Go through music industry’s amazing journey

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Music Industry – The Past

Page 3: Century XIX – Pre-recordings era

What’s the music industry?
A media-less industry

Page 4: 1880s/1950s – Let the music play!

The first record player
Records reach everyone’s home
The first popular singers
From singles to albums

Page 5: 1958/2001 – The modern day era

Singers-songwriters re-vamp the entire industry
We are all artists
New marketing tools
The CD thriller

Music Industry – The digital years

Page 6: 2002/2005 – Deployment years

Years of contradiction
A worrying albeit promising new actor

Page 7: 2006/2012 – A continuous growth in sales

The inflection point
A world of specialization

Page 8: 2002/2012 – A continuous drop in sales

No Money No Party
Majors are under threat

Page 9: 2013/2015 – The switch

Bye Bye Sales
Hello Subscriptions
A new business model
A dizzying explosion

Music Industry – The Future

Page 10: Downloads vs Streaming, the war is open

Digital world changed our habits
… and raised our expectations
To own or not to own
Boundaries of streaming world

Page 11: 2020, Streaming in full force?

A service more valuable than ever
Upcoming changes of environment
Trade value of the music industry in upcoming years?

Page 12: My Dear Old CD – Le Roi est mort, Vive le Roi!

Streaming alternatives? Paranoid Android
The definitive solution

2018, We are living the streaming era

Page 13: Everything in its right place

Page 14: Charts & certifications

The whole globe adjusts in time
The lack of norms
Remaining debates

Page 15: Money, get back

Content Costs
Number of streaming users
Time frame of subscription
Family & Student plans
How much we do really pay
Platforms key indicator is the number of users, not revenue

Page 16: The new global map

China to challenge the US?
The example of the movie industry
The new market distribution
Lower income population best represented

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Vernon Smith

Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, all were singer-songwriters to name a few but you’re perpetuating the typical myth. You equate songwriters as the people who make “the music”. This is nonsense. For Example, Jimi Hendrix did not write the songs “Along The Watch Tower” or “Hey Joe”. Do you equate Jimi’s record of Watchtower as the same “music” as Dylans record? Of course, you don’t. Well relevant to Elvis and the relevant songs Elvis recorded, the Hendrix example is analogous to what Presley and his lead guitarist did in “music” on Presley’s records. another quote “Often, fans of old glories feel… Read more »


You’ve forgotten one thing…… His music is shit!!


I don’t claim to be an expert on him or his movies but my impression has always been, that while they and the resulting albums and songs were extremely successful to begin with, as time went by, they ended up being seriously damaging and detrimental to his musical career. Resulting in a real fallow period of chart success, throughout most of the 1960’s.

Jackson was never as big as Presley, he was always quite a slight man!


Martin, his peak was way2 bigger than Elvis



I just finished to read the article, it was so interesting, thank you for it. This is why I love this website, we have analysis of artists but also of the market, which is very important too, we have clear answers to our questions. It’s fascinating!
Thank to you I changed my mind about streaming!


Great article!