CSPC: Kylie Minogue Popularity Analysis

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Page 4: Original Album Sales – Kylie (1988)
Page 5: Original Album Sales – Enjoy Yourself (1989)
Page 6: Original Album Sales – Rhythm of Love (1990)
Page 7: Original Album Sales – Let’s Get to It (1991)
Page 8: Original Album Sales – Kylie Minogue (1994)
Page 9: Original Album Sales – Impossible Princess (1998)
Page 10: Original Album Sales – Light Years (2000)
Page 11: Original Album Sales – Fever (2001)
Page 12: Original Album Sales – Body Language (2003)
Page 13: Original Album Sales – X (2007)
Page 14: Original Album Sales – Aphrodite (2010)
Page 15: Original Album Sales – Kiss Me Once (2014)
Page 16: Original Album Sales – Kylie Christmas (2015)
Page 17: Original Album Sales – Comments
Page 18: Physical Singles Sales – Part 1
Page 19: Physical Singles Sales – Part 2
Page 20: Physical Singles Sales – Part 3
Page 21: Physical Singles Sales – Part 4
Page 22: Digital Singles Sales – Part 1
Page 23: Digital Singles Sales – Part 2
Page 24: Digital Singles Sales – Part 3
Page 25: Streaming Sales – Part 1
Page 26: Streaming Sales – Part 2
Page 27: Streaming Sales – Part 3
Page 28: Streaming Sales – Part 4
Page 29: Streaming Sales – Part 5
Page 30: Streaming Sales – Part 6
Page 31: Remaining Long Format – Introduction
Page 32: Remaining Long Format – Compilations 1992-2004
Page 33: Remaining Long Format – Compilations 2007-2012
Page 34: Remaining Long Format – Remix Albums
Page 35: Remaining Long Format – Live Albums
Page 36: Remaining Long Format – Music Videos 1988-2003
Page 37: Remaining Long Format – Music Videos 2004-2008
Page 38: Remaining Long Format – Summary
Page 39: BONUS: Compilation Album Sales: Ultimate Kylie
Page 40: BONUS: Total Album (all types) Sales per Country
Page 41: CSPC Results
Page 42: Biggest Tracks
Page 43: Achievements

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While in comparison to the remaining of Minogue tracks, this looks impressive, the figure is rather disappointing. It is below other 2001 songs like It’s Been A While by Staind, U Remind Me by Usher, Family Affair by Mary J Blige, Hero by Enrique Iglesias and many more which were nowhere near as big as Minogue‘s smash in first place. 3 years later, Can’t Get You Out Of My Head has 224.5M stream on spotify while It’s Been A While has 181.6M stream, U Remind Me has 233.3M, Family Affair has 195.5M and Hero has 219.6M. Aside from Usher, Kylie already… Read more »


Lady Gaga’s The Fame almost sold as much as Kylie’s entire discopraphy lol


If u think that is funny and her achievement are not impressive. Imagine how all the struggling artists out there feels like. Kylie’s achievement is already extraodinary and millions of singers out there would do anything just to achieve 10% of what she has achieve.


And Kylie’s “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” is bigger than any Lady Gaga song!


Esto no esta actualizado y algunos datos son incorrectos Light Years vendio 5.000.000 de copias en todo el mundo y muchos otros datos están mal
Álbumes: 25.000.000
Recopilatorios: 3.000.000
Sencillos: 63.000.000
Canciones fuera de álbumes y canciones promocionales: 500.000
Total: 91.500.000 ventas entre todo su material
Y la cifra sigue creciendo con Golden y su último recopilatorio y sin contar las colaboraciones que hizo con Nick Cave y otros artistas… Estimadamente para 2025 Kylie ya habrá superado las 100.000.000 y si lanza mas material lo hará en menos tiempo.

Armando García

There is no proof whatsoever that she has sold “90 million”. 40 million is a more accurate figure.


Hey MJD! You made a really great job with Kylie. Although it hurts to admit it – as a Kylie fan – this proves how she definitely is a UK/Oz based artist with occasional success outside of those borders… Anyway, I have a very precise question regarding Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’s French sales. They used to be estimated at around 900k, with a few years ago I remember reading an article on Charts In France sayig that this figure had been massively overestimated and that it was actually on less than 600,000 copies… I find it hard… Read more »


Hey MJD,

Amazing work you did there a few months ago.

Worldwide Sales figures for Kylie’s Latest album Golden are unavailable anywhere, apart from Mediatraffic which sounds totally unreliable.

Would be fantastic if you could update that part with your data, now that the campaign draws to a close.

Debate is rife on forums – only proper figures can get a proper picture.

Thanks a million.

Marcus André

I have to ask you something!! Where did you find the Fever sales in Bazil?! I never read nothing about it, it wasn’t even certified Gold by ABPD/PMB here, and we have only 2k with codes (after 2003).


To simply define an artist based on sales and your feeble attempt to undermine her popularity with an article on a online publication is simply sad. Should you look at the cultural impact Kylie Minogue has generated over a thirty year timespan as well as consistantly garnishing multiple top tens in multiple countries theoughout the globe speaks for itself. Not to mention doing so without the massive revenue market that is America. No one needs your analysis to validate her popularity. I understand you are seaching for a way to justify your opinion, but your opinion is just that, an… Read more »


I think you are both right in your own way. I have followed Kylie from the very beginning and although I stopped buying her releases (or anyone else’s for this matter) a long time ago, I am a supporter of hers.. There’s no doubt she made a difference with Kylie & Fever releases that we can categorized as an impact to an extent but apart from that, I don’t think she qualifies for one of the biggest selling artists…. Yes she’s had a few top 10s singles and yes she’s had a few #1 albums (uk & Oz) but that’s… Read more »

Armando García

Absolutely agree. Kylie Minogue’s fans are the most delusional ones, to be honest.


I agree with others that your dislike of Kylie is very clear…I am from Asia and Kylie is a very welcome western pop star. She is treated as the national treasure of Australia. She became international without US market, which is really impressive. We all know that Kylie is not comparable with Madonna on selling numbers because nobody could. People put their names together because they have very similar fan base ( Dancepop, Gay icon, in a friendly way) Kylie is probably the only mainstream artist only focusing on dancepop throughout her career. Your complete ignorance of her tour makes… Read more »

Sarah Ure

Golden has sold 288k not 100k worldwide actually.

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