Now That’s What I Call A Major Flop

down is the new up

30 Cher Foxy Lady (1972): -81,9%

Cher had her first solo career peak in 1971 thanks to the 3,87 million EAS selling LP Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves. At the time, it was her first Gold album, which brought her to the league of solid record sellers. She was ejected from it instantly though. Foxy Lady failed to confirm her new status, producing only 699,000 EAS in total. It’s the diva’s second entry in this list.

29 Barbra Streisand The Main Event (1979): -82,2%

The career of Barbra Streisand is so extensive that it is hard to point out her peak years. What’s safe to say is that the 1974-1980 period produced more than 75 million EAS. Still, among the albums she released at that time, several weren’t so strong. The sharpest drop of the period came with The Main Event. It moved 1,22 million EAS, nowhere near the 6,86 million tally of Songbird from 1978.

28 Kylie Minogue Body Language (2003): -82,6%

The era of Fever was so big by Minogue‘s standards that we though she had at last broke the global audience. She completely failed to confirm yet. Body Language produced 1,83 million EAS, it competes with 10,48 million from its predecessor. This flop resulted into many returns due to a large over shipment upon release.

27 Barbra Streisand Yentl (1983): -82,9%

Yentl is far from being the worst seller of Streisand. In a way similar to Minogue and Body Language, although at a higher level, it failed to confirm the new league of the singer. For many years, Streisand was the main female vocalist of the American songbook. She wasn’t among the industry main forces though. Her albums had nowhere near the impact of the likes Beatles, Pink Floyd or Elton John. She did get there with Guilty in 1980. This 22,97 million selling era was absolutely massive. Thus, dropping back to 3,93 million after a wait of 3 years is quite a large disappointment.

26 Elton John Leather Jackets (1986): -83,1%

Just like Victim of Love killed the first golden period of John, Leather Jackets killed his second. His 3 albums released from 1983 to 1985 sold 19,1 million EAS. The last of them, Ice On Fire, did 4,94 million. Leather Jackets divided these results by nearly 6, selling an awful 832,000 units overall.

25 Enrique Iglesias 7 (2003): -83,7%

With Enrique and Escape, Iglesias managed back-to-back 10-million selling eras, a tremendous achievement. His Spanish efforts were also extremely successful. His 3rd English-language LP was a major meltdown though. It sold 1,91 million EAS while Escape had done 11,73 million. In 1999-2001, Bailamos (US #1), Be With You (US #1) and Hero (US #3, UK #1) where all massive hits. No song from 7 reached even the Hot 100.

24 Fleetwood Mac Tusk (1979): -84,2%

When you led the US BB200 Album chart for 31 weeks with one album, no doubt you expect more than a #4 peak with its follow up. Tusk destroyed in full the hype started with Fleetwood Mac and elevated even higher by Rumours, an album which produced sales of 61,26 million units. Fleetwood Mac‘s heavily anticipated new album Tusk did a mere 15,8% of this number, although it still represents 9,69 million EAS. Good sales in absolute terms, weak ones relatively speaking.

23 Sonny & Cher Good Times (1967): -84,4%

This time Sonny joins Cher. The career of the duo was short but full of drastic ups and downs. They issued only 6 albums, but there is still two more to come on this ranking. The flop of this album marked the end of the first career of Sonny & Cher. Their 4th album in 2 years, after this failure they went into a hiatus. They returned in 1972, after Cher‘s solo success with Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves. Good Times sold barely 275,000 EAS through all formats.

22 Pink Floyd The Final Cut (1983): -85,4%

The never ending appeal of Pink Floyd‘s catalog make it look like they never flopped. They did. The Final Cut followed The Wall, an album which fueled 50,31 million EAS. More, their 4 previous albums moved an insane 151,57 million units. Therefore, selling 7,35 million EAS with The Final Cut ends up being truly unimpressive.

21 Cher Bittersweet White Light (1973): -85,4%

Many albums feature into this list because they are follow ups of career-peaks. Bittersweet White Light is the follow up of Foxy Lady, the album at #30 in this ranking. To make it short, her albums went from 3,87 million to 699,000 to 102,000 EAS in 2 years only. Radiohead wrote How to Disappear Completely in 2000, but it looks like Cher knew the recipe for very long.

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James Hall

From a statistical data standpoint this article has merit. Although many factors can be attributed to low sales.
I think it would be interesting to compare high selling “junk” to low selling artistic achievement(s).


Whoa, Paul Simon’s career was definitely not “mostly done” by 1997, the albums Surprise (2006) and So Beautiful or So What (2011) are both incredible

Simon B.

AC/DC’s For Those About to Rock should have sold many more copies. The problem was not that it “missed to produce enough iconic tracks by their standards” but that in the US, the band’s label released the five-year-old Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap just months before the new album, its second with new singer Brian Johnson, was supposed to come out. Dirty Deeds went on to sell massive numbers, robbing momentum from the superb For Those About to Rock, and causing the band to suffer from overexposure by the time it came out. Dirty Deeds is a great album, but… Read more »


If an CSPC analysis for ‘Grease 2’ soundtrack would be done, I have no doubt that album would have take the first place on this list. Consider the possible difference between ‘Grease 1’ soundtrack – 52 216 000 milion CSPC – and big flop named ‘Grease 2’ sounftrack.


How much did it sell?


Some more candidates for this Flop – list:

The Rolling Stones: ‘Tattoo You* 16.24 million units ——–>’Undercover’ 3.93 million.

Bon Jovi: ‘Crush’ 12.13 million units ——–>’Bounce’ 3.15 nillion.


Looked through Rod Stewart CSPC numbers, and noticed several strong candidates for this list. For example ‘Every Picture Tells a Story’ had registered 30,37 million sales. Album after that *Never A Dull Moment* produced ‘only’ 5.64 million.

Or, ‘Blondes Have More Fun’ 15.22 million, compared to the following album ‘Foolish Behaviour’ just 3.68 million units.

And, last but not least, ‘Vagabound Heart’ produced 11. 28 million units. But, next album ‘A Spanner In the Works’ flops hard, just only 1.98 million units!

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