CSPC: Katy Perry Popularity Analysis


Records & Achievements

  • At 5, Teenage Dream original edition tied the record for most US #1 in the US of Michael Jackson‘s Bad.
  • At 69 weeks, Katy Perry holds the longest streak of weeks with at least one song inside the US Hot 100 Top 10.
  • At 5, Katy Perry holds the highest number of 10-million selling digital singles. She is tied with Bruno Mars.
  • At 65,850,000 downloads and ringtones, the era Teenage Dream is the second biggest ever in terms of digital singles sales.
  • At 19,029,000 equivalent album sales, Teenage Dream is the most successful album from 2010 and third from the 2010s.
  • At 10,571,000 equivalent album sales, Prism is the most successful female album from 2013.
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add the new daily streaming update feature to Katy please ! her new album Smile didn’t register much pure sales so the streams will encapsulate 90% of its Sales