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Rated recently as the most powerful women in the industry a few months ago by Fortune magazine, Beyonce has been growing a lot since the days of No, No, No hit single way back in 1998 with the Destiny’s Child. Most powerful doesn’t necessarily mean best selling artist though so how the diva stands in comparison to her peers in that field?

It all started in a very standard way with a string of successful eras with her group from 1998 to 2001. During that period, she met and started to date Jay-Z that she married in 2008. Retrospectively, this meeting can be regarded as a tremendous event for the music industry as a whole. The relationship obviously brought several key hits to Beyonce but the pair’s combined strengths also enabled them to invest in various brands from the Brooklyn Nets to TIDAL, developing more and more their status as business powerhouses.

Among the very top selling albums of the last 20 years though, it is all about Adele, Eminem or Britney Spears with no records from the Destiny’s Child, Beyonce or Jay-Z. Does that mean the couple is primarily successful as business associates rather than recording artists? Well, maybe that’s going too far.

As usual, I’ll be using the Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept in order to relevantly gauge her results. This concept will not only bring you sales information for all Beyonce‘s albums, physical and download singles, as well as audio and video streaming, but it will also determine their true popularity. If you are not yet familiar with the CSPC method, the next page explains it with a short video. I fully recommend watching the video before getting into the sales figures. Of course, if you are a regular visitor feel free to skip the video and get into the figures.

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Hey MJD what do you make of this 2011 BBC article about a Press Release by Sony regarding Beyoncé’s pure album sales.


It looks like BBC Press is making the claim rather than Sony themselves which is already dubious, but seeing how outlandish the numbers are I’d say it’s very easy to dismiss this as valid.


Because these numbers are unimaginable, according to Nielsen, Beyonce sold around 18 mln pure albums in the US (which accounts for around 50 percent of Beyonce sales), she can’t sell 57 mln outside of US (even Adele and Taylor have around 60 and 50 mln pure album sales respectively). So that 75 mln figure is straight-up inaccurate. So it isn’t nice to believe in everything you read on the internet. Nielsen and IFPI are the most reliable sources


Also notice the time difference. Your first screenshot was from 2011, before her fourth album, and then the article came out in 2013, before her 5th album.
Even if it was 75 million back in 2011, as it claims, that would mean no one bought her fourth album at all between 2011 to when the 2013 second article was published…


Well 4 was definitely on the lower end.


wait so i how would measure for example crazy in love success as a single rather than a eas when it comes to streaming? like how much would it have sold

Charles J Cook

As a big Beyonce fan, I know a lot of us know her sales as “DIL 11 M, 8 M for both B’day and IASF, 3 M for 4, 5 M for self-titled and 3 M for Lemonade.” Are these numbers just fanciful, from an unreliable source, or updated? I doubt they’re updated cuz she hasn’t recertified most of her music since 2010.


ipy they are way bigger than the numbers they put and you put. im pretty sure her first 3 albums are ATLEAST 10x plat or diamond in the U.S. id say dil is around 15-16, bday 13-14, iasf 15-17.
as for 4 id say around 7-8, st 7-9, and lemonade is now probably close to 5x, which would ultimately bring her ww stats to top selling especially her first 3 albums. as for 4 and st theyd be lower tier around 60-80 and lemonade had a ways to go but its moving fast since its release on spotify.


those are based on her numbers from 7 years ago. and they aren’t accurate considering she hasn’t updated any of her stats from her first 5 albums in the U.S.

Last edited 10 months ago by Rashad

Yep and it’s 75M pure albums with just her first 3 releases. So MJD is way off on his estimation.


If you say it’s with DC when Sony clearly stated solo then that puts her well over 50M solo albums by now and your figures still don’t reflect that? So when will you update her stats?


Sony has faked their artists numbers so many times. For her to sell 75M records with 3 albums, it seems unrealistic, that would be more than 20M per album..


Albums* not records. Faked? That’s a whole press release they did. They have investors to answer to they can’t “fake” albums sales. IFPI also only started reporting on a yearly basis in 2009? And Beyoncé’s album sales were only reported for Lemonade in 2016.


honestly, you are embarassing yourself here, according to the latest update, Beyonce sold 17 mln pure albums in the US, so Beyonce’s 75 mln figure for her first 4 albums is inaccurate(18.5 mln pure per her album), even IFPI denies that, you can see the best selling albums byIFPI for each year too. Everyonce can make an article, only music distributors statistics are accurate


Billbord doesn’t track album sales and that’s from 2016. RIAA hasn’t updated any of Bey’s albums since the bush administration lmao


Sorry, but you need education, Billboard gets its data from Nielsen 💀which updates an artist’s discography after she releases a new album, look and take notes, Beyonce sold 17.2 mln pure in the US

Music Stan

She’s sold past 18M pure by now that’s old. I’d wager close to 20M


Hi Chartmasters crew, thank you for this amazing article. I was wondering if you have any data on African sales and how Beyonce ranks among foreign artists there. I know on her heatmap many African countries were among her best and I have heard she is very succesful there and was wondering how she compared to her peers, local and all-time bestselling acts. Any help would be appreciated thanks.


I dont think its possible, bcoz if im not mistaken many African coubtries doesnt even have a music body. So her sales are probably not properly recorded. But as u have mentioned, she must have been really2 huge in Africa. I guess its easier for R&B acts to break into African markets compared to Pop acts.

Justice Thomas

can this please be updated


Hello do you think beyoncé homecoming and the gift flopped? Because i see a lot of people saying that but ariana grande live album and taylor swift movie’s songs did worse


Hi there, I was just on the spotify numbers and realised non of her Cadillac Record and dreamgirls(except for Listen) numbers were included on the listing.


Hey! I just found all of the Dreamgirls and Cadillac Records tracks in the Orphan section on Page 17,


Hi MJD, could you uodate the article now that Lemonade’s on Spotify?

What do you think of:
– Lemonade’s performance on Spotify?
– The underperformance of her Lion Kings soundtrack? Is this a sign that her status is decreasing?

Look forward to hearing your reply ^^


Should The Carters’ Everything Is Love be counted in her discography? Because the album underperforms, many Bey fans are claiming it is a side project – shouldnt be included in her solo discography. – If Destiny’s Child sales nor included in Bey solo career, should the same happen to EIL above? – What type of song she should release next: a pop-R&B-AC ballad like Halo/ If I were a Boy/Listen or a trendy, uptempo like 7/11 / Apeshit? I feel like her songs’ appeal became quite limited, exclusively to only her fans – Who’d the most beneficial choice for a… Read more »


Hi MJD, I was just wondering why u feel like duets are not favorable for albums. I mean, Beyonce first solo hit was Crazy in Love, a duet with Jay Z, then there’s Love The Way You Lie by Eminem & Rihanna which contributed greatly to his album sales, also there is Usher’s Yeah a colloboration with Lil John and Ludacris, which contributed a lot to Confessions diamond certifications. I believe many of the duets you mentioned before, were due to the song itself not being that well received by the public and smashed only because of colloborations between 2… Read more »


So The Gift and EIL will be on her orphan section?


Thank you so much for your answer and your amazing work!!!


Hey MJD! Where would HOMECOMING: The Live Album be classified?
The Orphan Album section? Or using your usual greatest hits method where each track is added to the parent album it comes from?


You’re right she passed her golden years she is more than 15 years in her solo career and her commercial peak was during I am Sasha fierce 10 years ago


At least she’s still kicking on her own terms though. Music careers and accomplishments aren’t entirely centered on one aspect.


Hey MJD, in the article on the race to 100 CSPC you noted how Beyoncé’s career had somewhat stalled and that her numbers were growing very slowly, especially compared to her peers. How do you think Homecoming: The Live Album and the placement of Lemonade on Spotify will affect these numbers?


Halo surpassed 600 millions WW on Spotify. How far is It from Diamond certification in US?

Charles J Cook

I know I’m not MJD but I read somewhere it sold 500k units in 2019! 11 years after release! But I think it was because of a commercial it’s in. It also just surpassed the 1 billion mark a few years ago so I would like to know too.


It’s so incredible. One year later a 2009’s song accumulated more 200M streams. A iconic classic.

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