Best selling artists, albums and singles of all-time

1996/1997 - History Tour, Billie Jean

Albums Ranking – Raw sales – Studio albums

This list is about studio albums only. Compilations, lives and box sets are not considered here. The figures given here are units sold.

Please keep in mind that some artists are missing, because their analysis has not been done yet. The complete list is available here. All figures reflect the value as collected at the time of the artist’s respective articles.

Available Lists

#YearCoverArtistAlbumAlbum SalesAs Of
11992TheWhitney HoustonThe Bodyguard41,100,00005/04/17
21995JaggedAlanis MorissetteJagged Little Pill33,570,00006/05/18
31997ComeShania TwainCome On Over33,500,00002/25/22
51997Let'sCéline DionLet's Talk About Love29,800,00009/28/21
61991DangerousMichael JacksonDangerous29,550,00009/27/17
71997TitanicJames HornerTitanic28,510,00006/18/18
81996FallingCéline DionFalling Into You28,100,00009/28/21
101993MusicMariah CareyMusic Box26,100,00004/28/17
121999?BabyBritney Spears?Baby One More Time24,195,00004/28/19
131999MillenniumBackstreet BoysMillennium23,800,00004/02/22
141996SpiceSpice GirlsSpice21,900,00003/23/17
151995DaydreamMariah CareyDaydream19,900,00004/28/17
161994DookieGreen DayDookie19,750,00003/11/17
171991UseGuns N' RosesUse Your Illusion II18,800,00003/01/18
181995HIStory:Michael JacksonHIStory: Past, Present and Future18,625,00009/27/17
191991UseGuns N' RosesUse Your Illusion I18,010,00003/01/18
201995TragicNo DoubtTragic Kingdom18,000,00003/29/20
211994NoCranberriesNo Need to Argue17,840,00001/25/18
221995(What'sOasis(What's the Story) Morning Glory?17,660,00012/06/17
231991AchtungU2Achtung Baby17,500,00009/18/21
241990Garth BrooksNo Fences16,640,00001/05/19
251993TheCéline DionThe Colour Of My Love16,600,00009/28/21
261996TheFugeesThe Score16,525,00002/18/21
271999CalifornicationRed Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication16,270,00003/29/18
281991OutR.E.M.Out of Time16,005,00009/24/21
291998RayMadonnaRay Of Light16,000,00008/20/17
301995TheShania TwainThe Woman in Me16,000,00002/25/22
321998TheMs. Lauryn HillThe Miseducation of Lauryn Hill15,610,00002/21/21
331999NoDidoNo Angel14,460,00002/18/19
341991BloodRed Hot Chili PeppersBlood Sugar Sex Magik14,430,00003/29/18
351990MariahMariah CareyMariah Carey14,050,00004/28/17
361997SpiceworldSpice GirlsSpiceworld13,950,00003/23/17
371992AutomaticR.E.M.Automatic for the People13,720,00009/24/21
381991Garth BrooksRopin' The Wind13,680,00001/05/19
391994MerryMariah CareyMerry Christmas13,400,00004/28/17
401993GetAerosmithGet a Grip13,360,00006/01/18
411991ShepherdEnyaShepherd Moons13,270,00002/25/18
421999TheDestiny's ChildThe Writing's on the Wall13,070,00005/02/18
431999ChristinaChristina AguileraChristina Aguilera12,800,00003/18/17
441993BatMeat LoafBat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell12,730,00006/16/18
451993Janet.Janet JacksonJanet.12,600,00004/17/17
471993InNirvanaIn Utero12,050,00007/09/17
481998TheseCéline DionThese Are Special Times11,900,00009/28/21
501991WakingBryan AdamsWaking Up the Neighbours11,630,00003/22/19
511994ThePink FloydThe Division Bell11,550,00006/18/17
531997Backstreet'sBackstreet BoysBackstreet's Back10,800,00004/02/22
541990TheAC/DCThe Razors Edge10,670,00002/20/18
551996All2PacAll Eyez on Me10,615,00001/22/22
561998MyWhitney HoustonMy Love Is Your Love10,400,00005/04/17
571999TheEminemThe Slim Shady LP10,390,00006/22/21
591995TheEnyaThe Memory of Trees10,030,00002/25/18
601990I'mWhitney HoustonI'm Your Baby Tonight9,900,00005/04/17
611995MadeQueenMade in Heaven9,660,00001/25/20
621997ButterFlyMariah CareyButterFly9,650,00004/28/17
631997Garth BrooksSevens9,210,00001/05/19
641991OnDire StraitsOn Every Street9,140,00003/23/18
661993RiverBilly JoelRiver Of Dreams9,000,00011/03/21
681992LoveSadeLove Deluxe8,740,00007/02/20
691996OlderGeorge MichaelOlder8,650,00005/06/17
701992KeepBon JoviKeep the Faith8,600,00001/28/22
711993EverybodyCranberriesEverybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?8,520,00001/25/18
721993TenStingTen Summoner's Tales8,150,00006/14/20
731991EmotionsMariah CareyEmotions8,100,00004/28/17
751992Garth BrooksThe Chase7,970,00001/05/19
761996BackstreetBackstreet BoysBackstreet Boys7,900,00004/02/22
771993Garth BrooksIn Pieces7,840,00001/05/19
781999BrandStingBrand New Day7,830,00006/14/20
791990ListenGeorge MichaelListen Without Prejudice Vol.17,800,00005/06/17
801993BothPhil CollinsBoth Sides7,710,00004/11/18
811995NewTracy ChapmanNew Beginning7,630,00006/25/19
821995TheseBon JoviThese Days7,600,00001/28/22
831994BedtimeMadonnaBedtime Stories7,500,00008/20/17
841997MyUsherMy Way7,450,00009/04/17
851997TheJanet JacksonThe Velvet Rope7,450,00004/17/17
861998SupposedAlanis MorissetteSupposed Former Infatuation Junkie7,430,00006/05/18
871997BeOasisBe Here Now7,410,00012/06/17
881999OnJennifer LopezOn the 67,290,00006/24/18
891999RainbowMariah CareyRainbow7,250,00004/28/17
901995D'EuxCéline DionD'Eux7,200,00009/28/21
911991DiamondsPrince and the New Power GenerationDiamonds and Pearls7,100,00010/04/18
931990I'mMadonnaI'm Breathless6,700,00008/20/17
951999EnriqueEnrique IglesiasEnrique6,700,00010/11/21
961994DefinitelyOasisDefinitely Maybe6,680,00012/06/17
981998GarageMetallicaGarage Inc.6,450,00002/13/19
991994VoodooThe Rolling StonesVoodoo Lounge6,400,00002/10/22
1001996ToCranberriesTo the Faithful Departed6,230,00001/25/18
1011991NoOzzy OsbourneNo More Tears6,200,00003/12/20
1021996TheMakaveliThe Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory6,195,00001/22/22
1031997NineAerosmithNine Lives6,110,00006/01/18
1041993TheGuns N' RosesThe Spaghetti Incident?6,100,00003/01/18
1051995Garth BrooksFresh Horses6,090,00001/05/19
1061991VagabondRod StewartVagabond Heart5,950,00011/23/19
1081995OneRed Hot Chili PeppersOne Hot Minute5,850,00003/29/18
1091995InsomniacGreen DayInsomniac5,800,00003/11/17
1101991TheStingThe Soul Cages5,770,00006/14/20
1121992CelineCéline DionCeline Dion5,700,00009/28/21
1131992TheElton JohnThe One5,680,00002/05/18
1141995Me2PacMe Against the World5,675,00001/22/22
1161996TheWhitney HoustonThe Preacher's Wife5,300,00005/04/17
1171997NimrodGreen DayNimrod5,200,00003/11/17
1181990ThePaul SimonThe Rhythm of the Saints5,170,00005/10/18
1191997HigherBarbra StreisandHigher Ground5,090,00003/16/18
1201998I'veRobbie WilliamsI've Been Expecting You5,010,00012/15/19
1211991ForVan HalenFor Unlawful Carnal Knowledge4,925,00008/14/20
1221995ChristmasMannheim SteamrollerChristmas in the Aire4,920,00012/28/20
1231990BlazeJon Bon JoviBlaze of Glory4,900,00001/28/22
1241995BalanceVan HalenBalance4,870,00008/14/20
1251997TheFoo FightersThe Colour and the Shape4,825,00010/10/17
1261992Ooooooohhh...TLCOoooooohhh... On the TLC Tip4,720,00004/07/19
1271997BridgesThe Rolling StonesBridges to Babylon4,700,00002/10/22
128199618Bryan Adams18 til I Die4,650,00003/22/19
1291992HumanBruce SpringsteenHuman Touch4,600,00007/07/17
1311999TarzanPhil CollinsTarzan4,550,00004/11/18
1321997VivirEnrique IglesiasVivir4,400,00010/11/21
1331998DóndeShakiraDónde Están los Ladrones?4,380,00006/21/18
1341996OneAaliyahOne in a Million4,250,00004/09/22
1351996MercuryStingMercury Falling4,170,00006/14/20
1361995EnriqueEnrique IglesiasEnrique Iglesias4,100,00010/11/21
1371992HarvestNeil YoungHarvest Moon4,065,00005/16/21
1381997LifeRobbie WilliamsLife Thru a Lens4,000,00012/15/19
1391998S'ilCéline DionS'il Suffisait D'Aimer3,900,00009/28/21
1401995NobodyTake ThatNobody Else3,720,00012/15/19
1411995PiesShakiraPies Descalzos3,700,00006/21/18
1421992LuckyBruce SpringsteenLucky Town3,700,00007/07/17
1431995MadeElton JohnMade in England3,690,00002/05/18
1441992Garth BrooksBeyond The Season3,660,00001/05/19
1451996NewR.E.M.New Adventures in Hi-Fi3,660,00009/24/21
1461993EverythingTake ThatEverything Changes3,620,00012/15/19
1471992FearIron MaidenFear of the Dark3,615,00011/12/21
1481997StillBee GeesStill Waters3,600,00004/09/17
1491997R2PacR U Still Down? (Remember Me)3,600,00001/22/22
1501993DuetsElton JohnDuets3,550,00002/05/18
1511995OzzmosisOzzy OsbourneOzzmosis3,520,00003/12/20
1531999BuryCranberriesBury the Hatchet3,510,00001/25/18
1541991LoveCherLove Hurts3,500,00008/30/17
1551996DancePhil CollinsDance into the Light3,480,00004/11/18
1561990UnisonCéline DionUnison3,400,00009/28/21
1571995FooFoo FightersFoo Fighters3,350,00010/10/17
1581998HomeNSYNCHome for Christmas3,300,00002/09/18
1591999ThereFoo FightersThere Is Nothing Left to Lose3,200,00010/10/17
1601999LoveppearsAyumi HamasakiLoveppears3,190,00009/27/19
1611997TheElton JohnThe Big Picture3,120,00002/05/18
1621993Strictly2PacStrictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z…3,075,00001/22/22
1631992LovePrince and the New Power GenerationLove Symbol Album3,020,00010/04/18
1641990NoIron MaidenNo Prayer for the Dying3,010,00011/12/21
1651997DestinationJon Bon JoviDestination Anywhere2,900,00001/28/22
1661995TheBruce SpringsteenThe Ghost of Tom Joad2,850,00007/07/17
1671994AgeAaliyahAge Ain't Nothig but a Number2,850,00004/09/22
1681993BackBarbra StreisandBack to Broadway2,850,00003/16/18
1691999SongsGeorge MichaelSongs from the Last Century2,750,00005/06/17
1701990BehindFleetwood MacBehind The Mask2,750,00010/21/21
1711999Still2Pac + OutlawzStill I Rise2,630,00001/22/22
1721998CosasEnrique IglesiasCosas Del Amor2,600,00010/11/21
1731990GraffitiPrinceGraffiti Bridge2,550,00010/04/18
1751993OffPaul McCartneyOff the Ground2,490,00012/13/18
1761993ShaniaShania TwainShania Twain2,300,00002/25/22
1771999SangJohnny HallydaySang Pour Sang2,270,00001/01/18
1781998Destiny'sDestiny's ChildDestiny's Child2,250,00005/02/18
1791997TimeBob DylanTime Out of Mind2,200,00012/14/21
1801992MattersTracy ChapmanMatters of the Heart2,110,00006/25/19
1811995WelcomeMeat LoafWelcome to the Neighbourhood2,110,00006/16/18
1821998OnBryan AdamsOn a Day Like Today1,980,00003/22/19
1831992TakeTake ThatTake That & Party1,970,00012/15/19
1841991KerplunkGreen DayKerplunk1,950,00003/11/17
1851999AAyumi HamasakiA Song for xx1,910,00009/27/19
1861997FlamingPaul McCartneyFlaming Pie1,860,00012/13/18
1871996TrialJourneyTrial by Fire1,830,00009/13/19
18819912Pacalypse2Pac2Pacalypse Now1,680,00001/22/22
1891991DionCéline DionDion Chante Plamondon1,500,00009/28/21
1901996TheBarbra StreisandThe Mirror Has Two Faces1,490,00003/16/18
1911995ThePrinceThe Gold Experience1,130,00010/04/18
1921997FirstJimi HendrixFirst Rays of the New Rising Sun925,00012/21/21
1931997SouthJimi HendrixSouth Saturn Delta665,00012/21/21

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Is Neil Diamond missing on page 17?


yes, he hasn’t been studied, but he’s definitely sold a lot


“Please keep in mind that some artists are missing, because their analysis has not been done yet.”

I’m genuinely stunned by the amount of people who comment on articles without having read them, I think it’s literally most of the comments on the “Request Your Artists” page…


I remembered it had been studied by confusing it with Neil Young


will you be updating michael jackson any time soon?


Ajournal a. cross published list about artists who have sold their songs. Latest is Drake, maybe biggest star in world now, priced at 400 $ million and continues to be Universal company. And now Pink Floyd is just selling their songs. Very interesting. Lets say now is bit bad time, war in Ukraine, inflation among others. That’s running list: Bob Dylan 550$ million (400 $ million publishing), Bruce Springsteen 550 $ dollar. And next Drake 400 $ million. Neil Diamond, Sting, Paul Simon all about 300 $ million. Neil Young 150 $ million, David Bowie 250 $ million, only publishing… Read more »


“As you can see, no Divas.”

No Beatles or Michael Jackson either, so your attempt at trolling is likely to fail. Also, I’m pretty sure Tina Turner and Stevie Nicks qualify as “divas”.


Ok, i will add. Madonna made a deal with Warner 2021, but the price had been kept quit. Why?Madonna’s composer partner sold her stake in the same deal.
No has rap music been worthy of investors until now, Drake.
Music business professionals will the help record company add value to the music. It is a auction and the one thats pays the most wins. I only write what i know. That’s it.


I appreciate the work that you guys are doing. I can tell without a doubt that Chartmasters is the most accurate website for music statistics. I’ve read all your articles regarding formulas. All the formulas set are very well-thought. But I humbly disagree with some points that I think is a mistake and I would kindly like to mention them and I hope you will consider them: (1) Featured songs: It’s not correct to give equal value to lead songs and featured songs as only singing a few lines gives them the full value. For the featured artist, either it… Read more »


Oh, another thing about features: In my humble opinion, feature of a singer under a DJ should be considered a lead song for the singer too as the singer sings the whole song in order to know the true popularity of the artist. It doesn’t make any difference when listening to the song whether the DJ is credited as lead, feature or as producer.


Hi RS! Thanks for the nice words and thanks for the clear and non-partisan views, this is the kind of critics which are pleasing to read! We are constantly thinking about adjustments as the market evolves. For example, I used to consider features were correctly considered, because the featured act gets only CSPC units from singles formats (physical, download, streams), while the lead artist got most of the units from album formats (the studio album, compilations, lives, videos). I often used the example of Love The Way You Lie, where Rihanna effectively had way less units from it than Eminem… Read more »

Lim Hyunjin

Where I live, I have to pay to use Spotify. On the other hand, YouTube allows me to listen to music for free. For this reason, many people will use YouTube instead of Spotify to listen to music. So I think the YouTube view rate and audio streaming rate should be the same. Thank you for your good comments. Whenever I entered Chartmaster, I always felt uncomfortable at the thought that the YouTube view rate was too low. Hopefully it will be improved in a reasonable way.

Last edited 10 days ago by Lim Hyunjin

Just out of interest regarding ASR, is the baseline (Michael Jackson) being continually reevaluated as other artists are being updated?

I see, for example, that The Beatles are now up to 928. Is this against the baseline as it is now (May 2022) or from the date when Michael Jackson was first studied/calculated?


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