of the previous pair of albums, moving 690,000 pure units mostly on the back of his fanbase.

Cumulatively, these studio albums, as well as the 8 Mile soundtrack, have sold a massive 98.65 million copies so far.

Eminem Songs Sales

CSPC - Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept - Physical singles

Physical Singles

CSPC Eminem physical singles sales

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 3 ratio between one album and one physical single.

The rapper was big in 1999-2004 years, a period during which physicals were truly dying in the US but still fairly relevant in Europe and Oceania.

In fact, the singer hardly ever got a proper single released in his homeland. He did so only with D12 hit Purple Hills. He got tons of hits elsewhere though.

It all started with My Name Is that shot him to fame. The song was especially strong in the UK, selling 380,000 units while reaching #2.

The Real Slim Shady was even larger in the UK, notably topping charts. It was also a sizable top 10 hit in both Germany and France where the previous single struggled. That led the song to well over a million sales.

Stan was a non-event in the US, reaching #58 inside the Hot 100 thanks to modest airplay. In Europe yet, it was a major hit.

The song was #1 in the UK / Ireland, in Germany / Switzerland / Austria, in Denmark / Finland, and more. It sold over half a million units in each the UK, Germany, and France, en route for 2.2 million sales in total, a tremendous figure with no US release.

From 2002 to 2004, various singles got top 10 placings in most relevant markets. Songs like Cleanin’ Out My Closet, Sing For The Moment, Just Lose It, Like Toy Soldier, My Band averaged about half a million physical sales.

The period was marked by two true smashes, Without Me and Lose Yourself. They sold 4 million units combined while going to #1 in most countries. The latter had especially outstanding sales in a few markets, selling in 6 digits in Japan and over a third of a million in Australia.

Apart from Smack That in 2006, following years were quiet. That’s also when physical singles disappeared in Europe and Australia. As a consequence, none of his subsequent releases sold even 100,000 copies globally.

All of it is still worth a whopping 14.3 million physical singles which is a rare figure for an artist who debuted at the end of the 90s.

CSPC - Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept - Download music iTunes Amazon Google Melon

Digital songs

CSPC 2021 Eminem digital singles sales

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 1,5 ratio between one album and one digital single.

A lot of Eminem‘s big hits came out before iTunes even existed, thus, as a result, we wouldn’t expect the legendary rapper to have outstanding results in this format. But that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Among Eminem‘s catalog there are several songs that continue to shine as if they were just getting started.

Lose Yourself is the best example of this. The song came out several months before the iTunes store even launched, but somehow has managed to pull a massive 15.5 million in spite of the market limits it faced.

But the rapper is no one-hit wonder and that’s not the end of it. Even a song like The Real Slim Shady, released as far back as 2000, manages to pull the extraordinary figure of 5 million.

Other massive catalog hits for Eminem include Without Me at 4.6 million, Stan at 3.8 million, Mockingbird at 2.9 million, Superman at 2.35 million, and Cleanin’ Out My Closet, Like Toy Soldiers and My Name Is at 2.1 million each.

Maybe even more incredible are sales of ‘Till I Collapse. This 2002 song was never issued as a single, but gained attention through the years until exploding once used on Call of Duty commercials. It sold a tremendous 6.6 million units to date.

The superstar’s tremendous digital power isn’t limited to old songs, though. His top seller remains the Rihanna infused Love The Way You Lie, which has sold a massive 18.65 million to date. Not Afraid from the same album comes third at 11.8 million.

Remaining tracks of this album, highly popular at the peak of downloads, also did wonders. Some album cuts like Cinderella Man moved more than 1.3 million units. The era total tops 41 million.

Before that, even the less successful Relapse was responsible for a combined 20 million downloads. Each of the 4 singles sold from 3 to 7 million copies.

In 2013 the golden years continued. The Monster, featuring Rihanna too, from The Marshall Mathers LP 2, pulls a huge 8.2 million. Berzerk and Rap God sold over 3 million each.

After this release, downloads dropped drastically. River still sold a very respectable 790,000 units, but this format is now virtually dead.

In the meantime, several orphan songs and features are also huge sellers, such as Akon‘s Smack That at 9 million, Dr. Dre‘s I Need a Doctor at 4.4 million, and his own songs like Lighters and Shake That at 4.2 million and 4.7 million, respectively.

All in all, Eminem has sold over 206 million downloads – an outstanding result for a singer who issued half of his discography before the start of this era!

CSPC - Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept - Streaming platforms numbers Apple Music Spotify YouTube TIDAL


Streaming is made up of audio and video streams. Our CSPC methodology now includes both to better reflect the real popularity of each track. The main source of data for each avenue is respectively Spotify and YouTube.

To factor in the growing impact of multiple Asian countries where these platforms aren’t always the go-to site for music streaming, more sources have been added.

In order to account for their real popularity in each relevant country, the below sources have been used along with the mentioned ratios that reflect the market share of each area.

Audio Streams
– South Korea: Genie streams * 2.20 (consistent with Gaon streaming numbers)
– Japan: AWA streams * 68 / 4 (AWA has 4% of the Japanese streaming market, and 32% are already considered through Spotify’s extrapolation)
– Arabic world: Anghami streams
– Sub-Saharan Africa: Boomplay + Audiomack streams
– Elsewhere: Spotify streams * 649 / 406 (649 million subscribers of global platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, etc. against 406 million from Spotify itself) + Genie streams * 2.20 (uses Genie rather than Spotify to extrapolate markets like Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam)

Video Streams
– China* : QQ video streams * 50 if the song is available for audio stream, QQ video streams * 5 elseway (scale built based on known figures for several major artists)
– Elsewhere : Youtube views increased by 10% to account for various local platforms

*since Chinese streaming platforms are mostly video streaming platforms, their streams are weighted on par with YouTube streams.

Audio Stream value – 1,500 plays equal 1 album unit
Video Stream value – 6,750 views equal 1 album unit

Equivalent Albums Sales (EAS) = ( Spotify * 649/406 + Genie * 2.20 * 2 + AWA * 68 / 4 + Anghami + Boomplay + Audiomack ) / 1500 + ( QQ views* 50(or 5) + YouTube * 1.1 ) / 6750

Top Hits

CSPC Eminem top streaming hits

Is there a metric Eminem doesn’t excel in? Not many acts can claim they have twelve songs above 500 million streams on Spotify – especially among those who debuted in the 90s!

At 1.3 million EAS, Lose Yourself is the rapper’s top track. It has over 1.1 billion streams on Spotify alone, making it the most streamed track of the 2000s.

Despite being released many years before the streaming era, ‘Till I Collapse impressively reaches 1.07 billion streams on Spotify and 1.05 billion views on YouTube for a total of 1.16 million EAS.

Love The Way You Lie comes on 3rd place with over 2.5 billion views on YouTube and 802 million Spotify streams.

Without Me proves to be another timeless smash for the icon, reaching 821 million streams on Spotify and 1.3 billion views on YouTube. This track is responsible for 961k EAS.

The Monster and Rap God from The Marshall Mathers LP 2 rack up well over 600 million Spotify streams each. Both are also over a billion views on YouTube. Combined, they are responsible for over 1.6 million EAS for the album.

The Real Slim Shady is the oldest song inside Eminem‘s Top 10, amassing 648 million Spotify streams and 782 million YouTube views.

At 585k EAS, Mockingbird remains the most revisited from the Encore album.

Full catalog breakdown

If you are familiar with the artist’s catalog and want to check details of each and every song, you can access to all of them right here.

Keep yourself up to date

Our website provides you a fantastic tool which fetches updated Spotify streams as you request them, use it to watch these results grow day after day!

Eminem compilations sales

It sounds fairly logical to add together weighted sales of one era – studio album, physical singles, downloads, streams – to get the full picture of an album’s popularity. For older releases though, they also generate sales of various live, music videos and compilation albums.

All those packaging-only records do not create value, they exploit the value originating from the parent studio album of each of its tracks instead. Inevitably, when such compilations are issued, this downgrades catalog sales of the original LP.

Thus, to perfectly gauge the worth of these releases, we need to re-assign sales proportionally to its contribution of all the compilations which feature its songs. The following table explains this method.

The distribution process

CSPC 2021 Eminem Curtain Call sales distribution process

How to understand this table? In the example of Curtain Call, these figures mean it sold 11,200,000 units worldwide. The second statistics column means all versions of all the songs included on this package add for 6,581,755 equivalent album sales from streams of all types.

The second part on the right of the table shows how many equivalent streams are coming from each original album, plus the share it represents on the overall package.

Thus, streaming figures tell us songs from the Encore album are responsible for 16% of the Curtain Call track list attractiveness. This means it generated 1,745,000 of its 11,200,000 album sales and so forth for the other records. We then apply this process to all compilations present on below table.

Compilations sales figures listing

CSPC 2021 Eminem compilation sales list

Curtain Call is one of the last major selling compilations. The catalog of the rapper is so popular that it comes as no surprise.

His incredible popularity also led side projects to great sales. We can name The Re-Up and Shady XV projects as well as D12 albums, namely Devil’s Night and D12 World.

Eminem belongs to these global stars who sell everywhere. Revival, Kamikaze and Music to Be Murdered By moved great numbers in China for someone who’s more than 15 years after his peak.

As a bonus, below is the breakdown of the top selling records.

CSPC 2021 Eminem top selling compilations breakdown

Full Length related records Sales – Summary

CSPC 2021 Eminem compilation sales distribution

Here is the most underestimated indicator of an album’s success – the amount of compilation sales of all kinds it generated. Due to the dependency of sales of the original studio albums on these releases, they are a key piece of the jigsaw. 

These numbers are obtained by applying the method from the section The distribution process to all packages listed under Compilation sales figures listing category.

Total Album (all types) Sales per Country

CSPC 2021 Eminem sales by market

Please note country-specific numbers may miss sales of a few minor releases, although totals are complete.

Eminem Career CSPC Results

CSPC Eminem albums and singles sales totals

So, after checking all the figures, how many overall equivalent album sales has each album by Eminem achieved? Well, at this point we hardly need to add up all of the figures defined in this article!

Albums CSPC results

In the following results table, all categories display figures in equivalent album sales. If different, pure sales are listed between parentheses.

#CoverAlbumTotal CSPCSales*StreamsTotal CSPC
Studio AlbumsOther LPsPhysical SinglesDigital SinglesLast verifiedAuto updateDaily Increase
1TheThe Slim Shady LP13,664,00010,390,000976,000237,000
Av.: 660
LD: 710
2TheThe Marshall Mathers LP33,308,00023,340,0003,450,0001,146,000
Av.: 2,660
LD: 3,090
3TheThe Eminem Show35,147,00023,020,0002,770,000990,000
Av.: 3,410
LD: 4,120
488 Mile17,925,00010,330,0002,506,000566,000
Av.: 1,160
LD: 1,350
Av.: 1,010
LD: 1,130
Av.: 750
LD: 770
Av.: 2,040
LD: 2,110
8TheThe Marshall Mathers LP 211,896,0004,770,00010,0008,000
Av.: 1,240
LD: 1,280
Av.: 490
LD: 440
Av.: 1,650
LD: 1,150
11MusicMusic to Be Murdered By4,425,000690,000328,0000
Av.: 2,540
LD: 1,950
*Pure sales figures updated on 06/22/21.
'Av.' stands for Average, 'LD' for Last Day.

As a reminder:

  • Studio Album: sales of the original album
  • Other Releases: sales of compilations generated thanks to the album
  • Physical Singles: sales of physical singles from the album (ratio 3/10)
  • Download Singles: sales of digital singles from the album (ratio 1,5/10)
  • Streaming: equivalent album sales of all the album tracks (ratio 1/1500 for Audio stream and 1/6750 for Video stream)

See where the artist ranks among remaining singers

If there’s something to applaud here besides the gigantic sales for The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show, it is Eminem‘s tremendous consistency.

Other than his last three efforts, every album listed here has done no less than 8 million EAS. This is particularly impressive as the global superstar has released a total of 11 studio albums.

The rapper’s consistency becomes even clearer thanks to CSPC. As we can see, Recovery is now more successful than Encore in spite of selling 25% less in original album format.

We can also notice that in recent years The Eminem Show has been surpassing The Marshall Mathers LP. The raise in profile of ‘Till I Collapse gave it the edge in the long run.

Both Revival, Kamikaze and Music to Be Murdered By stand out like a sore thumb, as they don’t match the success of the rapper’s previous efforts.

However, we can see that Kamikaze has overtaken its predecessor, and Music to Be Murdered By is catching Kamikaze, which is a good sign for future releases.

These albums are also both fairly new, which means something when comparing them to albums that have been enjoying from 10 to 20 years of strong catalog sales.

It’s worth noticing too that while they aren’t blockbusters, these recent albums are very decent sellers in general terms and stand as quite successful once you consider the singer will turn 50 in 2022.

Eminem has always been very active with side projects which is perfectly revealed into the monstruous Orphan Album figure. The material he dropped outside of his solo albums sold the equivalent of over 21.8 million, more than the full career of many current stars, plus 5 million from features.

The career total of 189.5 million equivalent album sales of Eminem in 22 years is simply outstanding.

He has already overtaken legendary acts such as Rod Stewart, Mariah Carey, Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, ABBA, Metallica and Bee Gees. It’s only a matter of time before the mega successful rapper joins the elusive 200 million club.

Singles CSPC results

The list is compiled in album equivalent sales generated by each song. Therefore, these figures are not merged units of singles formats. Instead, it includes weighted sales of the song’s physical single, download, ringtone and streaming as well as its share among sales of all albums on which it is featured.

1. 2002 – EminemLose Yourself [8 Mile]16,090,000
2. 2000 – EminemThe Real Slim Shady [The Marshall Mathers LP]11,590,000
3. 2002 – EminemWithout Me [The Eminem Show]10,560,000
4. 2002 – Eminem ft. Nate Dogg‘Till I Collapse [The Eminem Show]9,830,000
5. 2000 – Eminem ft. DidoStan [The Marshall Mathers LP]8,810,000
6. 2010 – Eminem ft. RihannaLove the Way You Lie [Recovery]6,980,000
7. 2004 – EminemMockingbird [Encore]6,410,000
8. 1999 – EminemMy Name Is [The Slim Shady LP]5,270,000
9. 2010 – EminemNot Afraid [Recovery]4,590,000
10. 2000 – EminemThe Way I Am [The Marshall Mathers LP]3,880,000
11. 2013 – Eminem ft. RihannaThe Monster [The Marshall Mathers LP 2]3,340,000
12. 2004 – EminemLike Toy Soldiers [Encore]3,150,000
13. 2002 – EminemSing for the Moment [The Eminem Show]3,120,000
14. 2013 – EminemRap God [The Marshall Mathers LP 2]2,980,000
15. 2002 – EminemCleanin’ Out My Closet [The Eminem Show]2,940,000
16. 2004 – D12My Band [Orphan]2,640,000

If you feel inspired by this list, we just created this CSPC Eminem playlist on Spotify!

Discography results

Thanks to our new ASR (Artist Success Rating) concept, we know that his sales represent 29.56 million times the purchase of her entire discography. Coupled with his total sales, it translates into an ASR score of 423.

It is similar to the score of artists like Bruce Springsteen, The Doors, and Guns N’ Roses. The ranking of all artists studied so far is available too at this link.

Records & Achievements

  • At 189,501,000 EAS, Eminem is the most successful artist who debuted after 1983.
  • At 189,501,000 EAS, Eminem is far and away the most successful rapper of all-time.
  • At 32,332,000 EAS, The Marshall Mathers LP is the second most successful album from 2000.
  • At 33,897,000 EAS, The Eminem Show is the most successful album from 2002.
  • At 17,499,000 EAS, 8 Mile is the 6th most successful album from 2002.
  • At 16,342,000 EAS, Encore is the 5th most successful album from 2004.
  • At 18,483,000 EAS, Recovery is the 3rd most successful album from 2010.
  • At 15,860,000 EAS, Lose Yourself is the most successful song of the millennium.
  • At 204,920,000 downloads and ringtones, Eminem is the 2nd highest selling artist of all-time in this format.
  • At 32,500,000 EAS, Eminem is the 5th most streamed artist of all-time.
  • At 15,450,000 downloads and ringtones, Lose Yourself is the highest selling pre-iTunes era song in this format.
  • At 1,137,548,000 streams, Lose Yourself is the 5th most streamed on Spotify which predates the platform.
  • Released on December 6, 2005, Curtain Call is the last 10-million selling compilation.
  • In pure sales, The Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem Show, 8 Mile, Encore, Recovery, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, Revival, and Kamikaze have all been among the top 10 sellers of their year of release.

NB: EAS means Equivalent Album Sales.

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As usual, feel free to comment and / or ask a question!

Sources: IFPISpotifyYouTubeDiscogs.

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Assuming the the overall rise in CSPC figures for all artists is due to the new adjusted formula and not a glitch, congratulations to Eminem on joining the 200 million club! Outstanding achievement!


When can we expect to see Eminem’s pure sales for each album updated? RIAA has already given us indications that his sales on some of his albums in the US alone are far higher than what’s listed here. Are we waiting for Eminem’s next album release to update it all? Because I genuinely do think once updated it’s possible Eminem will go up to 215 – 230 million sales. Which would launch him past ACDC, U2, Elton John, Led Zeppelin, and get really close to surpassing Pink Floyd. Which I don’t doubt streaming sales within the next 24 – 36… Read more »


RIAA includes streaming units into their album certifications, hence why their certified units are higher than the pure sales listed here.
But his current streaming number are already accounted for in his overall CSPC units of 197 million and his pure sales were last updated less than 1 year ago, and in that timeframe he certainly didn’t sell 15-30 million in pure sales, especially with no new album.


Right! Thanks for letting me know.


Curtain call went diamond! His 3rd one. Recovery in some years as well! 200 million club this year , if he releases an album! Who would’ve thought he will outsell mariah and celine, when more than half of his albums came after peak of album sales!!!

Last edited 3 months ago by Eminemfan

“ Who would’ve thought he will outsell mariah and celine, when more than half of his albums came after peak of album sales!!!”

But he outsell them due the equivalent sales from digital and stream. In pure sales (albums) he still under both of them in a considerable margin. This comment makes no sense.


A sale is a sale? What are you on about? Eminemfan had no mention of outselling them with pure sales, you made that your own narrative… Your comment makes no sense.


No. He talked about “peak of album sales” how if Eminem outsold them only with pure sales. This was clear to me!!! What I said is just the true. If that’s not what he meant, he expressed himself badly. Life goes on. By the way, Congrats Eminem!!! 190M EQUIVALENT SALES is a great achievement =D


You have reading problems. I meant he outsold overall them as a whole, despite being at disadvantage of missing out a whole decade of music industry’s album sales peak. You understood what i meant. But stay obtuse and bitter that he outsold your precious divas. And gap will keep getting bigger. I expressed myself perfectly and people with common sense will understand. Not his problem that he created a valuable catalog, not forgotten one!


No. If you wanted to say it was in overall sales you wouldn’t have mentioned peak album sales since that’s not the reason he surpassed them. You expressed yourself badly. You don’t have to be so pressed about it. It happens!!! Even more in your case that walks through all the topics with comments that are often unnecessary. One more time: Congrats, Sr. Eminem 😀


No – he expressed his meaning perfectly because everybody else understood it with ease. The decade of the 90s was when music sales were at an all time high, in general – the industry’s peak album sale era. The state of the music industry is not the same today as what it was 30 years ago, and that’s a very well established fact across everyone in the industry. The era of major high sellers is GONE, and has been for a long time. People used to debut with 1million first week and now an artist is doing well if they… Read more »


You are now making fully twisted statements bcoz ur point makes no sense. Anyone with common sense got my comment about him being not in era of peak album sales and still outselling your precious divas in overall consumption. What expose? Lmao. You are exposing yorself as idiot now, who is stuck in past glory of 90s sales.🤣 I expressed my self perfectly. Its not my problem , if your brain lack comprehensive skills. Why should i be pressed? My fave is relevant even today. His streams speak for itself. Whereas only one pressed is you bcoz your faves catalog… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Eminemfan

Just leave it there, you two. It’s just a pointless slanging match now.


I didn’t. I just pointed out a fact and being excited to see my fave reaching such mark. That person just started bashing for no reason. Anyways they will be ignored now


@Eliza sorry. My reply was for that kant clark . Not u


It is 2022 not 1992. Chartmasters, ifpi, billboard use EAS method to determine best selling artists. A hard concept for diva’s fans to digest i guess? Whole consumption matters and counts in overall best selling artist. Same way Taylor gonna outsell whitney, barbara by end of decade. He still sold 125 million pure. Not his fault that he is good in both streaming and downloads. And created a catalog of songs, which are streamed week after week than some people’s forgotten number ones expect one song every holiday. Stay stuck in stone age, where only pure album sales determine best… Read more »

Last edited 3 months ago by Eminemfan

Who tries to make everything a dispute is you and not me. The divas, Taylor or Eminem will all remain successful and that’s okay. I suggest you seek a doctor. XO


Lmao there was no dispute here. I made a very valid statement and everyone here got it. Expect u , who tried to make something out of that statement which it wasn’t
and it is bcoz we had disagreement in other posts, bcoz i pointed out terrible sales of your forgotten fave. And you are still bitter over them.

Twist the words as u want, Eminem stays relevant and top artist of last 40 years. We dIscuss EAS in CM. Common sense isn’t common

Last edited 3 months ago by Eminemfan
Chris Reeves

Yes it definitely was easy to understand you just one of these people that is probably a eminem hater. Lol 😆 it really gets under their skin he is so good. They prob just started out on the wrong foot with eminem just like Christopher Reeves did with Em. 😄 🤣 I bet that is Ken Kaniff from Connecticut commenting


Exciting to see the next update for Em. I’ve heard from multiple sources that Curtain Call is going diamond soon in the US. And Recovery isn’t too far after that! I reckon by superbowl type Em will finally update all the certifications his albums. I give SSLP and Encore to 2025 to both go diamond as well. MMLP2 not too long after I reckon! He’ll probably pass the 210,000,000 – 220,000,000 album sale mark if he updates the certifications of his entire discography in the next couple of months.

Last edited 6 months ago by Prymal

Aaaaaand… I think it’s time ladies and gentlemen. 😉


Recovery is next. Though will take some years. He will have 4 diamond sellers. Jeez!


With his recent cert update, if he maintains this pace this man is on track to rack up the most diamonds of any artist in certification history…..recovery, till I collapse and the monster are all now 8x plat, and the real slim shady, without me and rap God are all 7x plat….it will take several years but there’s a VERY real possibility he can rack up 12 diamond certifications


Jeez 12 diamond certifications. Even though i m no fan of double counting of billboard and Riaa. I mean album being diamond is amazing enough for me and those sigles are already counted in that EAS. Billboard should come with correct methodology.. Eminem’s 4 albums big diamond is more amazing to me anyday!


What do you mean by double counting of billboard and riaa? They’re separate entities. Afaik riaa doesn’t use billboard method? They certify based solely on SALES, nothing else. Billboard uses bullshit like “radio play” and factors in payola…but riaa requires receipts and proof of purchase to certify the sale (afaik) If a song sells 10 million units then it should be acknowledged it sold that amount imo. It doesn’t mean much for the whole album tbh….recovery has 2 diamond singles but is not a diamond album (yet) but mmlp has zero diamond singles but is a diamond album…mmlp2 is no… Read more »


I meant double counting in a sense that when we count eas, we count diamond single as 1 million album sale to album. I mean we convert it. Thats double counting for every artist. Album EAS is already impressive


Ah, I see. I get what you’re saying, yeah….but given that everything is now streamed for free it completely demolished sales entirely, so if a streaming conversion wasn’t made then all artist’s album sales would be zero, or not much more than. Since streaming took over, everything’s become so singles based and so ‘flash-in-the-pan, QUICK, onto the next!” it literally wouldn’t be viable to even make music at all anymore, unless the target was to make a 30 second tiktok “hit”… On top of that, you buy an album once and you listen to it who knows how many times… Read more »


Yes bro! I’m really looking forward to that homie. What’s crazy is Eminem didn’t update his WHOLE discography. MMLP2 for example. As well as songs like Killshot… I think this was part one to his update and another one is coming soon. Maybe after his next album? Maybe he left MMLP2 off the update because he’s about to release MMLP3? Who knows!


200 million club by end of 2022, if he releases an album. Wonder how much gap Drake will cover by 2030. But Eminem is great in streaming. So it will be tough to catch him. I guess in end these 2 will be biggest selling rappers of all time. Eminem with new releases will be like at 250 million plus . And Drake around 180 to 190 million plus and one day he will slow down too. Lol at people trying to insert Robbie williams in conversation where he doesn’t belongs. Damn outsold every female artist expect Madonna. Even she… Read more »

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Streaming Sales don’t really move too many units. Drake sold 103,631,000 albums within his entire career, Eminem sold 123 mil in one decade… The two rappers really aren’t in the same league and shouldn’t be compared to each other.


nin amman na kayya

Robert kirton

Robbie Williams doesn’t even write his own songs 🤣

RW. fan

Hello, I’m a fan of Robbie Williams and I know his story very well, since you don’t know it or you are not well informed don’t talk, thank you🙏

Last edited 8 months ago by RW. fan

Eminem’s first three albums alone have sold WAY more sales than Robbie William’s entire body of work… Like it’s not even close, look at the numbers before you comment. Eminem was a global phenomenon who owned an era, no one was even close to Eminem in the 2000s. Robbie was apart of a large crowd of successful artists, Eminem made that crowd look like his entourage. And Eminem kept up the heat for the next decade too. Robbie’s buzz has faded.

RW. fan

Oh well, maybe you can’t understand things, I was referring to the previous message which said: “Robbie Williams doesn’t even write his songs” so look at the messages before commenting


Thank you for updating this!!! Love Eminem.


Eminem’s more global than I thought honestly. I knew he was big but not this big. Kinda makes me really proud tbh


I agree with you, but i don’t think Eminem’s album is as great globally as that of Robbie Williams, who has climbed world heights in 20 countries and sold much more, especially in Europe, Oceania and latin America, getting 5 diamond records, but i don’t disput the high success and popularity of Eminem’s albums


What lmao? Not to drag on Robbie Williams, but he’s clearly not as globally successful as Eminem. Per their last updates, they’ve sold about the same in original album format outside of the US, with RW getting the slight edge (61m vs 58m albums). Once you add in digital and streaming platforms (on which Eminem crushes RW with ease), then it’s clear who the real winner is. Even in his native land of the UK, I doubt Robin Williams is more popular or successful than Eminem.

Last edited 11 months ago by Molly

lol I always thought Robin Williams was an American, although he did like doing a Scottish accent.

As for Robbie Williams, Robbie has quite a healthy lead over Marshall, even more so if you were to include his work with Take That. In fact, he must be one of the most successful artists ever in the UK, all things considered, with probably only members of The Beatles or Queen matching or beating his total sales.


Lol your Robbie & Robin Williams response are funny. 🤭🤭🤭


You’re not funny. That was clearly a typo. And no, obviously RW’s work with Take That is not included. Unless “Take That” is his middle name, that would make zero sense. Not even sure why you brought it up. You’re the fish-and-chips expert so I’ll leave the commercial success bit up to you, however Eminem and his material is definitely more popular than RW in the UK now, and has been for maybe a decade or so.


What is your problem? I know it’s a typo, it was just a funny little aside about it. You didn’t say his material is currently more popular and has been for a while, originally. You said, “Even in his native land of the UK, I doubt Robin Williams is more popular or successful than Eminem”, which is not true. You should do some research, rather than just posting what you think is true. Williams doesn’t need Take That to be ahead of Eminem and ahead by a considerable margin. Yes, Eminem is more popular nowadays but he is not more… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by Martin

No problem here lol. I know it was meant to be a joke, it was just really lame. English is hard. I think there’s been a miscommunication here: I said that I’ll take your word for it on who’s the more successful act in the UK since you’re the expert and are Bri’ish (hence the fish-and-chips joke). I am aware that there is a solid gap in raw albums sold between the two, but I assumed that the streaming difference would have closed it up. It hasn’t yet, but it will eventually. Where is the angry and crazy part of… Read more »


I remind you that in the native land you were talking about Robbie Williams got a Brit icon awards, a uk music hall of fame, a Brit for outstanding contribution to music and the Brit awards for the best song of the last 25 years, he entered with four albums in the top 60 best-selling UK albums in history, her single Angels is ranked 80 in the top 100 best-selling songs in history in the UK, her 125,000-person knebworth gig sets the concert record largest outdoor in the UK, with 12 albums RW has placed 12 times number one in… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by Dag.i

Dag, both he and Elvis have 13 #1 albums each, in the UK.

Oh and just a little note, to help you with your English, which is great, considering it is not your first language but it should be “his single…” and “his 125,000…”, not “her”. as that would make him a lady lol


are you an English teacher? I think it’s easier for someone who speaks their own language, I’m Italian so there may be some mistakes 🤣


No, I’m not. I was just trying to help you out, with your English. Guess I’ll not bother next time, as it seems to be taken as some kind of attack, rather than helping someone out lol


Do you rely on global success by watching digital sales and streaming? this means that any singer in the world has made more global success than RW on this point of view, but it is not so, this comparison you are making is acceptable in the scale of the 2010s, but it does not seem to me that Eminem and RW are part of the last decade, tell me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think your reasoning is right


Neither of them are dead, they both released albums in the 10s. Eminem’s were just far more successful worldwide. The point of this website is to watch global success by evaluating the different formats that music is consumed on and weighing their value appropriately. That includes digitals and streams, so yes. And no it doesn’t mean that ANY singer is more global than RW, it just means Eminem specifically is in this case.


As you can see from 2009 onwards Robbie Williams’ albums are noticeably better in Latin America and Europe, so don’t to come to say that sooner or later RW will be bridged by Eminem, in my opinion you are underestimating RW’s success a lot, despite everything, his latest Christmas album managed to sell 500,000 copies without the support of the United States, despite the fact that the sales of the albums, in general, are still very down today.

Last edited 11 months ago by Dag.i

I really am not trying to discredit his success. I simply don’t think he’s more global than Eminem. If anything, you’re the one trying to discredit Eminem’s success by bringing up how RW is much more impressive than him.


So many people seem to misunderstand what global really is and think if an artist has big % of sales outside the US they’re global and vice versa. This is fundamentally wrong. Led Zeppelin is a good example as I’ve seen many calling them local due to a huge chunk of their sales coming from the US. This statement is quite ridiculous considering they have solid sales pretty much everywhere including multiple UK million sellers. In my opinion a very global artist is simply someone which sells well all over the world regardless of their US or overall total. In… Read more »


Well spoken! However, how do we quantify ‘selling well’ if we want to call an artist truly global? Isn’t that also depending on how big the artist is?


Quite simply, we don’t, we analyse artists and their sales and leave it at that, we let the figures speak for themselves. It’s fans who try to manipulate these findings into these kind of categories or reasoning, with the sole intention of making their favourite look better or to downplay or degrade another. The whole thing is pathetic. I’m here to work out and find out, how much artists have sold. I am not here to support my favourite artists or castigate artists I am not so keen on or turn the whole thing into some kind of competition. The… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by Martin

That’s not entirely true, in the blog about Oasis the question is raised if they’re just local. Part of the analysis is to check how the sales are spread worldwide. But I agree you want to stay away from fan claims.


I can’t recall what is written in the Oasis article but I’d presume it is mentioned exactly because of fans making these global/local judgements in the first place. My problem is, these discussions are not strictly based on whether or not acts are globally or locally popular but based on trying to put artists down or to assume some kind of superiority. All of the analysis is to check worldwide sales, unless it is specific to a certain territory, its not for ammunition in these petty arguments and why does it even matter, what matters is total sales, not really… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by Martin

I already agreed with you about fan claims and I think the data on this website can stand the test of those claims. But this website probably also benefits from fans of any artist visiting here. And of course the number of LedZep is better than Stevie, but aren’t geographical differences, just like chronological ones, part of a total analysis? Not that one is per se better than the other, but to understand, compare and contrast? Probably more so regarding artists with similar numbers, like LedZep and U2 or AC/DC.

Last edited 11 months ago by Clockingbell

I’m sure the extra traffic does benefit the site, just not in a music sales analysis sense. Totally, it’s interesting to see artists total sales on a global scale, so parallels can be drawn, differences seen etc and I’m sure if we were to have discussion about LZ, DC & U2, it would actually be a rational discussion about it, not a slanging match, with the sole intention of making our favourite act look better, while trying to degrade the other 2! My problem is not with looking at things globally, it’s how some people use and manipulate the numbers… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by Martin

Yeah it’s borderline trolling actually, someone commenting on an Eminem article “yeah he’s pretty big… Robbie Williams is more global though!”… They’re not even in the same genre ffs.

And yes, Eminem is way more “global” than RW (if “global” means anything).

Last edited 11 months ago by Analord

can I ask you something? Have you ever seen an unsuccessful singer in the United States making great sales around the world? and cmq I find that in Japan RW has made little success because the market in Japan is quite similar to the US one. and I hate people who say that without success in the US, even if you make great sales around the world, you are not a global singer. Robbie Williams has achieved unmatched records in the world, such as the highest sales in Europe in history for a singer at the age of 45, 2… Read more »


In theory it should be very possible to do well in most places without doing well in the US. In practice though I think it’s rarer, especially when we get into truly massive sellers. Hitting it big there is very good publicity for an artist globally, especially now in with the internet and all. Plus if someone does well elsewhere it’s natural to try breaking the US market next. Robbie Williams and Anastacia I think are the best examples of exceptions in recent years but you had a lot of fairly Global European stars that didn’t sell much there. In… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by Al

you are definitely right, but I just wanted to say that RW is among those who have made a high global success. Regarding the Japanese discourse, I was saying that they have musical tastes that are very similar, for example R&B, which is a musical style that both countries like, this is demonstrated by many R&B artists such as Boyz II men, who have many sales in Japan and in the United States while in the rest of the world they are really discreet, so I said that the two markets are similar as in the cases of some R&B… Read more »


Nobody said RW wasn’t successful…..it’s just very weird how you came to an Eminem article to fight with people that “Yeah but Robbie’s better though”…You’re obviously an ardent RW fan. That’s fine. Thing is, a lot of your points were pretty random, and actually the whole comparison is random. They’re totally different artists from different genres! You can list all RW’s awards and concert ticket sales if you like but no one cares…that’s irrelevant information, because Eminem stans could just as easily decide to flood this comment section doing the exact same thing, listing HIS awards, and ticket sales, and… Read more »


I did not say that Robbie Williams is definitely superior to Eminem, I have said that he is superior only in certain cases, including those I have listed and that I have not made myself up, I have listed Robbie Williams’ records in the UK because some fans of Eminem on this page, said “I doubt Robbie Williams did more than Eminem in his homeland” which is the UK which is mostly wrong, in fact I started listing RW records in the UK. without discriminating against the great success of Eminem. if you can scroll through the messages, there are… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by Dag.i

“but i don’t think Eminem’s album is as great globally as that of Robbie Williams” — > This is literally your first sentence on your first comment, and the thing that started the whole conversation off. Yes that person replied to you with the incorrect point about the UK, which we all agree was incorrect, but YOU were the one who raised the nonsensical comparison between 2 vastly different artists of different genres who have literally NOTHING to do with each other in the first place, so lets not pretend otherwise now… You were ALSO the one who tried to… Read more »


my first message was “I agree with you, but I don’t think Eminem’s album is as great globally as Robbie Williams’s, who has climbed world heights in 20 countries and sold a lot more, especially in Europe, Oceania and Latin America, getting 5 diamond discs, but I don’t doubt the high success and popularity of Eminem’s albums “, so I meant that that specific RW album did more than the album by Eminem, but not all RW albums or the artist in general, but that specific album and that’s it, I haven’t even discusses Eminem’s high success. In conclusion, I… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by Dag.i

Eminem is way more global than and remembered than rw. Who might have got good numbers outside usa. But eminem beat him with streams and downloads outside usa too and eminem sold well over 50 million albums outside north america too. And has better distribution in every continent. EMINEM Is way more global than forgotten has been Robbie and typical of white people to ignore asia. WHEN eminem destroys that guy there. Eminem is way more global bcoz his success is in every inhabitable continent . Whereas Rw has advantage of being european but failed in america. Eminem succeeded in… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by Eminemfan

Eminem outsold rw in 3 of the continents tracked here. North america, australia, asia. Rw outsold him in europe and in latin america difference isn’t much. Hence Eminem stays way more global.

Christopher Newell

Wow, seriously? Eminem has sold 190 million to Robbie Williams 75 million, it’s a huge difference. Eminem is pretty even in sales in the UK to Robbie Williams and is the most successful act in the last 40 years

Robert kirton

All RW hits were written by guy chambers


Rolling stones’n guitarist Keith Richard said, rap is music of non-musical types of syntchs, or something like that.


Rap is nothing but 00s’ rock music! It’s disappointing when a rock legend can’t see it 😉


Rap is the music of people who can’t sing, but have a lot to say.


Well by your logic pop is the music of people who can sing, but have nothing to say…


It‘s a pointless argument, just stick to what you like. Personally I love music from all ages and generations, but I understand that that’s quite rare.


Rap is the music of people who can write their own music


Lyrics maybe. Music? Most of it “borrows” everything from old songs.


I think Molly is confusing rap music with rock music 😆

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