CSPC: Titanic Popularity Analysis

20 años de 'Titanic': cuando James Cameron consiguió que los amantes del cine de acción fueran a ver un pastelazo romántico

Original Album Sales – Comments

1997 Titanic – 28,510,000

Apart from the raw result of 28,5 million copies sold which is already stunning, there is two more facts that are nothing else than amazing.

The first is how incredibly global the soundtrack was. It was the first international album to sell over 1 million copies in Taiwan, achieving the same feat in China. It sold nearly as many units in Asia than in Europe.

The second is the pace of sales. Issued in mid-November 1997, the soundtrack gained traction after the release of the movie one month later. It climbed 154-72-31-11-in US weekly charts, remaining on top 16 weeks in a row. By the end of March, the record had already shipped over 19 million units. That’s roughly 210,000 sales per day during the entire first quarter of 1998. One year later, by the end of March 1999, official data was up to 27 million units shipped by Sony. Vertiginous.

Several elements shot down its catalog sales quickly. One of them is the release of Céline Dion‘s compilation All the Way in November 1999. Still, at 28,5 million pure units, the album remains among the highest selling records of all-time.

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Can we get a quick breakdown of sales of My Heart Will Go On for each country/continent?
It’s interesting to see an overview of the 29.3m units EAS it got 💋

Anthony Blanchard

Hi francis!

Here is a breakdown per format:
– 22.72m EAS due to LTAL album
– 10.72m EAS due to Celine Dion other LPs
– 22.86m EAS due to Titanic album
– 3.47m EAS due to Titanic other LPs
– 2.07m EAS due to physical singles (6.91m units)
– 0.67m EAS due to digital singles (4.47m units)
– 0.24m EAS due to streaming

If we add everything, the total reaches 62.75m EAS!


Thank u 😊


Titanic was Gold in Mexico by February 1998. So the “N/A” for Mexico can finally disappear. Also, it was 4xPlatinum in Thailand, 3x Platinum in Malaysia, 3xPlatinum in Singapore and Gold in Indonesia by then.
And it sold 230k in the Philippines by April 1999.


HUrray! 🙂


Do you have like a breakdown of sales for MHWGO?


Amazing that 3 of the top albums of the 90s were released within weeks of eachother. It would be interesting to see a year-by-year comparison of how many units were sold by the albums from each year, rather than sold during each year. My guess is that you would see a lot more random variation between the years and market size having less impact, though of course it would also skew in favour of older albums since they’ve had more time to accumulate catalog sales. (Also, a minor note about the first page of the article, “tainted” might not be… Read more »


That’s fascinating! I expected big gaps but not to that huge of a level. I suppose missing albums (especially from smaller acts that probably won’t be analyzed) also contribute to those differences, but clearly some years happened to produce more iconic music than others!