How your fave artist will adjust to streaming

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Living species always need to adapt to their context in order to survive. For businesses, the situation is no different. As streaming is fully changing the music industry, its actors, both the labels as well as the artists need to update their way of building their careers in order to stay relevant. Which adjustments do they need to do? Can all artists react positively or are some of them poised to fallinto obscurity?

As we pointed out inside the first part of this set of 3 articles, the Media which links the music industry to the general public, is fast transitioning from

CD/Downloads to streaming. While this isn’t news anymore, no publication so far has gone deep into detailing which differences this will imply. In fact, this change of Media requires to adjust everything: how to record music, how and when to release it, how to package it, how to promote it.

This transition won’t come to no cost for artists. Some of them won’t be able to continue to be as good sellers as before while others will get bigger than ever. Various kind of artists have been extensively exploiting leaks of consumers to secure physical sales even if they weren’t that much successful anymore. This is over. Those artists will see their potential collapse and accordingly labels will stop investing in them. At the same time, they will invest in new singers.

This sounds unclear? That’s not an issue as you will learn all those new insights today itself! To better understand the impact of this earthquake, every section of this article, each of which points out a difference between both eras, is structured the same way: first the situation as it was in a sales environment, second how it will be in a streaming environment, third which changes it requires from labels and artists.

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Hey MJD,

Very interesting. Presumablmably in terms of gross sales (as in films) The Beatles would be way ahead? Is that correct.


Is that true Nana mouskouri’s best selling female artist of all time with 300 million records sold?How many records she sold?Thanks


I thought she sold less than one tenth of this

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