CSPC: Imagine Dragons Popularity Analysis

Imagine Dragons

Digital Singles Sales

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 1,5 ratio between one album and one digital single.

Night Visions (2012) – 4,367,000 equivalent albums

Radioactive – 12,100,000
It’s Time – 4,820,000
Demons – 7,040,000
On Top of the World – 3,460,000
Remaining tracks – 1,690,000

Smoke + Mirrors (2015) – 702,000 equivalent albums

Shots – 580,000
Gold – 330,000
I Bet My Life – 1,510,000
Warriors – 1,060,000
Battle Cry – 240,000
Monster – 300,000
Who We Are – 180,000
Remaining tracks – 480,000

Evolve (2017) – 1,326,000 equivalent albums

Whatever It Takes – 1,380,000
Believer – 3,350,000
Thunder – 3,730,000
Remaining tracks – 380,000

Orphan – 417,000 equivalent albums

Sucker For Pain – 1,490,000
Roots – 260,000
Born to Be Yours – 160,000
Natural – 310,000
Remaining tracks – 560,000

Imagine Dragons exploded after the collapse of ringtones, they also failed to sell large quantities in South Korea in their first years. Streaming was also getting strong in 2013/2014 already. While it’s much harder to hit huge figures in this context, they still sold monster amounts with their early successes.

The most impressive single is Radioactive, a 12 million sales song, nearly 70% of which come from the US. Demons, It’s Time and On Top of the World all did great business too, passing 15 million sales combined.

After such high figures, numbers from the Smoke + Mirrors era look terrible. The band quickly returned to success with Evolve though. With over 7 million sales combined, Believer and Thunder are among the very top selling songs of 2017. Whatever It Takes, although a bit lower, a was strong success too.

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Updated figures (2021)

Night Visions (2012) – 7,000,000 equivalent albums
Radioactive – 18,815,000


They just did a massive certifications update on US and now have 89.5 million records sold. It would be interesting having a breakdown of pure sales now, specially with a new album coming!


I guess it’s confirmed that Reputation is at 6m+. I wonder what it’s total CSPC is.


It is at 8.3 million cspc. Hdd and chartdata confirmed numbers. She is at 79.8 million album sales csps.


Wow Night Visions competing with some of the biggest albums of the decade is shocking yet in hindsight i could see why as Imagine Dragons were all over the place when they debuted with this.


Thanks for this one! I’ve been looking forward to seeing how a newer rock era (Night visions) would compare to big ones from previous decades. I thought the total was going to be a little bit higher, not going to lie. But like you mentioned in the article, Night Visions is the second biggest album of 2012 so put that way, it really was a smash. I’m a fan of this band, however I feel much of their music is starting to sound quite similar. They found a formula and seem to stick to it. I hope they can experiment… Read more »


agree they are getting to shouty esp on the choruses. But I love Night Visions as a whole album. Evolve is more of if to compare like Coldplays a head full of dreams,everything is too commercial. Then Origins is somehow still similar but a little better but people tend to be a little tired of them maybe? as it wasnt as noticed as evolve. we can say its a flop just lie their 2nd album was.

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