Requests’ Fever: Make your choice [Closed]


It’s that time again! The time that sees democracy rule on Chartmasters. While the most efficient way to get your artist studied with the CSPC template is still to play our prediction game before September 28, 2018, you can vote here for 3 artists from each category!

Indeed, we are asking your choices for much more than only CSPC articles this time. Recently, on top of CSPC studies, we have been posting articles titled Streaming Masters, Worthiest albums of…, Global Heatmap and Prediction Lab. You can select up to 3 artists among upcoming lists for each of these templates! If you are not familiar with one of these models, an example link is provided before each poll.

For categories CSPC and Streaming Masters we included both a new list and an update list. We included only super selling missing stars for new CSPC artists – our top priority there is to complete all-time rankings. A few are still not listed like Frank Sinatra and Garth Brooks, for technical reasons, once it gets easier / feasible to add them, that will be done straigth away. In the same way, CSPC updates list the ones that climbed the most since their last review.

If your favorite artist isn’t there, you may still be able to request an update of his streaming section. The most likely scenario is that you will find multiple artists of your interest through the few polls available! If not, our thread for requests is still active.

This poll will will close at the end of October 1st, 2018. The winner of each section will be treated. We may study the entire Top 3 on some categories if the number of votes is large, so don’t lose hope if one artist takes an early lead!

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I am dying for a Britney Spears global heatmap. 🙁

Juan Cristobal

The Bee Gees please

Jules Giddings

For me it needs to be the pre 2000 acts, not just because musically that it’s my preference but the top 100 would mostly all be from that era wth a handful of exceptions. The Doors, Creedence, Van Halen, Deep purple, Ozzy/Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Eric Clapton, Santana, Pearl Jam, Def Leppard, R.E.M, there are so many more I could mention. From a historical point of view it’s essential to cover these artists. I don’t think there are any post 2000 artists that have not already been covered who have significant sales. Correct me if I’m wrong.


I agree. Completing the major “pre-download” acts will give us a credible “all-time top-40” that can be used as a foundation to compare the newer artists. I love this site, I am on it way too often. It definitely fills a need for authentic data to combat the PR BS. Keep up the good work!!


I just think that you’re doing streaming masters because you’re lazy to do the full analysis. Inside the analysis you already put the numbers of stream.
So, you will never do the analysis of sia or nicki?

Donald Miller

I think the CSPCs should alternate between a superstar with a large catalog like Prince and then a few more recent acts from the 00s and 10s with smaller discographies like Dido.

Donald Miller

Lemmy (RIP) follow up on that. You’ve got the other side of the coin. If you can do Sia from just streaming, you should be able to do an analysis of Garth Brooks or B’z without streaming even if it’s only an article on their physical sales as you did while working on Presley. And use the articles as examples of how the CSPC works and how much effort goes into each act. I’m going to end repeating myself here. But as an American, I have a narrower focus. IMO you need to concentrate on the last 50 or so… Read more »

Donald Miller

What happened to my other comment?

Donald Miller


Donald Miller

My question about Imagine Dragons is how they are a priority over Jay-Z who has 14 number one albums. I agree that James Blunt should be analyzed – due to his monster debut album. Cliff Richard, on the other hand, deserves to be analyzed due to his monster *career*. It doesn’t matter what his finals totals are. As far as Garth is concerned, just do a tentative article with the information that’s currently available, then come back to him later. In the meantime, there are plenty of other country superstars that you’re going have to do eventually. I understand that… Read more »

Donald Miller

You call Night Visions a monster. But last time I looked there are 38 acts with at least one RIAA diamond certified album that you haven’t analyzed yet. There are another 6 acts that have a 10x platinum BPI certified album still waiting to be done. Night Visions isn’t 10x on either side of the Atlantic. Monster is relative. Apparently the acts that you like are more monster than others. When you get to a certain point are you folks just going to stop or are you eventually going to do 500, 1000, 5000, 10000 acts? Because it seems to… Read more »

Donald Miller

I didn’t realize that I was ranting. I thought I was expressing my opinion and I thought that’s what this comment section was for. I’ve told you before that I like what you do and that I like what you’ve done. When did I say it was easy? I know it’s a lot of work. But you chose to create this website. So you chose to do the work. If the RIAA diamond certification is pointless, what does that make your website. IF those number don’t matter, then why do any numbers matter. And IMO it doesn’t matter how they… Read more »


Interessante to see tou talking about Roberto Carlos. Do you have his Sales stats? The only thing commented about him os about 100 Million albuns sold? How many he sold in Brazil and in other countries? Can you post a breakdown?


Yes…………..can’t wait for Rod………..but, i do love reading them all……..even artists i don’t listen to.
I appreciate the streaming articles in between.
1 suggestion, can you put the total at the end of the article instead of on top?
It’s like a nice gift you receive after reading the article and anticipation builds.
Putting the total first kind of deflates it.


For featuring, why don’t you divide the cspc by the number of artists in total for the featured people, and give the lead artist the total cspc for their own total. For example: If a song is worth 10 million cspc and is by lead artist A, featuring artist B, then artist A gets the 10 M toward their total whereas artist B gets 5 M towards theirs. If a 10 million cspc song features 2 artists the lead artist A would still get 10 M, but featured artist B would get 10/3= 3.33 M and featured artist C would… Read more »


Thank you for the detailed response! I can see how tricky this is. I understand that you want to come up with a universal formula but I can’t see how it would work fairly for all examples. It’s like searching for the “theory of everything” in physics: maybe it just doesn’t exist! haha. Reconciling features and cspc is like incorporating gravity into particle physics.

Donald Miller

I believe that you predicted the (practical) end of physical media by 2020. Haven’t the download and the stream put the emphasis on the single; on the individual song rather than the album?

It could get even more complicated if you look at all the tracks that Eric Clapton played guitar on for example.


For f*** sake , give these guys a break, they work dammned hard to put all this together, which is for all our enjoyment! Please everyone be patient and just let them do there stuff. MJD and the gang are amazing for putting the record books on music sales straight, so this is much more accurate and in depth than anything else out there.
Thank you.


Where’s Gwen Stefani for Popularity Analysis? I’ve been waiting for one (including No Doubt) – or you wont make in the end?


Diana Ross/The Supremes


Garth Brooks


I’d love to see Alt rock acts like STP, Weezer, Alice in chains and stuff like that. And stones, of course






I want like as many articles on Whitney.


Santana please!!

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