CSPC: P!nk Popularity Analysis

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Page 4: Original Album Sales – Can’t Take Me Home (2000)
Page 5: Original Album Sales – Missundaztood (2001)
Page 6: Original Album Sales – Try This (2003)
Page 7: Original Album Sales – I’m Not Dead (2006)
Page 8: Original Album Sales – Funhouse (2008)
Page 9: Original Album Sales – The Truth About Love (2012)
Page 10: Original Album Sales – Comments
Page 11: Physical Singles Sales – Part 1
Page 12: Physical Singles Sales – Part 2
Page 13: Digital Singles Sales – Part 1
Page 14: Digital Singles Sales – Part 2
Page 15: Digital Singles Sales – Part 3
Page 16: Streaming Sales – Part 1
Page 17: Streaming Sales – Part 2
Page 18: Streaming Sales – Part 3
Page 19: Streaming Sales – Part 4
Page 20: Remaining Long Format – Compils & Boxes
Page 21: Remaining Long Format – Music Videos
Page 22: Remaining Long Format – Summary
Page 23: BONUS – Compilation Albums Sales – Greatest Hits… So Far!!! (2010)
Page 24: BONUS: Total Album (all types) Sales per Country
Page 25: CSPC Results
Page 26: Biggest Tracks
Page 27: Achievements

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I hope this year you will update Pink’s sales, and include You+Me. Since 2017 she has had many sales updates in Australia, Germany, Mexico, Canada, France, Brazil, UK and USA. With the possible release of their ninth studio album this year, I believe we will still have more updates.


Would love an update on P!nk.

Laundry service

Still waiting for a update over here. Among the top100 list pink is the act who most need to be updated.

Laundry service

Is funhouse able to be million seller in germany?



Is there a typo in the CSPC result part? It says “Beautiful Drama” instead of “Beautiful Trauma”.


please update P!nk! She released 3 albuns since this artycle


Is it possible to update this artycle? When will be it possible? The increase is insane, she released 2 albuns and 1 more copilation albuns

Beautiful trauma is around 5 milion and h2bh is at least 2 million cspc

If u cannot update please give us at least a estimative.

We want to know the numbers of the You+Me project too.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x