CSPC: Johnny Hallyday Popularity Analysis

Remaining Long Format #4 –  Disque d’Or & Succès 2 Disques & Master Series collections

When we consider the unlimited amount of sales achieved by his studio albums, his singles and the compilations already posted, we find it hard to believe that more material has been successful while exploiting the same songs. Those 3 new collections which registered a sizable 4 million sales combined.

Since there is no career spanning best of albums, it is harder to identify which studio albums are responsible for the highest share of  attractiveness overall. We can notice still that depending on which years are covered the albums that mostly drive those compilations include Salut Les Copains!, La Génération Perdue, Le Pénitencier, Insolitudes, Derrière L’Amour, Hollywood, Rock’n’roll Attitude and Gang. We can also point out the absence of the very early songs from Johnny dating from 1960 as he was under contract with Vogue rather than Philips at the time. These recordings had their own share of compilations that we are going to see soon enough.

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Nathan Abramson

I counted 10 million less. Are you counting EP’s as singles?


I’ve read that Mon pays c’est l’amour has already sold 890,000 (!!!) copies in France in the weeks since its release. Of course, given the circumstances and Johnny Hallyday’s stature that doesn’t actually feel too surprising, but comprehensively speaking, how do you see it performing in the long-run compared to the rest of his discography? Also, do you have a ballpark figure of how much his CSPC results may have increased in the year since his passing?


Thank you! I wasn’t aware of all the TV promotion, that does sound a bit ridiculous haha.
If he sold that much in 2 weeks, he must have totally crushed his own record of highest first-week sales in France, which is fantastic but it seems like it would be impossible for that to happen if he were still alive.


I’ve just gone through it, too quickly, but I’m going to look at it more carefully. That’s already the best level of Johnny sales research I’ve ever seen. This is a titanic job and must be difficult, as there is so much missing data. I am fairly familiar with Johnny’s career and have read quite a few books, some of which contain first-hand accounts. His artistic directors, record company heads. Everyone agrees that some times were more difficult. 66/67,74/75,81/84. Concerts were not always full and the hits were rarer. Outside, from what I’ve seen, it’s not always reflected in your… Read more »


France Gall has died. I believe she’s among those who had the most successful french songs abroad in the 60’s, isn’t she ?


Je vous suis très reconnaissant pour la qualité de votre travail. Fan de Johnny depuis toujours, je savais qu’il cumulait des chiffres de ventes impressionnants. Pouvoir précisément connaître les chiffres de tous ses opus est incroyable……… Grâce à vous, certains peuvent mesurer l’impact de cette immense star qui restera gravé à jamais dans notre cœur…..