Yearly Most Successful Female Album: The beginning (1960-1982)

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1972 – Carly Simon – No Secrets

The growing reputation of Carly Simon went through the roof in early 1973 when her ground breaking single You’re So Vain was released. The single and its parent album No Secrets made it to #3 in the UK, in the US they did even better as both made it to the top for 3 and 5 weeks respectively. They both sold well over a million units.

You’re So Vain is also the main traction (more than 65% of its strength) of The Best Of Carly Simon, a compilation which sold around 4 million units. The same situation is repeated for minor best of albums and live outputs. In total, No Secrets generated some 7 million equivalent album sales.


After passing by 18 difficult months, Diana Ross returned to success thanks to the US #1 album Lady Sings the Blues. This soundtrack sold well over 2 million units on its own, but it falls under No Secrets due to the lack of enduring appeal of its songs which are non-factors as part of the artist’s compilations. Carole King‘s follow up to Tapestry, Music, shot to #1 too but the heavy anticipation vanished quickly.

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For 1970 would Joni Mitchell’s Ladies of the Canyon. not be a contender as it contains her biggest hit “Big Yellow Taxi” which has over 117m streams on so would have a decent share of her compilation sales as compared to Diana’s debut as Ain’t No Mountain High Enough doesn’t even have 50m compared to Diana and Supremes tracks which have many more


Kind of disappointing how low Barbra Streisand stream is today considering how huge she was back then. Yet today even somebody like Cher and Tina Turner and Dolly Parton would outstream her by a significant margin, when I dont think any of those girls are even close to the total CSPC that she managed to produce.


what are your estimates for pat benatar’s crimes of passion