CSPC: Aerosmith Popularity Analysis


Physical Singles Sales – Part 4

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 3 ratio between one album and one physical single.

Just Push Play (2001) – 71,000 equivalent albums

Jaded – 230,000
Fly Away from Here – 5,000

Honkin’ on Hobo (2004) – 0 equivalent album

No physical single released.

Music from Another Dimension! (2012) – 0 equivalent album

No physical single released.

Orphan – 1,269,000 equivalent albums

Come Together – 480,000
Chip Away the Stone – 120,000
Walk This Way (Run DMC) – 830,000
Blind Man – 230,000
Walk on Water – 10,000
I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – 2,550,000
Girls of Summer – 10,000

From 2001, the second golden age of Aerosmith started to slow down. The physical singles market did so too. Consequently, subsequent eras produced very few sales in that format.

Then, we reach orphan singles. A pair of them are interesting. The first is the career-changing Walk This Way sample by former superstar rapper Run DMC. The song peaked at #4 in the US, #8 in the UK and #9 in Australia, all career highs for the band. The single moved 830,000 units. It fails to impress against the juggernaut I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing though.

That song, included into the various artists soundtrack Armageddon, became their biggest hit in 1998. It topped the US Hot 100 for 4 weeks, also hitting the top in Australia, Germany, Norway, Switzerland and Austria among others. It sold a healthy 2,55 million units, far and away their highest seller in this format.

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Hi MJD, in Asia Aerosmith outside Japan sell this way less than Metallica?


Asia – 9,780,000
Japan – 7,065,000

Asia – 8.380.000
Japan – 3.785.000

Aerosmith in Japan have sold far more, but there is no history outside.


Except this is inaccurate. Aerosmith has more than 150 million world wide in album sales. And if you rank them by platinum album sales Aerosmith is ranked 14th above metallica, Bon jovi, van halen, the who, Michael Jackson. And Aerosmith has still sold more units in America than bon jovi or metallica.

Greg Hermann

Join the discussion…I heard on a 60 minutes episode of Steve Tyler on an interview and they said Aerosmith had sold 160 million albums world wide back in 2013. Obviously 7 years later their even higher now.


You get about 160m if you add all album and single sales together unweighted.

Greg Hermann

I guess that’s the way it works for all artists. Record sales are way less these days because everything is digital streaming what you have to have 1500 streams gisty just the equal one album sale.